Water Chiller Unit

Water Chiller Unit

  • Water chiller unit capacity 2 to 100Ton
  • Temperature stability 0.5℃ to 2℃
  • High cooling efficiency evaporator/condenser
  • Branded scroll or piston compressor available
  • Easy maintenance and installation
  • Compact design with movement wheels
  • Full chiller models& cooling capacity available

Your Premier Water Chiller Unit Manufacturer and Supplier in China

The water chiller unit is also named mini water chiller or portable water chiller due to its small cooling capacity and critical structure for some special required industries applications.

TopChiller is your best water chiller unit manufacturer and supplier in China for over 20 years.

The water chiller unit designed by TopChiller, includes a hermetic scroll compressor, an internal water pumping system, and a water reservoir system with an electrical controlling system.

The water pump, water reservoir, and all water piping systems are all stainless steel materials to maintain the circulating water clean without dust or rust.

Water chiller units and manufactured from TopChiller using mechanical refrigeration to cool recirculated water for supporting industrial process cooling applications including plastic processing machines, medical machines, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, and other industrial cooling processes.

The water chiller unit provided by TopChiller uses hermetic scroll compressors, featuring few moving parts, high efficiency, superior reliability, suction service valves, high-efficiency water-cooled condenser, stainless steel material heat exchanger, and a wide range of high-pressure water pumps with various water flow rates.

But an optional third standby pump can be added to ensure the highest degree of reliability, compensate for environmental conditions, and flexibility in maintenance.

As a professional water chiller unit manufacturer, TopChiller has exported thousands of high-quality water chiller units to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are searching for a reliable water chiller unit supplier?

If you are looking for a professional water chiller unit manufacturer in China?

please try to contact our sales engineering for the best quotation for your special water chiller unit requirements.

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General Description:

A Water Chiller Unit is an organized cooling setup that uses chilled water to eliminate heat from a process. Heat removal is necessary to maintain optimum temperature and regulate the process taking place.

Apart from the extensive distribution system, a refrigeration coil system allows a biodegradable refrigerant to flow through it. The heat exchange allows the heat to be removed from the system and released to the environment or be used in any other reaction.

The significant components of a TopChiller Water Chiller Unit include an evaporator, a condenser, a compressor, and an expansion valve. The exclusive components are the distribution system and the cooling tower. Some accessory components like filters and VFDs can also be installed in it.

TopChiller makes sure that the Water Chiller Unit is helpful in various applications like the semiconductor industries, pharmaceutical industries, plastic and laser industries, industrial and commercial buildings, and food industries.

With constant maintenance of the standard and quality, TopChiller is proud of the positive reviews about the Water Chiller Unit worldwide. Our highly qualified and competent staff is always up to creating the better versions of the Water Cooling System.

Get in touch with our super supportive customer care service to learn more about the models, sizes, and features of our Water Chiller Unit.

Features and Advantages:

Being the advocate of high quality and efficiency, TopChiller focuses on recent technology to make the Water Chiller Unit more efficient. Here are some quality features:

  • It comes with a magnifiable capacity. The type and number of the compressors determine the total capacity. Greater capacity enables you to deal with greater cooling loads.


  • Ozone-friendly and biodegradable refrigerant such as R-134a is used in refrigerant coils. It has no adverse effect on the environment and lasts for a long time.


  • Using glycol can reduce the need for antifreeze. Therefore, the mixture of glycol and water is preferred in areas with shallow temperatures. This enables smooth function and efficient heat removal, which can later be used in any other reaction.


  • High-quality lubrication makes the functioning of the system very smooth and disturbance-free. It is ideal for applications that need quiet operation and directly affect productivity.


  • With the seismic-compliant technology, it is designed and manufactured according to the California Office of Statewide Health and Planning Development (OSHPD) standards.

Water Chiller Unit Technical Specifications

Water Chiller Unit

Help You to Find Other Types of Chiller Relevant to Water Chiller Unit

  • Water Chiller
  • Portable Water Chiller
  • Water Cooled Chiller
  • Industrial Water Cooled Chiller Designed by TopChiller

TopChiller: Your Premier Water Chiller Unit Supplier and Manufacturer

Water Chiller units developed by TopChiller features precise temperature control range from 7℃ to 30℃ with temperature stability of ±0.1°C (±0.2°F).

Vibration-isolation of the compressor and foam padding on panels minimize vibration, thus lowering noise for quiet operation.

Its major advantages are high efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, and easy operation; with full protection devices like water alarms and high-temperature alarm function.

TopChiller making water chiller unit has a compact design with brake casters that can move easily from one place to another, allowing for fast installation both indoor and outdoor.

Portable Chiller, mini Chiller, and other Water Chiller units are major products of TopChiller which provide reliable cooling and a steady flow of chilled water for your industrial processing applications.

Water Chiller Unit: Helpful Buying Guide from TopChiller

1. What is a water chiller unit?

Water Chiller Units are used in a variety of industrial applications where chilled water or liquid are circulated through process equipment.

Commonly used to cool product processes or machinery, water chiller units are used in a multitude of different applications including injection molding, machine tool, and die-cutting, food and beverage, chemicals, lasers, machine tooling, semiconductors, and more other applications.

2. Why did we need to install a water chiller unit?

Water chiller units can be used for a variety of industrial applications for providing a steady cooling source.

The purpose of using a water chiller unit is to move heat from one location (usually process equipment or product) to another place (usually the air outside the manufacturing facility).

It is very common to use water or a water/glycol solution to transfer the heat to and from the water chiller which may require the process chiller to have a reservoir and pumping system.

Regardless of your industry and process, making sure that you have a sufficient water cooling source is critical to productivity and cost savings.

A water chiller unit is a necessary water cooling system for industrial applications and laboratory testing.

3. How does a water chiller unit work?

As we know a water chiller unit is a water cooling refrigeration machine.

In most process cooling applications, a pumping system circulates cool water or a water/glycol solution from a water chiller unit to the process.

The water chiller unit can cool fluid removes heat from the process and the warm fluid returns to the chiller. The process water is how heat transfers from the process to the chiller.

Process chillers contain a chemical compound, called a refrigerant.

There are many types of refrigerants and applications depending on the temperatures required but they all work on the basic principle of compression and phase-change of the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas and back to a liquid.

This process of heating and cooling the refrigerant and changing it from a gas to a liquid and back again is the refrigeration cycle.

The working principle of a water chiller unit is as below:

The refrigeration cycle starts with a low-pressure liquid/gas mix entering the evaporator.

In the evaporator, heat from the process water or water/glycol solution boils the refrigerant, which changes it from a low-pressure liquid to a low-pressure gas.

The low-pressure gas enters the compressor where it is compressed to high-pressure gas.

The high-pressure gas enters the condenser where ambient air or condenser water removes heat to cool it to a high-pressure liquid.

The high-pressure liquid travels to the expansion valve, which controls how much liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator, thereby beginning the refrigeration cycle again.

There are two types of condensers used in water chiller units; air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers.

An air-cooled condenser uses ambient air to cool and condense the hot refrigerant gas back down to a liquid.

It can be located inside the chiller or can be remotely located outside, but ultimately it rejects the heat from the chiller to the air.

But in a water-cooled condenser, water from a cooling tower cools and condenses the refrigerant.

Different condenser types make the biggest difference between the air-cooled chiller and the water-cooled chiller.

Water Chiller Working Principle
Water Chiller Unit Working Principle

4. Why TopChiller can be your reliable water chiller unit supplier?

As the professional Water Chiller Unit supplier, TopChiller provides thousands of water chiller units to dozens of industrial applications.

These portable water chillers are commonly used in applications such as semiconductors, laboratory testing, biopharmaceutical, laser machine, medical processing like CT Scanning and MRI system, heat deduction processing, etc.

with over 20-years of experience in water chiller units manufacturing, TopChiller is willing to provide all technical support to its clients worldwide.

Your water chiller unit works best for your process?

Do not worry. Water chiller units from TopChiller range vastly in size and design and are available as small, localized, or portable chiller units for smaller applications or large central chillers designed to provide cooling for entire processes.

If you are interested in more details on the best cooling solution for your application please contact a TopChiller specialist to customize your water chiller unit.

Water Chiller Unit-The Ultimate FAQ Guide by TopChiller

The Water Chiller Unit removes heat from the application with the aid of a refrigerant.

It is a device that intends to reduce the temperature of the water. Ultimately the cooled water provides cooling to your application.

The rapid increase in industrialization has encouraged the use of the Water Chiller Unit.

It has a set of efficient components that make it unique from its alternatives.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in choosing the best Water Chiller Unit for your application.

Let’s start it.

1. What is a Water Chiller Unit?

A Water Chiller Unit is a kind of machine that helps in removing the heat from the fluid through the absorption refrigeration cycle.

The heat is removed from the application with the process of vapor compression.

The cooled liquid then circulates in the system to provide cooling to the application. Water circulates through the heat exchanger.

The Water Chiller Unit removes the heat and sends it to the atmosphere. Removing the heat helps the process of application to run properly.

It is also used to dehumidify the air and this is not only used by big-scale industries but also by small-scale commercial.

Most of the Water Chiller Unit also has compressors that remove the unimportant and impure condensate from the compressed air.

Mostly there are two types of Water Chiller units.

Mechanical Type

  • This type of Water Chiller Unit consists of many components.
  • These components are the condenser, compressor, evaporator, and other special control panels and switches to run the Water Chiller Unit.
  • The above-mentioned components work with cooperation to dehumidify air and water.

Absorption type

  • The absorption type of the Water Chiller Unit does not consist of the compressor.
  • However, instead of a compressor, the absorption type has a generator and absorber.
  • The absorption type is big. Due to its size, the efficiency of the absorption type Water Chiller Unit is also enormous.
  • The absorption type is an equivalent source of providing cooling to the application and its essential component.
  • The Water Chiller Unit has a different device controlling panel that controls the overall system. Like temperature and rate of flow.

Budget Friendly Water Chiller Unit Designed by TopChiller

Budget Friendly Water Chiller Unit Designed by TopChiller

2. Why do you Need a Water Chiller Unit for your Application?

The Water Chiller Unit is the need of every application to exhaust heat.

Many machinery applications use it because it provides the essential amount of cooling to the industrial application.

Many applications need Water Chiller Units to reduce their cost. Because these are cost-efficient and also eco-friendly.

  • Applications such as molding equipment and metal industries.
  • You should use a Water Chiller Unit for your application because it provides reduced downtime, more efficiency and it comes with a long-lasting life.
  • The Water Chiller Unit operates with fewer interruptions, produces less waste and it works with the uniqueness of quiet operation.
  • Protection is the most important thing and the Water Chiller Unit protects the valuable types of equipment.
  • The modern applications increase the level of sophistication and the investment that suggests good efficiency with no downtime.
  • The Water Chiller Unit is an economically viable option.
  • The other options like a water tower or not efficient. These options work well in fall and winter but fail in summers.
  • It eliminates this weather problem and provides full efficiency. Even on hotter days.

The Water Chiller Unit is suitable for your application as well as the atmosphere. It has recycled that help in reusing the used water.

The water is reused after bypassing the contaminations through the filter. It saves your water cost.

Many governments across the world have directed industries to use less water.

So it works according to the government’s laws by obtaining less water and reusing water.

The Water Chiller Unit is easy and flexible. One of the reasons it is used in many applications is that it can be upgraded easily.

Water Chiller is Famous for Manufacturing Industry Temp Regulation

Water Chiller is Famous for Manufacturing Industry Temp Regulation

 3. What are the features of a Water Chiller Unit?

Sometimes the heat is not removed timely and efficiently, which affects the production.

The Water Chiller Unit removes the heat efficiently and increases the production level of application.

Cost efficiency is the most important feature of the Water Chiller Unit. It consumes less energy as compared to the other cooling methods.

  • Its configuration system is easy to access and understand.
  • It has the latest digital panel with a friendly user interface and It is operated with the electronic touchscreen panel
  • The Water Chiller Unit has some handsome features like its compact design provides more efficiency than the individual system systems.
  • That’s obvious that the Water Chiller Unit is expensive for the initial investment. But it saves energy consumption rest of the life.
  • One of its key features is its availability as it can be obtained locally from your town. Like other options, you cannot put a refrigerant pipe in your application.

It will be expensive and may not be effective. The Water Chiller Unit is a one-time investment and can easily be accessed and maintained.

If you put refrigerant pipe inside the application and what if the pipe fails after some time and it will be expensive.

The other core feature of the Water Chiller Unit is flexibility. You can either install it inside or outside.

After processing heat it may become humidified without ventilation which ultimately affects the performance of the application.

Make sure wherever you are installing the system it must have proper and broad ventilation.

The flexibility option in the Water Chiller Unit makes it unique. It allows you to make changes.

Water Chiller Unit Digital Temp Controller Units

Water Chiller Unit Digital Temp Controller Units

4. What are the Main Components of the Water Chiller Unit?

The Water Chiller Unit provides cooling to small applications as well as larger applications.

To provide efficient cooling to the application. The Water Chiller Unit uses different components and equipment.


The compressor is an important piece of equipment. A compressor in the Water Chiller Unit creates pressure to move the refrigerant.

There are different types of compressors and every compressor has different pros and cons.

The compressor is always located between the evaporator and condenser. The compressor has an electrical motor.

The motor in the compressor is used as a driving force. The motor can be attached internally or externally.

The compressor is sometimes noisy. So it is better to put on some sound-absorbing equipment while working near a Water Chiller Unit or keep it away from the range.


Right after the compressor and before the expansion valve the condenser is located.

The task of the condenser is to remove the heat from the refrigerant. The heat that the condenser removes is picked by the evaporator.

There are two types of the condenser

Water-cooled condenser:  the water-cooled condenser cycles the water between the condenser and the cooling tower.

The hot refrigerant which travels to the condenser through the compressor and transfers its heat in water and is later removes from the application,

Air-cooled condenser: The condenser in an air-cooled condenser does not use the cooling tower, it removes air through pipes of the condenser.

The expansion valve

The location of the expansion valve is well-positioned, It is located between the evaporator and condenser.

The expansion valve expands the refrigerant. Expanding increases the volume, which helps it to acquire more unwanted heat from the evaporator.

Although there are many different types of expansion valves. The widely used is the thermal expansion valve.

Control unit

The control unit controls its all activities and It is located on the top of the Water Chiller Unit.

It indicates its performance the rate of flow. It also alarms when identifying any unwanted activity either in the system or in the application.

This helps in detecting the problem. For safety insurance, the Water Chiller Unit shut down by itself.

The control unit also shows the voltage of electricity.


The evaporator is placed between the compressor and the expansion valve.

The main task of the evaporator is that it collects unwanted heat from the application and sends this to the refrigerant to remove it from the cooling towers.

The temperature of water decreases and it cools down as the heat travels to the refrigerant.  The cool water is circulated in application to provide cooling.

The evaporator of the Water Chiller Unit is a very important component.

Water Chiller Unit Parts Diagram

Water Chiller Unit Parts Diagram

5. Is the Water Chiller Unit cost-efficient?

  • The Water Chiller Unit is a very cost-friendly system. Due to its nature of reusing and recycling the water, it saves a lot of water.
  • The cost of maintenance is also reasonable because its cost-efficient nature consumes less electrical power as compared to the other cooling alternatives.
  • However, you have to keep your Water Chiller Unit maintained for better efficiency.
  • The essential component such as compressor, evaporator, and expansion valve are easy to change and replace.
  • The cost of this equipment is also normal.
  • An expert suggests that the Water Chiller Unit saves up to 25% of the electricity bills as compared to other individual and small systems.
  • It has a compact design that saves your space by fitting in every condition. You can also include an auto shut down the system in it.
  • The Water Chiller Unit shuts down when the power is unstable.
  • The auto-shutdown prevent it from being damaged and also saves application
  • This will save you extra expenses.
  • It only consumes electricity when it is loaded.

Cost efficient Water Chiller Unit

Cost Efficient Water Chiller Unit

6. What is the Working Principle of the Water Chiller Unit?

Different elements of the Water Chiller Unit work accordingly to provide cooling efficiency.

There are some basic principles upon which it is processed.

Phase Change

The liquid always undergoes a phase that is called a phase change. During this phase of refrigeration, the liquid changes into gas when it is heated.

When the gas is supercooled again and the gas condenses back to liquid.

Heat Flow

Heat flow is the second phase after the phase change.

In this phase, the heat energy flows from an area of a high concentration to an area of a lower concentration.

Boiling Point

The boiling point is the third and last working principle of the Water Chiller Unit. The decrease in the pressure of liquid also decreases its boiling point.

The increasing pressure increases its boiling point.

The Working Process of the Water Chiller Unit

The Water Chiller Unit has four basic components; Evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve unit.

These components work together to perform the task of the Water Chiller Unit.

When the low-pressure refrigerant enters the evaporator then the process starts.

In the evaporator, the refrigerant is heated and it undergoes the phase change. The refrigerant changes into a gas.

The refrigerant is gaseous state travels to the compressor, which increases the pressure of the refrigerant.

The refrigerant leaves the compressor with high pressure to the condenser. The condenser rejects the heat with help of air or a cooling tower.

The condenser condenses it into the high-pressure liquid. After the leaven condenser the condensed refrigerant journeys to the expansion valve unit.

The expansion valve unit limits the flow of refrigerant in the Water Chiller Unit.

This lowers the pressure of refrigerant or liquid. Then the whole process repeats.

The Water Chiller Unit works effectively and efficiently in a free environment and open environments.

It needs a suitable environment with no moisture and zero external forces that affect its working, such as rain.

It needs a flow of current that is stable because a certain variation in its flowing current can lead to damage and cause an error in the application process.

Water Chiller Unit Working Principle

Water Chiller Unit Working Principle

7. How to Select a Suitable Water Chiller Unit for your Application?

Every application gets hot when it runs for a certain period.

In the long run, it needs the companion that cools down it and for the performance and production of your application, you can rely on your Water Chiller Unit.

It has different varieties and variants for different applications. You can choose it that suits your needs.

First of all, there are basic requirements and main points to consider before buying a Water Chiller Unit.

The first thing to consider is that under which condition your Water Chiller Unit will be used. This makes the significant important in selecting it.

The condition matters a lot, some of these works efficiently in every condition, and some slow down the pace of production in the moisture.

There are two options available to place it and it can be either placed in outer space or indoor, it depends on the space you have.

The other important factor to consider is that, for which process are you using Water Chiller Unit?.

If you have good knowledge about your application then no worries.

The knowledge of the application is necessary as it helps you in choosing the right Water Chiller Unit with the right and well-equipped options.

  • Is the condenser of the Water Chiller Unit to be cooled with air or water?.

If the condenser is to be cooled with air then it must be placed in an open environment to release hot air.

If you are selecting a Water Chiller Unit with a water-cooled condenser then you should have a source of cooling fluid.

Before selecting it you can consider the following points:

  • The availability of service for your Water Chiller Unit.
  • The ceiling heights
  • The low and high ambient air temperature.
  • General location.

Mainly the source of liquid is not pure as it contains contaminants. Which later affects the production of the application.

Select the Water Chiller Unit that must have filtration before the liquid enters the condenser.

If you need temperature control on it, Then you will require a Water Chiller Unit with a two-loop process, to maintain the separate tank at the required temperature.

The voltage must be according to the guidelines of your Water Chiller Unit set by manufacturers.

Else you might face failure in certain operations

Some Water Chiller Units are noisy. If your application has already enough sound then you must choose a soundproof mechanism to avoid unwanted sound production.

8. How to Size Water Chiller Unit for your Application?

The size Water Chiller Unit always depends on the amount of performance you need. Its size also depends on your application.

If the application is big and performs major tasks then it must be big and should have a heavy compressor.

There are major points to study and analyze its size

Following are the points:

  • The temperature of incoming water.
  • The rate of flow. This varies from one Water Chiller Unit to another.
  • The cool water temperature you need for your application.

You can also size the it with help of mathematics. You need to compare the gallons of cooled water you need from your Water Chiller Unit per minute.

If you need 5 gallons per minute and your Unit provides 3 gallons of water per minute, it means its size is not efficient.

The Water Chiller Unit is big so you have to put it in a comfortable space.

The size also depends on the power supply you get.

If you have enough space compared to its size then opt for it.

If space is missing, you need to create space first.

If the size of the Water Chiller Unit is smaller than the voltage you get then it will be impossible to operate it

The Ideal Size:  To find the most ideal and perfect Water Chiller Unit for your application you need to, multiply the cooling capacity by 20%.

After the multiplication round of the number to the nearest whole number. So it will be the ideal size of the Water Chiller Unit.

  • Formula: The ideal size in tons= Tons x 1.2
  • Example: 1.666 tons x 1.2= 1.9992 tons and round-off will be 2 tons. It means the 2 tons Water Chiller Unit is ideal for the above-given data.

9. How to Install Water Chiller Unit for your Application?

The installation of the Water Chiller Unit is a bit complicated. It needs to be carried out by experts.

Step: 1

The Water Chiller Unit mostly comes as assembled package. Check all the wires and switches.

The experts must inspect the Water Chiller Unit carefully and make sure that all units are offloaded from the container.

Do not handle it roughly as it can result in damage. You need experts to carry it gently.

You need to use the special vehicles for shifting and moving of the units, to save them from mechanical damage.

Take it down from the vehicle and inspect it again on-site to ensure that it was not damaged.

Step: 2

The location at which Water Chiller Unit will be placed must have a solid foundation, free of any vibration, and dry.

The area where it is to be placed should have an environmental temperature of -40°F to 158°F.

It is better not to remove the plastic coverings from it. Because the plastics help to avoid any rust or deterioration in its metal parts.

The place of installation must be neat and clean. The supervisors must supervise its installation and suggest every possible thing.

All experts installing Water Chiller Unit must-have safety equipment.

Step: 3

Make sure that all pipelines of the Water Chiller Unit are placed in the right location and do not put any stress on it.

Keep each pipe away from a minimum of 3 feet away.  Connect the evaporator into the circuit of chilled water. Then connect the condenser to the tower water circuit.

Keep the pressure gauge tap straight. Then install the air vent in the water box of the Water Chiller Unit.

Connect the essential lines and pipes. Place the Water Chiller Unit in such a way as it is easy to use.

For the large connections of water evaporator and condenser arrange the water supply from the lower connection.

Step: 4

Install the control panels that are responsible for internal data of the Water Chiller Unit.  There are four connections on the controller.

These are the low and high voltage and their route.

Step: 5

The electrical requirement must be checked and well connected.

  • Power supplying.
  • The panel wiring must be inspected.
  • The wiring of the system control circuit.
  • Wiring of all other devices and equipment.

After the successful installation of the Water Chiller Unit. You should operate it and check its operation thoroughly.

If you find anything unfit ask experts to fix it.

Water Chiller Unit wiring installation

Water Chiller Unit Wiring Installation

10. How to keep Regular Maintenance of your Water Chiller Unit?

Always keep the daily check and balance of your Water Chiller Unit. The regular pressure and check and balance of the temperature.

Keep its tubes clean from any contaminations and algae. As these tubes are used to transfer heat.

Maintenance is the core reason for Water Chiller Unit to last longer.

If the tubes are affected it will affect its performance overall.

The Cooling Water Chiller Unit passes fluid from tubes. Sometimes the corrosion also takes place that affects the transfer of heat.

The rate of its cooling depends on the amount of refrigerant moving around its compressor.

Tubes can be cleaned with the help of solutions and gel.

Sometimes the valve in Water Chiller Unit will vibrate which causes a leak in the refrigerant. Check it regularly to avoid any leaking

Examine the oil for the compressor. It is advised by experts that when oil has changed the filters must also be inspected and changed if there is damage.

Not all Water Chiller Units use oil.

The checking of sensor calibration, control inspection of the microprocessor, and safety checks for all electrical connections.

The Water Chill Unit always works in a free environment. The efficiency of the Water Chiller Unit decreases when there is moisture around.

It has vents that are used as exhaust and sometimes these vents are filled with dust that result in a frequent change of filters. So to avoid dust keep it in

You need to check your Water Chiller Unit regularly. Inspect every part and machinery of your system.

Arrange the quarterly inspection by experts to make sure that your Water Chiller Unit does not have any maintenance need.

The improper maintenance of the Water Chiller Unit fails to achieve the temperature and affects the production of the application.

The Water Chiller Unit is easy to maintain and cost-efficient.

Water Chiller Unit Regular Checking

Water Chiller Unit Regular Checking

11. How to Troubleshoot Problems with Your Water Chiller Unit?

Most of the Water Chiller Unit gets damaged and causes problems even after being maintained.

Sudden shutdown

If it shuts down while running normally. All you need is to see either the circuit is blown or might be the wiring is loose.

Sometimes its fuse is also blown which causes trouble in supplying power so you need to check the fuse too.

Check the temperature of the Water Chiller Unit frequently if it is not cooling enough. Maybe the compressor is a leak.

Favorable Conditions For Water Chiller Unit

If everything is okay and your Water Chiller Unit is not working well so, all you need is to change the environment.

Sometimes due to humidity, it does not work efficiently. So shifting it to a ventilated and fresh atmosphere will be the right choice.

Keep its oil level maintained as suggested by manufacturers.

Power Supply Check And Balance

If your Water Chiller Unit does not power up. There are likely chances of improper line voltage and loss of connection.

The power switch may be off. If you do not detect above this consult the experts.

The blocked filters, sometimes result in inefficient recirculating of fluid in Water Chiller Unit.

Water Chiller Unit Power Supply Checking

Water Chiller Unit Power Supply Checking

FAQ of Water Chiller Unit.

  1. What is the cooling capacity of the Water Chiller Unit?

The cooling capacity of the Water Chiller Unit varies according to the application. It provides an ideal cooling capacity for each application.

  1. Is the Water Chiller Unit soundproof?

Yes, many Water Chiller Units are soundproof.

  1. Is it necessary to have an open environment for Water Chiller Unit?

If your Water Chiller Unit is air-cooled then yes.

  1. How to find an Ideal Water Chiller Unit?
  • Formula: The ideal size in tons= Tons x 1.2
  • Example: 1.666 tons x 1.2= 1.9992 tons and round-off will be 2 tons. It means the 2 tons Water Chiller Unit is ideal.
  1. Is the Water Chiller Unit efficient for Industrial use?

The nature of the Water Chiller Unit is to perform heavy tasks. It can hold the load of industry.

100% Quality Tested Water Chiller Unit

100% Quality Tested Water Chiller Unit

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