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TopChiller can Fulfill Process Chiller Solution for You.

  • Over 20 years process chiller manufacturing experience: TopChiller specialized in process chiller manufacturing over 20 years
  • 24 months warranty time: TopChiller make sure all process chillers covered 24 months warranty time
  • Famous brand spare parts: Each process chiller from TopChiller using world first-class refrigeration spare parts
  • Technical support& Training service: TopChiller providing full installation&commission service of your process chiller
  • 8 Hours troubleshooting: TopChiller promise to respond and solve any process chiller error within 8 hours
  • Free process chiller design: TopChiller give process chiller design and solution free of charge to all clients
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Your Best Process Chiller Supplier and Manufacturer in China

Why TopChiller Can Be Your Reliable Process Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier

20 Years Process Chiller Manufacturing Experience
TopChiller specialized in process chiller manufacturing with rich experience
24 Months Warranty Time
We can provide 24 months warranty time covered all process chillers
Famous Brand Spare Parts
Each process chiller from TopChiller using world first class spare parts
Technical Support & Training Service
TopChiller provide process chiller installation&commission service
8 Hours Troubleshooting
TopChiller promise to solve any process chillers error within 8 hours
Free Process Chiller Design
TopChiller support process chiller design and solution free of charge

Process Chiller: Your Premier Choice
Of Industrial Chillers

Process chiller is a refrigeration system or water cooling system using a refrigerant (R407c, R134a, and R410a) that provides cooling water for a certain production processing or industrial applications.

TopChiller is your best process chiller manufacturer and supplier in China for over 20 years.

Process chillers developed from TopChiller are designed for the most rugged environments and conditions and even for various industrial applications demands.

As a leading process chiller manufacturer, TopChiller uses a branded hermetic scroll type compressor from Copeland, Danfoss, and Panasonic. These top brand compressors feature high efficiency, high COP, low vibration with long service time.

The above original quality compressor and high-efficiency heat exchangers will help each process chiller remain in good condition and guarantee the best cooling performance.

All process chillers manufactured by TopChiller are widely used for cooling MRI medical machines, plastic machines, laser machines, welding machines, food&beverage processing, extrapolating industry, and semiconductor industries.

With 20 years’ experience in process chiller design and manufacturing, TopChiller provides a complete range of processing chiller with a large range of cooling capacity from 1.5KW to 210KW and temperature control range from -25℃ to 35℃, with temperature stability ±0.5℃ to 2℃.

High-quality process chiller made by TopChiller company having some features and advantages below:

1. Energy Saving Design: TopChiller process chiller design features the storage-method of cooling.

Each process chiller has a chiller barrel that consists of a big volume stainless steel storage tank with an immersed stainless steel evaporator.

The capacity of the storage tank and length of the evaporator of the process chiller is sized to meet the heat removal requirements of the application.

This takes advantage of the fly-wheel effect of cooling where the energy is stored in the coolant to produce consistent, reliable outlet temperature.

2. Complete Temperature Control: Temperature adjustable within a range of -25° to +35°C and will temperature stability within ±1.0°C.

If the heat load from the application swings large amounts, the process chiller will deliver the coolant at a consistent temperature.

3. Condenser Options: TopChiller process chillers are offered with the integral air-cooled type condenser, integral water-cooled condensers, or remote air-cooled condensers to meet all your specific requirements.

4. Coolant Loop Options: TopChiller process chillers serve closed-loop, open-loop (POC), and single-pass applications depend on your applications and demands.

5. HFO Refrigerant: Each process chiller charged R407c, R134a or R410a refrigerant, eliminates the use of ozone-depleting and high GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant as per the Montreal Protocol.

6. Fully safety protection devices, our process chillers are equipped with all necessary protection devices including high/low-pressure protection, water flow protection, compressor overload protection, and overheating protection.

These protection devices will protect your process chiller running normally.

Our process chillers are widely used in various industries and production processes.

The major applications including:

1. Laser industry

By controlling the temperature of the laser machine, the process chiller can keep the laser cavity-free from thermal deformation, stable output power, and beam quality, and improve the service life and cutting accuracy of the laser. The main laser processing equipment that the chiller can be applied to are laser engraving and cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, etc.

2. Numerical control machinery

Through the water circulation temperature control of the spindle of the numerical control machine tool, the process chiller can keep the spindle at a lower temperature, extend the service life of the spindle, and improve the accuracy of the carving and cutting quality. The main numerical control mechanical equipment used is the spindle carving machine, resistance welding machine, argon arc welding machine, etc.

3. UV printing and UV lighting

By controlling the temperature of the UV-LED lamp, the process chiller can keep the stability and durability of the UV light source. The main UV printing and UV lighting equipment used in the chiller include UV flat printing machine, UV screen printing machine, UV-LED UV curing lamp, UV-LED UV curing equipment, etc.

4. MRI and CT Medical machines

Through the water circulation, the process chiller can cool and control the heating part of the medical equipment to improve the stability of its detection. The main medical equipment used includes CT scanning machine, MRI machine, medical beauty instrument, photon machine, laser hair removal machine, and so on.

5. Other machines or industrial process

In modern industries, more and more heat generated during their production. We must use the process chiller to provide constant cooling water to maintain your machine and process at the proper temperature.

Only by using the process chiller can protect your facilities and increase your production output. This is why we need to apply the process chiller.

TopChiller has exported hundreds of high-quality process chillers to the world yearly.

The major countries and regions are the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are searching for a good process chiller supplier as your business partner?

If you want to buy a new process chiller to cool your machine or production process?

please contact TopChiller go get a free design and price list of your process chiller.

 Process chiller data sheet Process Chiller Technical Specifications

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process chiller

TopChiller: Your Leading Process Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier

Why we are always calling this kind of chiller is the process chiller?

Just because process chillers are always used in a variety of industrial applications to provide a steady cold-water source for cooling your products, production process and machines.

Process chillers manufactured by TopChiller serve various industrial applications as below:

All process chillers are ideal for cooling machines in all industrial applications like welding machine, food and beverage, dairy processing, plastic injection and molding, semiconductor, welding machine, laser machine, medical CT and MRI machine.

Our engineering team will design, manufacture and install the entire process chiller systems, specific to your industrial application.

Additional applications of the process chillers include dough mixers, jacketed vessels, roll cooling, cooling tunnels, wine, distillation, kind of heat exchangers and more.

TopChiller having R&D technical engineering with rich experience in process chillers.

We are willing to provide all technical support and fulltime service to valued customers.

Please contact our engineering team to get a professional process chiller solution for your industrial process.

Process Chiller: Your Complete Buying Guide from TopChiller

Chapter 1. What is a process chiller?

What is a Process Chiller? Frankly, the process chiller is a regular chiller but specially designed for certain industries or applications.

A process chiller is a refrigeration system using refrigerants that can provide a steady cooling source for a process or industrial application.

TopChiller with 20 years’ experience only offers process chiller and other industrial process chiller systems.

In the process chiller, one refrigeration circuit consists of a compressor, condenser, thermal expansion valve, an evaporator, and charged some refrigerant.

In a word, the above process chiller components can remove heat from a process load to provide consistent setpoint temperatures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or 365 days one year.

Process chillers made by TopChiller are specially designed for the most rugged industrial applications and conditions unlike commercial chillers or HVAC chillers.

Chapter 2.  How does the process chiller work?

Now we all know process chillers are widely used in various industrial applications, but how does the process chiller work?

air cooled process chiller working principle

process chiller working principle

A process chiller may use an air or water condenser in its cooling process(they are air cooled type or water-cooled type depend on air or water)

As the subcooled liquid refrigerant powered by a compressor, passes from the condenser(air cooled or water cooled) to the evaporator(tank coil, plate heat exchanger or shell and tube type), a thermostatic expansion valve causes the pressure and temperature to drop.

The refrigerant then picks up the heat from the fluid flowing through the evaporator, changing from a liquid to a vapor.

Then back to the compressor, this flows in a continuous cycle continually cooling the process.

water cooled process chiller working principle

process chiller working principle

This is the complete working principle of a process chiller.

Chapter 3: What’re the components of a process chiller?

If we want to know the components of a process chiller, we need to understand how many kinds of process chillers there are?

Normally TopChiller divides process chiller into 2 types: air cooled process chiller and water cooled process chiller.

Air cooled process chiller and water cooled process chiller, are made up of many different refrigeration parts depending upon your process chiller design and specific requirements.

But no matter air cooled type or water cooled type, each process chiller incorporates a compressor, condenser, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, water pumps, pipes, high-pressure refrigerant relief valves, and possible cooling towers(for water cooled type), tanks, filters, and exhaust fans(for air cooled type).

For evaporator types, we have tank coil, stainless plate heat exchanger and shell&tube heat exchanger for option.

process chiller working diagram

process chiller working diagram

Chapter 4: Applications of process chillers

Process chillers can provide a constant cooling source for kinds of applications and industrial processes.

Let’s have a look at the major applications of process chillers:

Process Chiller for Plastics Industry:

You may see there is a very popular use of process chiller for plastic machine and plastic product production.

The plastics industry uses process chillers to reduce cycle times in injection molding and blow molding by regulating temperatures.

The most advantage of using a process chiller can also improve the quality of finished plastic products.

process chiller for plastic machines

process chiller for plastic machines

Process Chiller for Baking Industry:

Process chiller can be also found in the baking industry.

The baking industry may use process chillers in its process of food mixing.

The chilled water from a process chiller may be used to allow longer mixing times which can improve the final quality for any grade of flour, can also improve productivity.

Process Chiller for Baking Industry

Process Chiller for Baking Industry

Process Chiller for Food Industry:

The food industry is another most used application of process chiller.

The food industry always uses process chillers to cool any process such as chocolate manufacturing, vegetable processing, meat massagers/injectors, and confectionery manufacturing.

Process chiller will help shorten the processing time and improve product quality in the food industry.

Process chiller for food production line

Process chiller for food production line

Process Chiller for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Process chillers can be also used in the cooling pharmaceutical industry.

The heat from emollient vats needs to go somewhere outside. This is where a process chiller from TopChiller can help pharmaceutical companies save money by reducing the total manufacturing time.

By using a process chiller can also savings in labor costs in the pharmaceutical industry.

process chiller for Pharmaceutical Industry

process chiller for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Process Chiller for Printing Industry:

Process chillers can be used to regulate temperatures in presses and rollers which leads to a reduction of stretching and bleeding.

Using a process chiller, in turn, decreases the time needed to print which improves efficiency and leads to higher quality products at a cost-saving.

Process Chiller for Printing Industry

Process Chiller for Printing Industry

Besides the above industries, process chillers can also be used in some other industries include boat & airplane manufacturing, metal finishers, skating rinks, chemical industry, composite manufacturers, laser cutting machines, dry cleaners, medical equipment, and the military applications.

Please contact TopChiller engineering to custom your process chiller for your business.

Chapter 5: Why TopChiller can be your reliable process chiller supplier?

TopChiller having 20 years of experience in process chiller manufacturing.

Every year TopChiller export 1500-2000 units of process chillers from 2.5KW to 600KW all over the world.

Besides the above applications, our process chillers are widely used in medical equipment like CT and MRI machine, laser machine, welding machine, vacuum machine, beverage and milk process, food and drinks industry.

Process Chiller from TopChiller

Process Chiller from TopChiller

TopChiller has a rich experience in your process chiller sizing, correct process chillers design and manufacturing for various industrial applications.

We give 24 months warranty time for each process chiller unit manufactured by TopChiller.

During this warranty time, if you have any process chiller problem or error, TopChiller will give you the solution within 8 hours.

We also have an after-sales service team ready for your call, we can do process chiller onsite startup and commission.

What TopChiller can do is help the process chiller end-users no worry about the process chiller quality.

If you are looking for a high-quality process chiller manufacturer, please make sure contact with TopChiller. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our process chiller performance.

Process Chiller from TopChiller

Process Chiller from TopChiller


After viewing the above words, I think you will get a better understanding of the process chiller.

Frankly, a process chiller is not the major machine or key point of the whole production line, But your production can’t run normally without a proper process chiller.

After all, the process chiller is one kind of refrigeration system that will provide a steady cooling source for your applications for years.

I am sure there are many process chiller suppliers give various kind of different process chiller brand in different quality and price level, but make sure to find a reliable process chiller.

Because you will use this process chillers for many years, not for one week or one month.

Process chillers manufactured by TopChiller are all quality assured, are your first choice if you are searching for such a process chiller.

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