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TopChiller Spindle Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier China

  • Cooling capacity ranges from 1.75kW to 45kW
  • Temperature control ranges 10°C to + 50°C
  • Fin and tube type air-cooled condenser
  • A coil in tank / brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Water+ glycol solution/soft water as fluids
  • Environment-friendly refrigerant, R134a
  • Easy to install both indoor and outdoor
  • Warranty up to 24 months after purchase

Your Reliable Spindle Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in China over 20 Years

General Description

Spindle Chiller is a specifically designed cooling device for machine spindles.

As spindle is the main component of the industrial or small-scale machine, highly sensitive to heat, A Spindle Chiller controls the temperature of the spindle within specified limits enabling smooth performance.

For the last twenty years, TopChiller has been the most professional, experienced manufacturer and supplier of Spindle Chiller in China.

TopChiller has proudly designed a full line of Spindle Chiller models by considering the need for spindle machines and successfully supplying it to all world marketplace since 1999.

Brazed plate heat exchanger, condenser, compressor, expansion valves, protecting devices, microprocessor controller, coolant tank, screen display, recirculation system pipelines are the basic components of a Spindle Chiller.

Spindle Chiller has outstanding temperature controlling function for spindles containing applications as:

Metal cutting, turning machine, machining centers, grinding, honing, broaching, drilling, dicing semiconductors, scribing and dicing, ceramic compounds, cutting ferrites, fiber optics, semiconductor assembly, etc.

If you are sourcing for a cost-effective Spindle Chiller manufacturer in China for cooling spindles in different applications? If you are searching for a highly reliable temperature regulating Spindle Chiller to support your business?

Freely contact with TopChiller sales and engineers to get a quote about Spindle Chiller. TopChiller team has in-depth engineering knowledge to perfectly match a Spindle Chiller with your application at a feasible price.

Features and Advantages

  • Our Spindle Chiller protects the thermal expansion and tightening of spindle fixed bearings configured by the use of a chilled water recirculation system in the coolant tank by releasing an excessive amount of heat out of the system produced by the spindle.
  • TopChiller brand Spindle Chiller is easy to install and has low costs of maintenance featured by compact rugged design and water recirculation system preventing water treatment costs.
  • Spindle Chiller is updated and designed on 3D CAD software for compact footprints and each component regulation easy access during operation.

TopChiller brand Spindle Chiller can install both indoor and outdoor with insulating protection from environmental damages as well as pre-wiring and piping of unit help easy installing and instant functioning.

Spindle Chiller Technical Specifications

Cooling capacityKcal/h
 Input powerKW0.881.3522.252.663.274.075.756.458.2511.512.917.4521.7325.433.1
Max CurrentA5.48.21213.
Power source1PH~220V/3PH~220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ                                                                                                  3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic Rotary                                                                                                        Hermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserType Efficient finned copper tube with aluminum+low noise external rotor fan
Air flow (m³/h)750100015002000250030004000500060008000100001200015000200002500030000
Air blower(KW)×20.14×20.19×20.19×20.25×20.45×20.45×20.6×20.78×20.78×20.42×6
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank coil / shell and tube type / Plate type heat exchanger
 Chilled water
Water tank(L)10.618.3272750506060110120200200270350350420
Inlet/outlet pipe
Oil pumpPower (kw)0.370.370.370.370.370.370.370.750.750.751.
Max lift(m)22222222222222303025252528282830
Max flow (m3)
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Dimension L(mm)500560600600720850980110011801450153015301650185019002250
Net weight(KG)45708595125150175195220285350370510630820950
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, 20℃/15℃.inlet/outlet coolant oil temperature 20℃/15℃.
2, 33℃/38℃.Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 33℃/38℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.

Spindle Chiller Configuration Table

Electrical componentsSCHNEIDER/CHINTFRANCE/


Pressure controllerFENSHENTAIWAN
Oil pressure gauge (high low)HONGSENTAIWAN
Temperature controllerPUNPCHINA
Expansion valve/capililaryFANFOSSUSA
Liquid receiverTOPCHILLERChina
Air blowerJULITaiwan

TopChiller Free Service and Technical Support

As a professional chiller manufacturer for over 20 years, TopChiller is always happy to provide our free service and technical support accessible to our clients before, during, and after-sales. If you need any help, welcome to call us or send your inquiry to our email. These free services and technical support include;

  • Listening to your detailed chiller requirements and giving your best chiller solution for your applications based on our rich experience.
  • If you have no idea about how to size your chiller model or cooling capacity, it’s not a big issue, Just tell us your specific cooling demands, we will guide you to select the right economical chiller model.
  • 7*24 online service, If you have any problem with the chiller, you may call us or send an email, we are always here to support you.

TopChiller Standard Warranty Time

After purchasing the TopChiller product, you are our valued customers in the TopChiller ERP system.

We will do regular tracking service and Your chiller has up to 24 months warranty time after installation and commissioning,

If your chiller is down, you can contact TopChiller for support to solve your problem…Once we received your message, Our service technician on duty will contact you as soon as possible.

TopChiller Start-up & Commissioning

TopChiller also provides the additional service of start-up or commissioning of your chiller. You’d better before scheduling your start-up, it is important that the proper installation procedures have been followed and the chiller is ready.
TopChiller technician will guide you on how to start up your chiller when your chiller is ready, besides this we have full sets of paper works including the Chiller installation manual, operation manual, electrical drawing for you.

Free Replacement Spare Parts

Providing free replacement spare parts for TopChiller is the best customer service in the industry to support you when you are sourcing replacement parts.

We have most parts are in stock and available for next-day shipment for your chillers.

If you want to have some replacement spare parts, just provide us with your chiller serial number and model number to expedite the sourcing process.

Better to have the nameplate and pictures of your chiller for our reference. This will help us find the proper replacements at the earliest time.

6 Points Why TopChiller Is Your Best Spindle Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in China?

Professional Manufacturer
TopChiller is your professional spindle chiller manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years of experience. We believe TopChiller has all spindle chiller cooling capacities&models to meet your specific cooling demands.
Free Design Selection
Based on our rich experience in spindle chiller design and manufacturing, We are willing to help you work out the right spindle chiller design and model selection suitable for your specific cooling requirements.
Maximize Your Benefit
TopChiller is supplying high-quality spindle chillers to save your costs. Our spindle chillers are designed and manufactured based on the most optimized refrigeration solution which will maximize your benefit.
Fastest Delivery Time
For standard configuration spindle chillers, we always have complete models finished stocks at the warehouse, This will make sure our spindle chillers will meet your urgent needs at the earliest time.
24 Months Warranty
After purchasing our spindle chillers, you have up to 24 months warranty time which covers Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Electrical Components, and other refrigeration spare parts. Within warranty time, we will provide you with free spare parts including the shipping rate.
7*24 Online Support
TopChiller is providing 24*7*365 online services to support your business. No matter you are having a problem with spindle chiller model selection, quotation, delivery, installation/commission, and after-sales service, just leave your messages, you will get our fast feedback within 2 hours.

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Spindle Chiller-An Ultimate Buying Guide by TopChiller.

In the industries, like metal cutting, shaping, rolling, tools making, etc machines used are based on the usage of a spindle.

The problem is that the spindle is very sensitive to the heat produced during the process. This heat can damage the spindle and jeopardize the whole operation and its accuracy and efficiency.

A proper Spindle Chiller is used for overcoming this overheating problem in these types of machinery. The below article contains detailed information about every aspect of a Spindle Chiller.

Let’s start it.

What is Spindle Chiller?

Spindle Chiller is a type of process chiller that uses oil as the coolant to reduce the temperature.

Spindle Chiller circulates the oil in a closed or open circuit to extract the excessive heat from the machine so that the spindle can work under suitable temperature and ensure smooth operation.

A Spindle Chiller is the most advanced type of chiller with the most unique characteristics.

These characteristics ensure more accuracy, efficiency, and smooth completion of industrial processes.

It not only controls the temperature but also benefits the spindle machinery in which it is being used.

It enlarges its durability and lifetime and increases the efficiency of the machines.

How does a Spindle Chiller work?

Spindle Chiller is a working mechanism that can be divided into five stages. These stages are interlinked and interdependent.

Stage One: Preparation for Start

This stage is not performed by the Spindle Chiller, whether it is performed by the person working. In this stage, all the inspection and preparation are done to start it.

Considering its importance, it is included as the preliminary stage of the working mechanism. This stage includes the following steps or actions.

  • First of all, the inspection of the Spindle Chiller to see whether it is working fine or not.
  • Checking of parts, oil, levels of oil and condition, power supply, etc is done at this stage.
  • After all the inspection, start it and monitor its functions on the LCD monitor to whether is working fine or not.
  • Once, you are ensured about it, start the operation without any delay.

Stage Two: Refrigerant Compression and Start of the Process

As you start the Spindle Chiller, the oil refrigerant starts circulation in the circuit. It is where is actual process is begun.

After reaching the compressor unit, it is further processed by the compressor by increasing its flow rate and pressure. After these changes, it leaves the compressor, and stage three begins.

Stage Three: Heat Collection

It is the most important stage of the process, where all the major actions happen. This process is by extraction of heat from the spindle machine.

This stage is performed with the help of an evaporator. The oil refrigerant travels the system and collects or extracts the excessive heat.

At this stage, the refrigerant goes from liquid to the gaseous state, and this phenomenon is called Evaporation.

After evaporation, this gas is driven to the condenser for the Spindle Chiller. After reaching the condenser, the final stage is performed which is heat removal.

Stage Four: Removal of Excessive Heat

At this stage, the refrigerant goes back to the liquid state from the gaseous state. This stage is performed by the condenser.

All the excessive heat is removed at this stage. The time of residence of refrigerant in the condenser is very crucial.

The longer the time, the greater will be the heat elimination from the system.

Stage Five: Completion of the Cycle

In this stage, the whole cycle is completed when the refrigerant moves from the condenser to the expansion valves.

In the expansion valve, the flow rate and the pressure are changed to the desired values and the whole cycle begins again.

What are the Components of a Spindle Chiller?

Here are the most common and important components of any Spindle Chiller, that must be known to the customer.

  1. The Control Unit or Control Panel:

The control unit is the most important component of it, as it controls and regulates the whole operation. It is used to customize, program, and manage the Spindle Chiller operations.

The Control unit comes with an LCD and LEDs for different functions. It also has wireless or remote control features.

  1. Unit of Lubrication or Oil Unit:

The major function of it is to supply the proper amount of oil to the Spindle Chiller for its operations. It is controlled by the controlled unit.

  1. The Compressor:

This part is responsible for the alteration in speed, flow rate, and pressure of the refrigerant so that it can be ready for further process.

The type and number of the compressor may differ depending upon the model, type, and specifications of your Spindle Chiller.

Some common and well-known compressors as centrifugal, screw compressors, ad scroll compressors.

  1. Valves of Expansion:

Expansion valves control and manage the high speed and pressurized refrigerant for further processing.

It comes in the end and finalizes the whole cycle. Refrigerant travels back from expansion valves to the compressor to start a new cycle.

  1. The Evaporator:

An evaporator is a part where a refrigerant goes from liquid to gas and vice versa. It is connected with the condenser and pipe assembly.

Most of the heat collection is done at this component of the Spindle Chiller.

  1. The Condenser:

All the collected heat is eliminated from the system at this stage of the process. condenser eliminates the heat and transfers gaseous refrigerant to the liquid form.

The time of residence of refrigerant is also increased using a condenser. Flow rate, speed, and overall pressure are also changed using a condenser.

What are the Features of a Spindle Chiller?

  1. Temperature and Performance Accuracy:

The most important reason to choose a Spindle Chiller is the accuracy of temperature control and performance accuracy.

It is highly precise in temperature control and gives very precise control to the process.

  1. Continuous Performance:

It is designed with features, that it can operate continuously 24 x 7 for the whole year. It will perform with accuracy and without any slight mistake in the performance for this long time.

  1. Bears Harsh Conditions:

A Spindle Chiller can work continuously for years under harsh conditions. It can work efficiently under a high load process.

It will keep a spindle stable and safe that is working heavy metal cutting, grinding, etc operations.

  1. All-In-One System:

It comes with all the necessary parts with it, so that you don’t installation of any other extra part.

It contains primary parts like a reservoir for oil (oil tank), oil pump, pump assembly, control panel, refrigeration circulation circuit, etc.

It also contains other small parts that are helpful and needed in its operations.

  1. Very Easy Installation:

A Spindle Chiller is extremely easy to install. You can install it in a short time following some simple steps and you are good to go.

  1. Innovative:

It contains the most modern and innovative microprocessor for temperature control. This microprocessor makes its operations more accurate, fast, and efficient.

It also contains a control board with an LCD. This display shows process data, like; temperature and other functions. Several LEDs are given in different colors.

Each color indicates towards different function hence making monitoring of the process easier and simple.

LEDs also give off an alarm when a certain function is completed or in case of an emergency. It also contains a password protection feature, that makes it a more secure device.

You can fix your password and customize it.

  1. Easy to Operate and Run:

All the operations of Spindle Chiller are easy to understand and learn. You can easily learn all the control and manuals in a short time with simple training.

  1. Low Noise Pollution:

Excessive noise created by machines is hazardous to the industry and the human health of the people working in the industry.

It is designed with an internal structure that creates low noise pollution. The maximum noise created by a Spindle Chiller is 85 dB that is a safe limit for human health.

Why do you need A Spindle Chiller for your Industry?

When the whole process is dependent upon the operation of a spindle or several spindles, it creates a huge amount of heat.

A spindle spinning at speed of 1000 rpm will create enough heat to damage itself, the machine, and the product that is being formed.

To avoid this hazardous effect of heat industries, need a proper Spindle Chiller to maintain the heat to a point where the whole process can proceed smoothly without any problem.

This kind of failure of the spindle can cause a much smaller to the big level problem that is interlinked to it.

A Spindle Chiller eliminates the heat generated in the process and helps you to complete the manufacturing process with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

Why a Spindle Chiller is Important for your CNC Machine Operations.

In CNC-based Lathe machines, when a spindle rotates and operates continuously for a long time, a huge amount of heat is generated due to friction.

This heat if not controlled, can damage the spindle in no time. It can degrade the shape, quality, and decrease the lifetime durability of the spindle in CNC machines.

A Spindle Chiller is the one that overcomes all the excessive heat production, and all the problems are solved. It makes your process on CNC machines possible.

Nowadays it comes with more advanced level features. These features make your process easier, economic, and efficient while giving you many benefits.

A Spindle Chiller does not need more space, and it looks pleasant. In the last, it won’t be much to say that it is a lifesaver for your CNC-based spindle machinery.

In Which Type of Machines and Industries a Spindle Chiller is Used?

Spindle Chillers are specifically used in the industries mentioned below, but they can be used in a wide range of industries, which fall under metal cutting, shaping, and other related categories.

  1. Metal Shaping
  2. Metal Cutting and Shredding
  3. Spindle Based Machines for Metal Cutting
  4. Metal Drilling
  5. Crushing
  6. Grinding of Metal Powder
  7. Metal Powder Manufacturing Industries
  8. Chemical Plants
  9. Extrusion Metal Making Industries
  10. Welding Industries
  11. Mill Machines
  12. CNC Based Machines

How to Install a Spindle Chiller?

Proper Installation of Spindle Chiller is very important for your cooling process.

Following steps are the complete standard set of steps that can be followed for the proper installation of your Spindle Chiller.

Step One: Handling and Transportation

After the purchase of it, the most important thing is transportation and handling.

Spindle Chiller should be handled and transported with care and preserved in shockproof materials so that it can reach your industry without any damage.

Step Two: Selection of Installation Environment and Location

Following considerations and instructions should be followed for proper selection of location and environment for the installation of a Spindle Chiller.

  • The area and location of installation should be well-ventilated.
  • Environmental conditions of the spindle machine or another machine should be ventilated and dried.
  • The humidity of the environment should be as low as possible. High humidity will affect the efficiency and it will cause less heat removal despite full running.
  • Leave enough amount of space around it.
  • The presence of flammable and explosive materials or gases around a Spindle Chiller should be avoided.
  • The presence of toxic and reactive chemicals is highly prohibited around it.
  • Install it where there is no direct exposure to the sunlight for a long time.
  • Location ground should be made strong enough to bear weight for the Spindle Chiller and it should be made vibration proof.

Step Three: Installation of Oil Pipe

  • Installation of the pipeline for oil circulation is very crucial and it should be made according to the user manual and instructions are given by the manufacturer.
  • The length and diameter of the pipe should be proper according to the model, type, and specifications of your Spindle Chiller.
  • Clean the oil pipe before installation.
  • Fix the pipe with intense care and expertise, as there should not be any minor leakage.
  • Joints should be made leakage-free by tightening them with glue and proper adhesives.
  • Joints in the pipe should be as less as possible.
  • The number of valves installed in the pipes should be as less as possible.

Step Four: Installation of Oil Filter

Oil filters of Spindle Chiller are very important. Filters keep oil clean and efficient for a long time. It will increase the efficiency and life span of the oil.

Proper filters should be selected after considering the specification of the Spindle Chiller and oil used as well.

Step Five: Oil Tank Installation

The oil tank should be installed very carefully. Installation should be done so that there should be no mixing of air into the refrigerant oil.

Installation of the oil tank should be done with the help of an expert technician.

Step Six: The wiring and Start of your Spindle Chiller

Attach all the wire connections, LCDs, power supply, and control wires. A standard electric manual should be followed and installation should be done by experienced electricians.

After all the wires’ settings, you are good to go. Make all the customization and start your Spindle Chiller for a test run to check its performance.

What is the Importance of the Spindle Oil in a Spindle Chiller?

In terms of the importance, the spindle oil is the soul and heart of it as it is the media that is used to control and maintain the temperature of the spindle.

It is so important that the quality of oil indicates the quality of the Spindle Chiller. The following given points discuss the importance of spindle oil.

  • It maintains accuracy. The temperature control accuracy is very important for the efficiency of the process, and it depends upon the oil.
  • The quality of the oil is the most important factor to be considered for its efficiency.
  • It controls the thermal deformation of the spindle, and all over maintains the quality of the spindle machines in which a Spindle Chiller is being used.
  • It reduces the friction to the minimum and enlarges the durability and life of the spindle itself.
  • It gives proper lubrication for the process. Due to proper lubrication, the process is completed smoothly, and easily.
  • It performs for a long time, and you don’t need to change it very frequently. Hence, saves a handsome amount of your cost.
  • It maintains the quality of the Spindle Chiller and the device for which it is being used.
  • As you don’t need to change it for a long time, it possesses fewer environmental impacts, as compared to the other refrigerant mediums.

What Reduces the Efficiency of a Spindle Chiller?

Reduction in Spindle Chiller working efficiency can be due to several different factors, among which the following are the most common ones.

  1. Low Quality of Oil:

The quality of the oil is directly connected with working efficiency. Low-quality oil will cause less efficiency. Buy a Spindle Chiller with good quality oil, so that your quality can be maintained.

  1. Leakages in the Pipeline:

The circuit pipes should be leakage-free. A minor leakage will highly affect its efficiency. Make sure to make your pipeline leakage during the installation of the Spindle Chiller.

  1. Reduced Viscosity of Oil:

The viscosity of the oil is important for temperature control, friction control, thermal degradation, and many more function.

During the process, an increase in temperature causes a decrease in the viscosity of the oil and it decreases the working efficiency.

Select the oil that can remain high viscous at high temperatures.

  1. Rate of Degradation of Oil:

An oil with a high rate of degradation will degrade in a short time and will cause a decrease in efficiency again and again.

It also causes an increase in the cost of the process as you will need to change it again and again.

How to make your Spindle Chiller long-lasting and Durable?

Spindle Chiller’s durability and a lifetime can be increased by proper maintenance and care on a timely basis. Several aspects are important when it comes to proper maintenance.

These aspects are discussed below in detail.

  1. Optimum Customization:

Here it means the programming and customization of the operational parameters of the Spindle Chiller should be according to its specifications.

It will make it to work smoothly for a long time, without any problem and all over lifespan will be increased.

  1. Use of Proper Oil:

Use the oil of good quality and with the most optimum features. As the quality of oil highly affects the durability of the Spindle Chiller.

  1. Regular Cleaning:

Regular cleaning is very important because the purity of oil and cleanliness of the internal parts is very important for durability.

  1. Inspection and Repair of Components:

All parts should be working fine in it. In case of any broken part, get it repaired as soon as possible.

A failed part should not be used in the Spindle Chiller as it will cause damage to the other parts and degrade its durability.

What are the Troubleshooting Guidelines for a Spindle Chiller?

The most common problems and their possible solution for Spindle Chillers are given below.

  1. Faster Degradation of the Oil:
  • Because of the use of low-quality oil.
  • The operational parameters are not properly customized according to the specifications of the Spindle Chiller.

Solution: Inspect the oil and change it to the one with better quality. Set the operational parameters most suitably, that is matching with its default specifications.

  1. Leakage Even When Every Joint is Closed Properly:
  • It can be because of the extreme temperatures. Sometimes due to high temperatures, the viscosity of the oil is decreased below the water or even lower.
  • Leakage occurs in this condition even if every joint is sealed properly.

Solution: Select the oil that can withstand high-temperature applications. An oil that does not change its viscosity to a much lower degree under the extreme load of temperatures.

What are the Safety Guidelines for Spindle Chiller?

  1. Proper Installation:

By proper installation here is means the optimum selection of the location and ground. The wrong location can cause several threats to the industrial area and personal working around.

Proper selection and preparation of location should be made at the installation stage of the Spindle Chiller.

  1. PPEs:

Wearing proper PPE should be mandatory for all the workers working around. These include thermally insulated gloves, goggles, aprons, etc.

  1. Training of Personals:

Every person working on a Spindle Chiller should be given proper training before allowing him or her to work on it. It will make them handle it properly and safely.

  1. Emergency Conditions Response:

All the emergency features of it should be working properly. In case of any emergency condition, a worker should inform the concerned person on time without any delay.

  1. Oil Safety Precautions:

Oil handling should be according to the standard guidelines.

Oil should not be touched directly or handled directly with naked hands. It should be done with the help of proper PPE and following safety precautions.

FAQ of Spindle Chiller

What are The Power Requirements for Spindle Chiller?

It depends upon the types, model, and specifications of a Spindle Chiller that you are buying.

Does Spindle Chiller come with a Warranty?

It depends upon the manufacturer, but most of the chiller comes with 3-5 years of repair warranty.

What are the Most Proper Sizes for a Spindle Chiller?

It depends upon your process needs, although almost every size is available in the market.

What causes the Increase in Spindle Chiller Price?

The quality of oil, quality of the materials, size, specification, etc are the factors that decide the overall price of a Spindle Chiller.

What Certificate of Quality should be Considered while Buying a Spindle Chiller?

IOSH safety certification, ISO certificate, and local agency quality certificate are most important to be considered before buying it.

What is Closed-Loop Spindle Chiller?

In a closed-loop, the coolant goes back to the system again and again and circulates in it all the time.

What is Open-Loop Spindle Chiller?

In an open loop, the coolant circuit is open and it goes in different units after completion of every cycle.

What are the different Cooling Mechanisms for Spindle Chiller?

Cooling by Heat Exchange Mechanism and Freezing Cycle Cooling Mechanism is the most common widely used cooling mechanism.

What Is the Average Price Range for A Spindle Chiller?
The average price range may change depending upon the type and model. but, the average range in the market is 1000 to 7000 USD.

What are the Reasons for Overheating in Spindle Chiller?

The most common reason is the improper optimization of the Spindle Chiller. Increased load and failure of coolant are also among the major reasons.

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