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  • portable-water-cooled-chiller-1
  • Cooling capacity ranges from 2 Ton to 50 Ton
  • Temperature control ranges from 7°C to 35°C
  • Top brand, efficient hermetic scroll compressor
  • SS or brazed plate evaporator with copper piping
  • Hot gas by-pass valve for cooling capacity control
  • Built-in thermometer and solenoid valves
  • Large-sized refrigerant filter & stainless steel pump
  • Non-Ferrous construction and portable wheels

Your Reliable Portable Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in China over 20 Years

General Description

Portable Water Cooled Chiller is a water cooling machine that is specifically used to release heat from process fluids by using chilled water and a pump tank working on the refrigeration system.

TopChiller is a trusted, popular and professional manufacturer and supplier of Portable Water Cooled Chiller working keenly for the last twenty years in China.

TopChiller is a well-known, highly appreciated company that has manufactured a full stock of Portable Water Cooled Chiller models with variable capacity and successfully supplied to all world marketplace.

Scroll compressor, condenser, heat exchanger .evaporator, pump tank, water tank, power supply, protecting devices, wheeling casters, solenoid valves, water inlet, and screen display are basic components of Portable Water Cooled Chiller.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller has numerous applications as:

Machine tooling, blow molding, injection molding, Compression molding, die casting industry, laser cooling, compounding, heat treating, extrusion, HVAC, pharmaceutical industry, optical coating, and thermoforming, etc.

If you are searching to get a quick serviced cooling producing, Portable Water Cooled Chiller to enhance products of your business? If you are pondering over finding a precise and reliable Portable Water Cooled Chiller manufacturer to enhance the quality of your products?

You are in right place. Make contact with TopChiller personnel to get notified about technical supports and acquire a quote to select a suitable Portable Water Cooled Chiller for your application at the best price.

Features and Advantages

A Portable Water Cooled Chiller manufactured by TopChiller has outstanding benefits for your applications which are listed below:

  • Portable Water Cooled Chiller is highly quick in its cooling service providing a high-quality large number of reliable products in a short duration configured by chiller water closed-loop circulation forced by a water pump.


  • TopChiller brand Portable Water Cooled Chiller is pre-wired and piped with a compact design, as well as configured with a single point for power supply ensuring the unit’s easy installation at small places for fluid processing.


  • Portable Water Cooled Chiller is the best-customized chiller with reliable performance due to its open loop and closed loop circulation system installation depending upon our customer requirements.


  • TopChiller designed Portable Water Cooled Chiller is preferably installed indoors ensuring no dust-related obstruction in performance as well as caster wheels to support easy installing for small areas applications.


TopChiller experts can help you customize your Portable Water Cooled Chiller according to the requirements of your industrial applications.

Cooling capacityKcal/h
 Input powerKW0.881.3522.252.663.274.075.756.458.2511.512.917.45
Max CurrentA5.48.21213.
Power source1PH~220V/3PH~220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic RotaryHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserType Efficient finned copper tube with aluminum+low noise external rotor fan
Air flow (m3/h)750100015002000250030004000500060008000100001200015000
Air blower(KW)×20.14×20.19×20.19×20.25×20.45×20.45×20.6×2
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank coil / shell and tube type / Plate type heat exchanger
 Chilled water
Water tank(L)10.618.3272750506060110120200200270
Inlet/outlet pipe
(inch) i
Water pumpPower (kw)0.370.370.370.370.370.370.370.750.750.751.51.52.2
Max lift(m)22222222222222303025252528
Max flow (m3)
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Dimension L(mm)550550600600720980980115011501350150015001860
Net weight(KG)45628595125152175185215283345382580
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, 12℃/7℃.Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, 33℃/38℃.Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 33℃/38℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Configuration Table

Electrical componentsSCHNEIDER/CHINTFRANCE/


Condenser              TOPCHILLERCHINA
Pressure controllerFENSHENTAIWAN
Oil pressure gauge (high & low)HONGSENTAIWAN
Temperature controllerPUNPCHINA
Expansion valve/capililaryFANFOSSUSA
Liquid receiverTOPCHILLERChina
Air blowerJULITaiwan

TopChiller Free Service and Technical Support

As a professional chiller manufacturer for over 20 years, TopChiller is always happy to provide our free service and technical support accessible to our clients before, during, and after-sales. If you need any help, welcome to call us or send your inquiry to our email. These free services and technical support include;

  • Listening to your detailed chiller requirements and giving your best chiller solution for your applications based on our rich experience.
  • If you have no idea about how to size your chiller model or cooling capacity, it’s not a big issue, Just tell us your specific cooling demands, we will guide you to select the right economical chiller model.
  • 7*24 online service, If you have any problem with the chiller, you may call us or send an email, we are always here to support you.

TopChiller Standard Warranty Time

After purchasing the TopChiller product, you are our valued customers in the TopChiller ERP system.

We will do regular tracking service and Your chiller has up to 24 months warranty time after installation and commissioning,

If your chiller is down, you can contact TopChiller for support to solve your problem…Once we received your message, Our service technician on duty will contact you as soon as possible.

TopChiller Start-up & Commissioning

TopChiller also provides the additional service of start-up or commissioning of your chiller. You’d better before scheduling your start-up, it is important that the proper installation procedures have been followed and the chiller is ready.

TopChiller technician will guide you on how to start up your chiller when your chiller is ready, besides this,, we have full sets of paper works including Chiller installation manual, operation manual, electrical drawing for you.

Free Replacement Spare Parts

Providing free replacement spare parts for TopChille is the best customer service in the industry to support you when you are sourcing replacement parts.

We have most parts are in stock and available for next day shipment for your chillers.

If you want to have some replacement spare parts, just provide us with your chiller serial number and model number to expedite the sourcing process.

Better to have the nameplate and pictures of your chiller for our reference. This will help us find the proper replacements at the earliest time.

6 Points Why TopChiller Is Your Best Portable Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in China?

Professional Manufacturer
TopChiller is your professional portable water-cooled chiller manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years of experience. We believe TopChiller has all portable water-cooled chiller cooling capacities&models to meet your specific cooling demands.
Free Design Selection
Based on our rich experience in portable water-cooled chiller design and manufacturing, We are willing to help you work out the right portable water-cooled chiller design and model selection suitable for your specific cooling requirements.
Maximize Your Benefit
TopChiller is supplying high-quality portable water-cooled chillers to save your costs. Our portable water chillers are designed and manufactured based on the most optimized refrigeration solution, which will maximize your benefit.
Fastest Delivery Time
For standard configuration portable water-cooled chillers, we always have complete models finished stocks at the warehouse. This will ensure our portable chillers will meet your urgent needs at the earliest time.
24 Months Warranty
After purchasing our portable water-cooled chillers, you have up to 24 months warranty time which covers Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Electrical Components, and other refrigeration spare parts. We will provide you with free spare parts within warranty time, including the shipping rate.
7*24 Online Support
TopChiller is providing 24*7*365 online services to support your business. No matter if you are having problems with chiller model selection, quotation, delivery, installation/commission, and after-sales service, just leave your messages, and you will get our fast feedback within 2 hours.

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Portable Water Cooled Chiller-An Ultimate Buying Guide by TopChiller

Are you tired of a system that produces too much heat while operating? Does it require an extra ventilation system to vent off the unnecessary heat?

Do you want a system that operates with more efficiency, produces lesser noise, and can fit into various level industries yet is easy to operate?

Portable Water Cooled Chiller provides an effective solution to these problems by employing a controlled yet well-organized temperature regulation mechanism.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller can operate in a range of ambient temperatures and appropriately removes the generated heat rather than just throwing it directly into the surroundings.

It comes in a variety of different sizes and cooling capacities to fit appropriately into your requirements.

This guide will provide you with the assistance to go through all the necessities regarding a Portable Water Cooled Chiller before purchasing it.

What is a Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Portable Water Cooled Chiller is an HVAC equipment that acts as a source of cooling. It is undoubtedly a mass-productive and efficient heat-eliminating device.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller is usually preferred over air-cooled chiller in the industries requiring large capacity applications as the heat generated by air-cooled chiller is unmanageable.

Also preferred whenever optimum power consumption is required thus further improving the performance and efficacy of industrial units.

The term, “Portable Water Cooled Chiller” does not explain its mobility, rather refers to the basic configuration system which contains:

  • Refrigeration Circuit
  • Reservoir
  • Pump/pumps within a single footprint

As once installed, most of the Portable Water Cooled Chiller cannot be moved.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller is available in a vast range of sizes, ranging from 20-ton capacity models capable of fitting inside the elevator to several thousand-ton models.

Energy Saving Portable Water Cooled Chiller by TopChiller

Energy Saving Portable Water Cooled Chiller by TopChiller

What are the Features of Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

A Portable Water Cooled Chiller comes with multiple features which, when put together, make it a highly efficient cooling appliance acceptable around the globe.

Some of the features are enlisted:

  1. All Portable Water Cooled Chiller are PLC controlled with WIFI/LAN/LTE connections for the sake of appropriate, predictable, and easy maintenance.
  2. Its composition is such that the evaporator and condenser are made up of stainless steel or copper braze that makes them resistant to corrosion.
  • Customization is one of the persuasive features it incorporates. Different industrial units can have their Portable Water Cooled Chiller customized according to the demands.
  1. Size range is another important feature, as it can fit from a few tons to several thousand tons of capacity meeting the needs of its consumers.
  2. Portable Water Cooled Chiller employs built-in thermoregulation zones, thus avoiding excessive heat generation into the environment.
  3. High efficiency and low operation cost makes it even more reliable especially in the case of larger Commercial units
  • Easy maintenance and repair following installation make it even more desirable.
  • Portable Water Cooled Chiller has rugged protection making wash down trouble-free and also incorporates ASHRAE 15 requirements thus making them environmentally secure
  1. The presence of in-built filters for the removal of excess heat has played an important role in increasing its popularity among larger commercial units.
  2. The built-in weather-resistant control center makes it even more reliable and durable.
  3.  Although Portable Water Cooled Chiller has a huge size range, yet the composition is compact allowing easy handling while installation.

Easy to Move Portable Water Cooled With Caster Wheels

Easy to Move Portable Water Cooled With Caster Wheels

What are the Main Components of Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

A Portable Water Cooled Chiller is composed of different components out of which main components are listed below:

  1. Compressor:

A compressor is an electric motor that functions to compress the vapor from low pressure to high pressure. It is composed of oil, O rings, bearings, seals, and gears.

Several compressors used in the Portable Water Cooled Chiller out of which two broad classifications are:

  • Positive Displacement Compressors:
  • Reciprocating Compressor: Have inbuilt valves which operate on suction and discharge pressure. Compression occurs by entrapment of refrigerant into the chamber.
  • Scroll Compressor: Refrigerant is ingested by a fixed scroll coupled with the movement of an orbiting scroll into several pockets.

The movement of orbiting scroll then causes the compression of these pockets into an intermediate pressure which is then discharged by the final orbit.

  • Screw Compressor: Compresses refrigerant by turning screw rotors.
  • Non-Positive Displacement Compressor:
    • Centrifugal Compressor: They provide dynamic compression by centrifugation.

The particles of refrigerant, flung by centrifugation, are replaced by new ones in the compressor.

  1. Evaporator:

The evaporator acts as a heat exchanger in Portable Water Cooled Chiller allowing the refrigerant to change from low-pressure liquid to low-pressure vapor and producing chilled water in turn.

Typically, an evaporator is located between the Condenser and Expansion Valve. Parts of an evaporator include temperature sensors, tubes, pumps, and transducers.

There are several designs of evaporators, based on the size of the Portable Water Cooled Chiller

  • Brazed Plate: Used often for smaller capacity (15 to 60 tons) have a smaller footprint, cost-effective for small sizes, and are lightweight.
  • Direct Expansion (DX) Shell-and-Tube: Used in 40 to 60 tons Portable Water Cooled Chiller range, possess familiarity with customers, and can accommodate heater cable to prevent water from freezing.
  • Flooded Shell-and-Tube: Used in larger capacity Water Cooled Chiller, is highly efficient and is mechanically cleanable but it has a larger footprint and cannot accommodate heater cable.
  • Condenser:

In Portable Water Cooled Chiller, a condenser is also a heat exchanger and converts the incoming high-pressure vapor into a high-pressure liquid.

The condenser is located after the compressor.

Widely, a condenser can be one of the two types, either air-cooled or water-cooled. It is clear to identify that Portable Water Cooled Chiller employs a water-based Condenser in it.

Water Cooled Condenser is more efficient than Air Cooled Condenser. Parts of a typical condenser include temperature sensors, tubes, pumps, and piping

Different types of condensers used in Portable Water Cooled Chiller include:

  • Brazed Plate Condenser: used in smaller capacity Water Cooled Chiller.
  • Shell-and-Tube Condenser: used in larger capacity Water Cooled Chiller.
  1. Expansion Valve:

In Portable Water Cooled Chiller, an expansion valve controls the flow of the refrigerant while dropping it from high pressure to low pressure.

Parts of an expansion valve include Thermal Expansion Valves (TXVs) and Electronic expansion Valves (EEVs). Typically, located between a condenser and an evaporator.

  1. Power Panel:

A power panel functions to regulate the flow of electrical power. It contains a starter, circuit breaker, speed controller, and power monitoring equipment.

  1. Water boxes:

The function of water boxes in a Portable Water Cooled Chiller is to maintain a connection between the chiller waterside and chilled and condenser water looping pipe.

On a larger scale, two types of water boxes are used:

  • Nozzle-in-head type: compact and less costly.
  • Marine type: larger and relatively expensive.

Water boxes are generally manufactured for 150 to 300 PSIG.

  • Controls:

All Portable Water Cooled Chillers are comprised of a Direct Digital Control (DDC) which includes visual/digital display which makes monitoring and controls easy for the operator.

This digital information can be shared with another device to be integrated as a system. DDC provides BAS communication functions.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Compressor

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Compressor

How Portable Water Cooled Chiller Works?

The working principle of Portable Water Cooled Chiller is vapor-compression or vapor absorption.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller contains a chemical called refrigerant.

During its working, this refrigerant undergoes phase-changes of turning from a liquid to the gas and then back to the liquid. This process is called the refrigeration cycle.

During the heat transfers in the refrigeration cycle, the refrigerant evaporates while the temperature of the process coolant reduces and it cools down.

In a Portable Water Cooled Chiller, large quantities of water are stored in the water tank.

The refrigeration cycle of a Portable Water Cooled Chiller starts when a certain amount of low-pressure water is pumped into the evaporator.

The evaporator transfers the heat from the cooled liquid into the refrigerant which, in turn, boils and evaporates. This heat transfer changes the low-pressure liquid to low-pressure vapor.

Then the low-pressure vapor travels to the compressor, which is situated next in the cycle.

Here the compressor compresses the incoming vapors and thus converts them into high-pressure vapor.

Water then reaches the condenser of a Portable Water Cooled Chiller, which converts it to the high-pressure liquid by removing excess heat.

The last phase of this refrigeration cycle is the expansion valve, which in turn cools and controls the amount of liquid refrigerant entering into the evaporator.

And the refrigeration cycle begins again from the evaporator.

The main distinguishing feature between Portable Water Cooled Chiller and other chillers is that it uses a water-cooled condenser.

Working of Low Flow Bypass Circuit of Portable Water Cooled Chiller

Working of Low Flow Bypass Circuit of Portable Water Cooled Chiller

What are the Types of Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Portable Water Cooled Chiller is classified based on its operation and mechanism of action.

Two main types are:

  • Standard Flow Portable Water Cooled Chiller: This type comprises an integrated tank employed within the closed-loop cooling application.

There is an inbuilt pump that directs all the water back to the main unit which has initially been pumped from the Portable Water Cooled Chiller.

This Portable Water Cooled Chiller is used widely for providing services in larger industrial units as well as in manufacturing processes.

  • Reverse Flow Portable Water Cooled Chiller: This type does not comprise a tank. It has an open-loop cooling application having an external tank. Here the movement of water is gravity fed.

Reverse Flow Portable Water Cooled Chiller

Reverse Flow Portable Water Cooled Chiller

What is the Difference between Portable Water Cooled Chiller and Portable Air Cooled Chiller?

Any chiller is identified by the condenser it employs.

Two major cooling mediums can be used in the chiller system and these are air and water.

These mediums are responsible for heat transfer while the refrigerant converts from vapor to liquid. Consequently, two types of condensers can be used in the chiller:

  • Air Cooled: a motorized blower is used which directs air across the grid of reference lines. Most of the air-cooled condensers require an ambient temperature of approximately 95°F to operate efficiently.

Usually have one flow rate. Ventilation is needed to remove the heat produced. Appropriate for outdoor operation.

  • Water Cooled: it incorporates heat transfer in two steps:

First, from the refrigerant vapor to condensed water. Second, in the cooling tower, where heat from warm condensed water is then discharged into the atmosphere.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller, in contrast to an air-cooled chiller, can operate at different temperatures, employs adjustable flow rates, and no ventilation space is required.

It can be operated in smaller spaces as well as high-temperature areas.

Portable Air Cooled Chiller

Portable Air Cooled Chiller

What are the Applications of Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Portable Water Cooled Chiller is popular worldwide and is used in a vast number of industrial units to provide efficient cooling of the system.

Because of its flexibility in temperature range, size, capacity, it can fit from smaller units to commercial ones without any struggle.

Most of the commercial chillers are water-based as they have the advantage of not being affected by the constant ambient temperature.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller is used in the nuclear reactor making the temperature regulation safe in the critical environment.

In medical care, the application of Potable Water Cooled Chiller is wide, ranging from X-ray diffraction and CT to MRI machines. It makes the critical process safe.

In the food industry, the Portable Water Cooled Chiller has its application in the processing of a variety of beverages and other dairy products.

Food processing includes temperature control and distillation.

From small to large scale industries, Portable Water Cooled Chiller has its application in tremendous units.

Apart from those listed above, Portable Water Cooled Chillers are proficiently used in plastic, drug manufacturing, chemical, breeding industries, and paper printing units and many more so you can have whatever type you want.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Applications

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Applications

What are the Advantages of Portable Water Cooled Chiller for your Applications?

Portable Water Cooled Chiller possesses a huge number of benefits:

  1. Increased Flexibility in Operating Temperature:

Temperature can be ranged as low as 20°F.  This feature allows Portable Water Cooled Chiller to fit into a number of the manufacturing units.

  1. Direct Digital Control (DDC):

Employs Direct Digital Control (DDC) which provides microprocessors, electronic sensors, and a digital screen and is easy to operate for the customers.

  • Size Flexibility:

Portable Water Cooled Chiller ranges in size from small and portable that can fit into smaller spaces to large that can provide cooling to commercial units.

  1. Corrosion-Resistant Composition:

Continuous duty, non-ferrous pumps are available which can work without exhaustion for prolonged durations.

Thus, increased durability and longer life span are predominant features of Portable Water Cooled Chiller.

It also uses compressors that are hermetically sealed and incorporate stainless steel or powder-coated steel cabinets that avoid rusting and corrosion.

  1. Environment Friendly:

Portable Water Cooled Chiller does not exhaust heat directly into the environment, rather it incorporates special devices for this purpose.

  1. Cooling Capacity:

A wide range of Cooling capacities and adjustable flow rates make it possible for a Portable Water Cooled Chiller to be adjusted in a wide range of commercial and non-commercial units.

  • Easy Operation:

All Portable Water Cooled Chiller can be operated in a closed space.

  • Quieter Application:

Portable Water Cooled Chiller produces lesser noise and is thus again proven environment friendly.

  1. Energy Conservation:

Portable Water Cooled Chiller consumes comparatively less energy than Air Cooled Chiller.

  1. Cost-Effective:

Cost-effective in the setups where a larger cooling capacity is essential.

  1. Safety:

Uses water as a refrigerant rather than any toxic chemical so they impose safety.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Eco Friendly Refrigerant

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Eco Friendly Refrigerant

How to Choose the Right Portable Water Cooled Chiller for your Application?

You have to take account of several factors while the selection of Portable Water Cooled Chiller to attain the maximum benefits from the product.

First, there is a need to form a complete assessment of the heat produced during the process.

Then, calculate the temperature range at which your application can work the optimum. It is critical as different units operate at different optimum temperatures.

Afterward, the major factor is the flow rate per hour, needed in the respective unit to produce efficient cooling.

Next in the queue for Portable Water Cooled Chiller selection is the cooling capacity.

Identify what level of efficiency you need in your industry. You may be needing a full load, IPLV, or minimum working efficiency relative to the environment.

Then, select the level of stability of the Portable Water Cooled Chiller. This peculiarity is also dependent on the environment in which the system operates. Increased stability will be required in case of a humid environment.

While opting for the most suitable Portable Water Cooled Chiller, keep in mind the type of starting equipment as well as the electrical requirements.

Also, consider the type of powerhouse, evaporator, and refrigerant.

Customization acclimatizes all the above-mentioned fundamental features into a distinct unit and assists in providing you with a Portable Water Cooled Chiller of your own choice.

What are Installation Guidelines for Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Take into account certain specific environmental considerations before the installation of a Portable Water Cooled Chiller.

The environmental temperature should be within the prescribed range.

Installation of a Portable Water Cooled Chiller outside the ambient temperature range can destroy components such as electronic controllers or safety valves on the compressors’ suction line.

Avoid installation of Portable Water Cooled Chiller in locations that may interfere with the proper functioning.

Installation should be carefully done as any mistake may cause malfunctioning of the apparatus. It should be carried out by experienced personnel, following the instructions in the manual.

Lifting and unloading of the Portable Water Cooled Chiller should be undertaken with extreme caution, avoiding any sort of bumps and jolts.

Lift your Portable Water Cooled Chiller from the base frame, because pushing or pulling of other parts is strictly prohibited.

The installation comprises of two steps:

Mechanical Installation Guidelines:

  1. Select the area that is easily accessible for later maintenance operations.
  2. Once arrived, secure the Portable Water Cooled Chiller to the ground with utmost care.
  • No unauthorized person should be allowed to access the unit.
  1. Accessing the electrical components while the main switch is opened or without any insulation is strictly prohibited.
  2. Make sure to install the mechanical filter on the water pipe connected to the heat exchanger inlet.
  3. Safety valves are installed on both the high-pressure side as well as the low-pressure side of the refrigerant circuit.
  • The water in the system must be clean of all the rust or oil traces. Don’t forget to install flexible joints on the water connections.
  • Anti-vibration elements must be used to separate the machine from its base.
  1. Water piping should have the lowest possible numbers of elbows and joints, an appropriate expansion tank, a filter to remove foreign particles, and a suitable temperature and pressure indicator.
  2. Make sure to undertake complete water treatment before putting the machine into operation. It ensures the reliable and efficient functioning of the apparatus.
  3. Two or more antifreeze methods should be used.
  • If this type of Water Cooled Chiller contains pads, then check the deflection of pads.

Electrical Installation Guidelines:

  1. Power supply cables, interconnection and, interface cables, and fuses or circuit devices should be appropriately secured to the apparatus of the Portable Water Cooled Chiller.
  2. Phase wires should be symmetrically placed to limit the phenomena of phase current unbalancing and excessive voltage drop.
  • Select the size of control wiring according to local regulations.
  1. Apply VFDs with extreme caution and adjust the impedance accordingly.
  2. As mentioned in the manual, connect the respective system pumps.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller electrical connection installation

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Electrical Connection Installation

How to Maintain your Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Like any other chiller, maintenance of a Portable Water Cooled Chiller plays a central role in its long-term functioning, without which it cannot function accurately.

In the absence of proper routine maintenance, your Portable Water Cooled Chiller undergoes corrosion and rusting over time thus decreasing the durability of the process.

Like installation, all routine and extraordinary maintenance tasks should be undertaken by appropriate personnel who are qualified for the respective task.

If there are repeated shutdowns, then identification of causative agents is critical.

For the sake of environmental protection, an appropriate harmless refrigerant should be used.

Also, use a recovery or storage device for disposing of the refrigerant rather than releasing it directly into the environment.

Apart from the regular check, qualified personnel should be called for to perform the additional maintenance after a particular period.

Devise a maintenance plan. Divide the process of maintenance into three main categories as follows:

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Check the temperature of the water entering and leaving the condenser.
  • Water inlets and outlets need to be inspected for any leaks.
  • Any loosening of machine parts needs to be reported and rectified immediately.
  • Any signs of overheating of components require rectification.
  • All components of the compressor and electrical contacts are inspected and maintained if problematic.
  • Pressure changes of the compressor, as well as the condenser, require regular monitoring.
  • Machine’s operating values need to be inspected on daily basis.

Monthly Maintenance:

Like weekly maintenance, take good care of:

  • Condenser’s pressure and temperature
  • Water inlets and outlets inspection for any leakage. If so, fix it.
  • Compressor’s pressure.
  • Any rusting, corrosion, signs of overheating.
  • Refrigerant circuit looking for leakages

Annual Maintenance:

  • Inspect thermal insulation integrity.
  • Fix any disruption in the paint of your Portable Water Cooled Chiller.
  • Yearly analysis of water is compulsory to ensure the standard quality.
  • Verification of control sequence, contactor wear, electrical terminals, and the control board is necessary.
  • Analysis of compressor vibration in the refrigeration circuit is also critical to be performed.
  • Cleaning and inspection of the condenser section are mandatory.
  • Inspect the filter as it may require to be replaced after prolonged usage.

Regular monitoring and optimization of Portable Water Cooled Chiller are essential to increase its overall efficiency.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Piping Inspection

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Piping Inspection

How to Troubleshoot your Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Although with proper monitoring, chances of faults are rare, still, different faults may arise during the functioning of the Portable Water Cooled Chiller.

However, troubleshooting the problem can resolve the issue as well.

  1. Electrical faults may arise and need to be rectified
  2. The compressor and oil separation system may be faulty and its rectification is dependent on the underlying cause.
  • Defective control or display board causes the display to disappear. In this case, a control or display board needs to be replaced.
  1. Defective VSD may blow the line fuse. Here again, replace the defective VSD component.
  2. In case of a defective chilled water sensor, check the sensor against the temperature gauge in the waterline.
  3. Sometimes system fuse is blown, then check the refrigeration system.
  • Issues in the condenser or compressor may abnormally increase the temperature of the system. To rectify this, check temperature sensor, clean tubes, site pumps, valves, strainers, tower fan motor, measure superheat with gauge and thermocouple.
  • If evaporator tubes are dirty or restricted, then tubes need to be cleaned.
  1. There may be excessive noise production if vibration isolators are installed improperly. This problem can only be rectified by the proper installation of these vibrators.

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Parts Troubleshooting

Portable Water Cooled Chiller Parts Troubleshooting

FAQ of Portable Water Cooled Chiller

How can we calculate the Cooling Capacity of a Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Before calculating the Cooling Capacity of a Portable Water Cooled Chiller, you need to know the following:

  • Flow rate.
  • The temperature of the inlet and outlet.

Then calculate the Cooling Capacity by the formula:

Cooling Capacity (kW)= Flow Rater (m3/h) × Temperature change(T1-T2)/0.86

How to choose the Right Model of your Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

As discussed earlier, certain factors need to be considered before the selection of an appropriate Portable Water Cooled Chiller for your system.

  • What power supply do you need?
  • Preferred refrigerant.
  • What is your budget?

Portable Water Cooled Chiller has the advantage of being customized according to the customer needs.

Does the Portable Water Cooled Chiller come with a Warranty?

Yes, different manufacturing companies provide different warranty periods.

What is the Lead Time of Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Lead time depends on the model of the Portable Water Cooled Chiller you are up to buying.

If there is customization, it may take a little longer.

Is the Water Pump included in Portable Water Cooled Chiller or has it to be bought separately?

Yes, the unit is provided as a full package. It has all the components and is ready to install once arrives.

Major components in a Portable Water Cooled Chiller are the Pump, Water Tank, Evaporator, Condenser, and Compressor.

What is the Refrigerant used in the Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Several different refrigerants are available and can be used in the Portable Water Cooled Chiller.

Some of the widely used refrigerants in Portable Water Cooled Chiller are, R-410A, R-404A, R407A, and R22A.

R22A has a good cooling effect while R410A is eco-friendly.

What are the Limitations of Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Though Portable Water Cooled Chiller is highly efficient but yes, there are certain disadvantages:

  • They are expensive relative to the air-cooled chiller but on the other hand, have a longer life span and lesser management cost so they are still in a lead.
  • It requires more maintenance.
  • Require mechanical room.
  • Less efficient in drought-stricken areas.

What are the Specifications of a Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

Portable Water Cooled Chiller’s specifications include deciding the necessary tonnage or capacity, the required voltage for adequate operation, pump flow rate as well as the size of water Connection.

What sort of issues can occur with a Portable Water Cooled Chiller?

If the installation has been done with proper care and your Portable Water Cooled Chiller is receiving adequate maintenance after installation, then no major issues will arise.

But, in case of inappropriate control issues like corrosion, leakage, electrical faults may arise.

100% Quality Tested Portable Water Cooled Chiller

100% Quality Tested Portable Water Cooled Chiller

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