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Semiconductor Chiller

  • Semiconductor chiller capacity 1.6KW to 120KW
  • Temperature control 7℃ to 35℃ stability ±0.5/2℃
  • High-quality famous brand scroll compressor
  • Built-in SS water tank and SS water pump
  • Compact design and easy movement
  • Lower noise and save maintenance cost
  • Cooling semiconductor machine and process

Your Premier Semiconductor Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier Over 20 Years

Semiconductor chillers are specially designed and manufactured by TopChiller for the semiconductor industry during semiconductor production processing.

TopChiller is a professional semiconductor chiller manufacturer and supplier in China over 20 years of experience.

As a leader in a semiconductor chiller supplier, TopChiller provides a large range of semiconductor chillers for chip manufacturing technologies and semiconductor industrial processing specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality chillers for high-end applications.

We all know that the semiconductor industry has a critical demand for cooling water, so chillers playing a very important part in the semiconductor industry.

The semiconductor chillers from TopChiller offer continuous cooling water with a standard temperature range of +5° to +35°C.

Featuring a low profile design with high-quality non-marring locking casters, the semiconductor chillers provide a small footprint with exceptional performance and unmatched reliability.

The semiconductor industry process requires a highly precise and effective liquid cooling or air cooling system. TopChiller knows all specific requirements to develop our semiconductor chillers.

As a professional semiconductor chiller manufacturer and supplier, TopChiller provides thermal temperature control for many chip manufacturing technologies, specializing in providing clients with air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller and some other different kinds of heat exchangers.

TopChiller is your best semiconductor chiller partner, with rich experience over 20 years, we have been serving the semiconductor and chip manufacturing industry since 2003.

Most semiconductor chiller applications include CVD/PVD, etch/ashing, wet etch, implant, RTP, inductively coupled plasma, atomic absorption spectrometry (ICP/AA), lithography, mass spectroscopy (MS), MOCVD, CMP, crystal growing, cutting/dicing.

Semiconductor test process chillers can be also used for die packaging and die testing, handlers, and testers, polishing/grinding, cabinet cooling, laser marking and trimming, burn-in equipment wafer chuck cooling/heating, ATE (automatic test equipment) test head cooling, laser trimming system cooling, metrology tool cooling, process chamber cooling, UV cure system cooling, etc.

As a professional semiconductor chiller manufacturer, TopChiller has exported hundreds of semiconductor chillers to worldwide every year.

Our high-quality semiconductor chillers are majorly export to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are looking for some process chillers for your semiconductor test equipment?

If you are searching for a good semiconductor chiller supplier in China?

Don’t hesitate to contact TopChiller sales to get free design and the best price of your semiconductor chiller.

Semiconductor Chiller Technical Specifications

process chiller process chiller semiconductor chillerSemiconductor Chiller Semiconductor Chiller Semiconductor Chiller Semiconductor Chiller Semiconductor Chiller Semiconductor Chiller

Semiconductor Chiller

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TopChiller: Your Premier Semiconductor Chillers Supplier and Manufacturer

TopChiller is a professional semiconductor chiller supplier since 2003.

TopChiller manufactures the full line of semiconductor testing process chillers for famous brands like Hewlett Packard, Agilent, Verigy, LTX Fusion, and more.

Designed, engineered, manufactured and thoroughly tested by TopChiller for the standard semiconductor chiller and recirculating chillers feature a hot gas by-pass which allows for greater stability and thermal protection for the pump, motor, and compressor.

Each semiconductor chiller also having other protection devices like high & low refrigerant safety, automatic water refill system, low water flow safety switch, water freeze safety system, and digital water temperature, controller.

Semiconductor chiller manufactured by TopChiller also has a remote control and external dimensions limited to specific size and design if you have special requirements.

A semiconductor chiller is a high-precision process chiller used in the field of semiconductors, such as scanning lithography machines, micro-nano coordinate measuring machines, scanning probe microscopes, and other ultra-precision instruments.

The emergence and wide application of semiconductor chillers are due to the continuous development of science and technology.

Modern ultra-precision manufacturing, processing, and measuring instruments impose strict requirements on the working environment, especially the ultra-large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment represented by lithography machines.

Its high integration makes the conventional heat dissipation method far from satisfactory.

At the same time, the lithography quality of the projection objective, the positioning accuracy of the moving parts and the measurement accuracy of the measuring device are particularly sensitive to changes in environmental parameters, especially temperature changes.

Therefore, the control of environmental parameters, especially temperature, has become a key issue, and the emergence of semiconductor chillers has solved this problem.

The semiconductor chiller temperature control system is an important component to ensure the good working condition of ultra-precision instruments such as step-scan lithography machine, micro-nano coordinate measuring machine, and scanning probe microscope.

The semiconductor chiller is used in supporting semiconductor laser equipment. Due to its special structure, semiconductor laser equipment has high requirements for water quality.

This series of semiconductor chiller’s unique water purification system can filter solid particles, optional deionization devices, dew point detection devices, etc., more in line with the needs of semiconductor lasers.

What is a semiconductor chiller?

For this article, a semiconductor chiller is defined as refrigeration equipment that provides chilled water at a specified temperature range and capable of pumping the chilled water at a specified flow rate.

A semiconductor chiller is generally used in heat exchange systems.

The most common use, of course, is in Room Air conditioning where indoor Fan Coil Units (FCU) require chilled water to be circulated through internal coils to provide air cooling as air flows through these coils.

Semiconductor companies though have other uses for a chiller but all in the context of “heat exchange”.

For this article, the term “Semiconductor” refers to Backend Semiconductor companies that deal with the functional and reliability testing of packaged ICs.

semiconductor chiller

Semiconductor Chiller

But what’s the difference between the common industrial chiller and semiconductor chiller?

The key differences between the standard regular industrial chiller and semiconductor chiller are in the method of heat removal and the features and or safety mechanisms incorporated into Semiconductor chillers.

Most of the semiconductor manufacturers prefer water-cooled chiller of industrial chiller because most of them need a powerful cooling capacity but worrying about the big noise making from the air-cooled chiller.

So water-cooled chillers are mostly used for the semiconductor industry.

Also for cooling water temperature stability, mostly it is ±2℃ for industrial chiller.

But for semiconductor chiller, the temperature stability can be ±0.5℃/±1℃, just because of chillers for the semiconductor industry requires a high precision temperature controlling.

Besides the above, compared with industrial chiller, semiconductor chiller having a complete of protection devices of all chiller units.

These protection devices including compressor inner protection, over current protection, high and low-pressure protection, over-temperature protection, flow rate protection, and exhaust overheat protection.

The above differences are the main factors setting semiconductor chillers apart from standard industrial chillers.

If you have any semiconductor chiller inquiry or need any water chiller for your semiconductor industry, please do contact TopChiller sales to get your semiconductor chiller solution.

Why do semiconductor companies need semiconductor chillers?

Inside semiconductor production floors are equipment that heats up as a result of dense electronic circuit boards.

This kind of equipment in order to have an efficient performance also requires cooling which normally is not satisfied with room air conditioning systems.

These type of equipment have their own heat exchange systems comprising of special coolant flowing through various cooling plates that absorb the heat of the circuit boards,

then is circulated through a closed-loop system where chilled water is also flowing to in turn remove the heat from the coolant.

A very good example of this equipment is the Sapphire Test system manufactured by LTX-Credence Corp.

chiller for semiconductor process

The Sapphire is an Automatic Test Equipment that is used in the functional verification of semiconductor ICs.

This IC test system is intended primarily for production testing with multisite capabilities, i.e., the option to test multiple chips in one go, and can be scaled to varying requirements, with a top clock rate of more than 6.4 GHz.

The test head, therefore, can heat up tremendously and needed a cooling system for efficient operation.

So now you need the semiconductor chiller to provide a steady cooling water source.semiconductor chiller
The Sapphire test system is kept cool by a refrigeration unit that removes the heat from system electronics in the test head.

Cooling is done by a coolant (HFE-7100) flowing through individual aluminum and copper cold plates on each electronic instrument.

The coolant from the semiconductor chiller is returned to a heat exchanger, where chilled water is also continuously flowing in a closed loop.

An external semiconductor chiller provides the needed chilled water so that the desired temperature and flow rate is maintained.

Another type of equipment that needs a semiconductor chiller is the TDS-100 of ESPEC, this is a thermal shock chamber that is used to introduce environmental stress to the packaged ICs by alternately subjecting the ICs to the high temperature of more than 100 degrees centigrade then to negative 40 degrees centigrade.

Semiconductor Chiller

Semiconductor chiller has its own refrigeration system and uses chilled water for its heat exchange requirement.

Normally, the chilled water from semiconductor chiller is being supplied by the building facilities, but in modern buildings that use an air conditioning technology that doesn’t require chilled water for its heat exchange:

like VRF technology, the availability of chilled water is a challenge.

Backend semiconductor equipment that needs chilled water, therefore, have to provide for their own chilled water source.

So depending on the actual requirement like cooling capacity, flow rate, and dimensions, there are available semiconductor chillers that would cater to various specifications.

semiconductor chiller

Semiconductor chiller designs now can provide a range of cooling capacities from low to high capacity that can satisfy a wide range of applications.

Chilled Water Installation / Plumbing

In Chilled water installations, it is important that flow rate, temperature, and pressure are constantly monitored.

Plumbing connections are required to interface the heat exchanger of any equipment. Accessories needed to adapt the chilled water main line to the heat exchanger would include:

Filters 2 each with air vents
Pressure meters 2 each
Flow meters 1 each (0 to 60 GPM)
Thermometer 1 each 35F to 60F (1.65 C to 15.40 C)
Unions 2 each
Lockable valve 1 each

semiconductor chiller
Following is a list of plumbing aids needed to prevent and diagnose future problems that may develop.

Installation and service problems can be quickly identified and resolved if the following items are provided for each system:
Dual chilled waters of 200 microns or better, plumbed to allow removal of one filter and air purging, while the system remains operational.
A method to identify when the water filter needs replacing.
Chilled water temperature gauge.
Chilled water flow meter measuring 0 to 60 GPM (in-line float).
Plumbing connections that allow easy removal of the heat exchanger, such as unions and or flexible hoses.
Insulated pipe to prevent condensation.
Chilled water treatment to prevent rust, algae growth, and scaling.

semiconductor chiller
The specification of the hose are the following:
Tube: Nitrile
Reinforcement: Fiber, 1 or 2 braid
Cover: Vinyl Nitrile
Temperature range: -40F to 180F (-39.6C to 81.4C)
Working pressure: 225-300 PSI
Type of coupling: U series, 430U, barbed inserts, quick-acting, long shank, series or steel nipple.
Clamp types: Interlocking, bolt, band or wire.Semiconductor Chiller

Below are just some semiconductor chiller applications for your reference:

Burn-in equipment wafer chuck cooling/heating
ATE (automatic testing equipment) testing head cooling
Laser trimming system cooling
Metrology tool cooling
Process chamber cooling
UV cure system cooling

The chip manufacturing industry, Besides the above semiconductors, semiconductor chillers can be also widely used in many other processes or industrial applications.

Why TopChille can be your reliable semiconductor chiller supplier?

With compact design and simplicity in operation, TopChiller semiconductor chillers are designed to provide decades of reliable and steady liquid temperature control.

If your process requires customized semiconductor chillers, the TopChiller engineering team can design and manufacture one to meet your requirements whether it in the footprint, thermal load, size, operating conditions, or portability.

All semiconductor chillers from TopChiller use environmentally friendly CFC refrigerant charged before delivery.

The semiconductor chillers feature a corrosion-free stainless steel water tank, stainless steel water pump, and water piping system.

With the largest selection of options in the industry, the semiconductor chiller may be designed and manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications.

As a professional semiconductor chillers manufacturer with 20 years of experience, TopChiller would like to provide all technical support and full-time service to our valued clients.

Contact our engineering team to get the best semiconductor chiller for your semiconductor processing.


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