TopChiller Is Your Reliable Portable Chiller Unit Manufacturer and Supplier in China

TopChillerPortable Chiller Unit Manufacturer and Supplier in China

  • Cooling capacity from 1.65 KW to 148KW
  • Temperature control range -25°C to +35°C
  • Built-in SS water tank and water pump
  • Powerful scroll type compressor
  • Thermostatic expansion valve
  • Cooling effective heat exchange
  • Premium quality with portable castors
  • Easy transportation and installation

Your Reliable Portable Chiller Unit Manufacturer and Supplier in China Over 20 Years

General Description

Being the leading Portable Chiller Unit manufacturer and supplier in China, TopChiler uses the most recent technology to produce the high-quality Portable Chiller Unit to meet your cooling requirements.

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, TopChiler is well equipped with competent engineers that understand the needs and demands of your application and make the most appropriate Portable Chiller Unit.

TopChiler’s Portable Chiller Unit is made up of high-quality stainless steel material and comes with all the built-in components, thus making a complete cooling assembly.

Our Portable Chiller Unit has a silent operation, requires low maintenance, reasonable price, energy-saving, low running cost, and has the least energy consumption.

A Portable Chiller Unit is used for temporary applications like a small manufacturing unit that has to deal with small cooling loads. Are you searching for a reliable Portable Chiller Unit manufacturer to support your application?

TopChiler has taken the responsibility to manufacture and supply premium quality Portable Chiller Unit to meet our clients’ requirements.

Contact the TopChiler sales team to discuss your advanced Portable Chiller Unit.

Features and Advantages

  • The built-in brazed iron evaporator makes the Portable Chiller Unit obtain maximum efficiency. The shell and tube type valve heat exchanger regulating valve add to its efficiency.


  • The portable design of this Portable Chiller Unit makes it convenient to transport and use anywhere you want, sparing the installation costs. A portable Chiller Unit is best for your indoor as well as outdoor applications.


  • A Portable Chiller Unit is used for precise temperature adjustments to obtain maximum productivity in a short time. It has a speedy function and works for least to moderate cooling loads.


  • Our Portable Chiller Unit comes with indicating lights and a microprocessor unit for convenient operation. This technology makes its operation more targeted and precise.


  • TopChiler manufactures the Portable Chiller Unit that offers easy installation and protective function. Our Portable Chiller does not require any special equipment it comes with an electrical panel.

Portable Chiller Unit Technical Specifications

Cooling capacityKcal/h
 Input powerKW0.881.3522.252.663.274.075.756.458.2511.512.917.45
Max CurrentA5.48.21213.
Power source1PH~220V/3PH~220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic RotaryHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserType Efficient finned copper tube with aluminum+low noise external rotor fan
Air flow (m3/h)750100015002000250030004000500060008000100001200015000
Air blower(KW)×20.14×20.19×20.19×20.25×20.45×20.45×20.6×2
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank coil / shell and tube type / Plate type heat exchanger
 Chilled water
Water tank(L)10.618.3272750506060110120200200270
Inlet/outlet pipe
(inch) i
Water pumpPower (kw)0.370.370.370.370.370.370.370.750.750.751.51.52.2
Max lift(m)22222222222222303025252528
Max flow (m3)
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Dimension L(mm)550550600600720980980115011501350150015001860
Net weight(KG)45628595125152175185215283345382580
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, 12℃/7℃.Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, 33℃/38℃.Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 33℃/38℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.

Portable Chiller Unit Technical Specifications

Cooling capacityKcal/h
Input powerKW17.121.732225.424.833.3933.144.9143.357.35465
Max CurrentA43.252.753.363.761.38180.2109106135.5128.5135
Power source3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
ControlCapillary / Thermostatic expansion valve
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserTypeEfficient finned copper tube with aluminum+low noise external rotor fan
Air flow (m³/h)150002000020000250002500030000300004000040000500005000060000
Air blower(KW)0.6×20.78×20.78×20.78×20.78×20.42×60.42×60.6×60.6×60.78×60.78×60.78×6
EvaporatorTypeSS Tank coil/ shell and tube type/Plate type heat exchanger
Chilled water
Water tank(L)270350350350350420420580580580580580
 inlet/outlet pipe
Water pumpPower(kw)
Max lift(m)282828282830303030323232
Max flow (m³)
Safety devicesCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high/low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection, exhaust overheat protection
Net weight(KG)58065065081081089089011121112132013201320
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature 12℃/7℃.
2, Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 33℃/38℃.
We reserve the right to modify the specification without further notice.

Portable Chiller Unit Configuration Table

Electrical componentsSCHNEIDER/CHINTFRANCE/


Pressure controllerFENSHENTAIWAN
Oil pressure gauge (high & low)HONGSENTAIWAN
Temperature controllerPUNPCHINA
Expansion valve/capililaryFANFOSSUSA
Liquid receiverTOPCHILLERChina
Air blowerJULITaiwan

TopChiller Free Service and Technical Support

As the professional chiller manufacturer for over 20 years, TopChiller is always happy to provide our free service and technical support accessible to our clients before, during, and after-sales. If you need any help, welcome to call us or send your inquiry to our email. These free services and technical support include;

  • Listening to your detailed chiller requirements and giving your best chiller solution for your applications based on our rich experience.
  • If you have no idea about how to size your chiller model or cooling capacity, it’s not a big issue, Just tell us your specific cooling demands, we will guide you to select the right economical chiller model.
  • 7*24 online service, If you have any problem with the chiller, you may call us or send an email, we are always here to support you.

TopChiller Standard Warranty Time

After purchasing the TopChiller product, you are our valued customers in the TopChiller ERP system.

We will do regular tracking service and Your chiller has up to 24 months warranty time after installation and commissioning,

If your chiller is down, you can contact TopChiller for support to solve your problem. Once we received your message, Our service technician on duty will contact you as soon as possible.

TopChiller Start-up & Commissioning

TopChiller also provides the additional service of start-up or commissioning of your chiller. You’d better before scheduling your start-up, it is important that the proper installation procedures have been followed and the chiller is ready.
TopChiller technician will guide you on how to start up your chiller when your chiller is ready, besides this, we have full sets of paper works including Chiller installation manual, operation manual, electrical drawing for you.

Free Replacement Spare Parts

Providing free replacement spare parts for TopChiller is the best customer service in the industry to support you when you are sourcing replacement parts.

We have most parts are in stock and available for next day shipment for your chillers.

If you want to have some replacement spare parts, just provide us with your chiller serial number and model number to expedite the sourcing process.

Better to have the nameplate and pictures of your chiller for our reference. This will help us find the proper replacements at the earliest time.

6 Points Why TopChiller Is Your Best Portable Chiller Unit Manufacturer and Supplier in China?

Professional Manufacturer
TopChiller is your professional portable chiller unit manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years of experience. We believe TopChiller has all portable chiller unit cooling capacities&models to meet your specific cooling demands.
Free Design Selection
Based on our rich experience in portable chiller unit design and manufacturing, We are willing to help you work out the right chiller design and model selection suitable for your specific cooling requirements.
Maximize Your Benefit
TopChiller is supplying high-quality portable chillers to save your costs. Our chiller units are designed and manufactured based on the most optimized refrigeration solution which will maximize your benefit.
Fastest Delivery Time
For standard configuration portable chiller units, we always have complete models finished stocks at the warehouse, This will make sure our portable chiller units will meet your urgent needs at the earliest time.
24 Months Warranty
After purchasing our portable chiller units, you have up to 24 months warranty time which covers Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Electrical Components, and other refrigeration spare parts. Within warranty time, we will provide you with free spare parts including the shipping rate.
7*24 Online Support
TopChiller is providing 24*7*365 online services to support your business. No matter you are having problems with chiller model selection, quotation, delivery, installation/commission, and after-sales service, just leave your messages, you will get our fast feedback within 2 hours.

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Portable Chiller Unit-An Ultimate Buying Guide by TopChiller.

A Portable Chiller Unit is a refrigeration machine that is used to remove the heat of the surrounding by its high cooling efficiency.

The rising temperature is dangerous for the people working in the industries so Portable Chiller Unit has provided the best solution to this problem.

The demand for it is increasing day by day as it is economically friendly and affordable for all.

It is an innovative air chiller that is also known as the mini chiller because of its small size and the fact that it occupies less amount of space.

One of the best features of having it is that it can be easily installed and maintained as it is easy to carry and easy to move from one place to place.

A Portable Chiller Unit has a greater cooling capacity and is convenient in every aspect.

It has become the preferred choice of companies in any setup as it is easily usable and requires less maintenance.

The below article contains a detailed discussion about a Portable Chiller Unit.

What is a Portable Chiller Unit?

A portable Chiller Unit is a device that is used to remove the unwanted high heat from the surroundings and helps to keep the machine cool by its high cooling capacity.

It is a kind of advanced machine preferred by companies all over the world because of its portability and mini size, but It is easy to carry and can easily move from place to place.

The principle of a Portable Chiller Unit is that warm air gets replaced by chilled air to maintain the surrounding temperature by creating a cooling effect.

A portable chiller requires less space because of its small size and shapes it resembles a mini-refrigerator or a portable fan.

It is now preferred by industries when frequent chilling is needed as it can easily maintain and have high cooling rates.

A Portable Chiller Unit is affordable and saves money as it is available at cheap rates and proves to be economically friendly. It requires less maintenance and is safer to use so it can easily repair by anyone himself.

It comes with a set of built-in 4-6 wheels that are located at the bottom. These wheels help to maintain the weight of a Portable Chiller Unit as they are strong enough and withstand the weight.

Portable Chiller Unit

Portable Chiller Unit

Why Portable Chiller Unit is Necessary for Your Industry?

It is a cooling system that is helpful to keep the temperature and surrounding bearable for machines and the people present in industries.

To cool the high unnecessary heat released from machines, Portable Chiller Unit is the best option because they are compact and occupy less amount of space.

The Portable Chiller Unit is extremely easy to install and requires a minimum of maintenance.

Its portability makes it a good choice for the industries, where there is a need to move from one place to another.

Portable Chiller Unit is Used for Small Scale Industries

Portable Chiller Unit is Used for Small Scale Industries

What are some Unique Features of a Portable Chiller Unit?

The main unique features of it are mentioned below.

  • It is Economic:

A Portable Chiller Unit is economically friendly because it is available in small capitals and does not charge extra money and also consumes less energy.

It can easily be maintained and installed as it helps to save a large amount of energy.

Overall cost and budget of the process can be decreased by using it as it will lower the consumption rate of energy.

  • It is Environmental Friendly:

Because a Portable Chiller Unit is a need of every industry all over the world as the unnecessary heat produced by different machines dangerous for the people everywhere.

Several technologies are working to be economically friendly and it proves to be one.

  • It Occupies Less Space:

Several huge machines have been introduced in a market which requires a large area, on the other hand, Portable Chiller Unit is a mini chiller as it occupies very little space in the industry.

Due to its small size, it can be relocated from one place to another which is possible because it is portability and size.

It can fit in and besides heavy machinery in a small area. It is an efficient mini device that solves space problems.

  • It does not Cause Air Pollution:

The basic principle of a Portable Chiller Unit is that when dry air passes through it will be automatically filtered as built-in filters are present which absorb all the dust particles.

It is much safer and pollution-free as it keeps the air fresh and healthy for the people working in industry and surrounding.

It also creates safe and sound environmental conditions for the machines present in that area.

  • It is Portable:

The small size of the Portable Chiller Unit makes it convenient and portable.

One can easily locate it from one place to another because it has smooth wheels which allow people to locate it anytime when they want anywhere.

It saves your time as well effort because a single person can also move it as it is lightweight and easily movable.

  • Practical Industrial Use:

A Portable Chiller Unit is a practical choice because huge chilling machines are used in the industry which requires a lot of labor and time to move and maintain them.

Whereas it does not demand a lot of labor and time infarct it was easily be maintained, located, and used by anyone.

  • Adds Moister to Dry Surrounding:

The unnecessary heat produced by machines makes the surroundings dry so to keep the environment cool you need to add a moister.

A Portable Chiller Unit efficiently does this when a moister is needed, water vapors are added to the surroundings and produce moister to decrease the increasing temperature.

  • It is Durable and Long-lasting:

It is a long-lasting device that you need to invest in because of high-quality materials, steel, the plastic used in it which make it a durable machine.

Other features and good quality parts such as its structure, fitting, and component are present in it.

  • The Extra User-friendly Feature:

A Portable Chiller Unit provides several features that help the user to take its fullest advantage possible.

A small screen and a digital meter are present in the Portable Chiller Unit which helps to monitor its speed, rpm and detect the percentage of moister.

Control knobs are one of the best features of it as it helps to maintain and change its speed.

With the help of these control knobs and dials, you can also regulate as well as alter other parameters.

Corrosion Resistance:

Hard plastic material and stainless steel are used to make a Portable Chiller Unit to make it resistant to corrosion, stains, and other chemicals.

High-grade stainless steel is used to make the interior parts and it can withstand the liquid to make it corrosion resistant.

It also helps to keep your Portable Chiller Unit long-lasting and makes it durable.

How does a Portable Chiller Unit Work?

The basic principle mechanism of it is that as the dry and warm air enters inside the system, it automatically cooled down by helping numerous components.

Once the air is completely chilled and cooled air is sent back to the surrounding. Following is the sequence of working steps for a Portable Chiller Unit.

Step 1: The coolant helps to maintain the continuous chilling process of water timely as well as the temperature from 10 oC to 13 oC.

Step 2: Every Portable Chiller Unit contains a different number of coolants. During this process, heat is released out from the system to control the temperature.

Step 3: The vapors are pressurized and heated in a compressor which was produced during the absorption of air.

Step 4: Exchange of heat takes place in the evaporator by passing water through it and that’s why the evaporator is also called a heat exchanger.

It is a thermodynamic process as the heat exchange and heat difference take place for chilling.

Step 5: The temperature decreases by this method because heat is adjusted and the refrigerant evaporates converting from a low-stress liquid into vapor.

Step 6: The coolant is then followed by a compressor where further processing is done.

Step 7: The compressor ensures that the stress inside the evaporator remains low enough to absorb warmth by removing refrigerant from the evaporator at a precise amount.

Step 8: Then, the strain is raised in the outgoing refrigerant vapors which ensures that the temperature of the vapor remains excessive enough for launching the heat until it reaches the condenser of the system.

The whole process is completed and desired is achieved. This process is repeated over time until the target is achieved.


What are the Different Applications of a Portable Chiller Unit?

Following are some of the most common applications where it is used.

  • Medical Industries:

It is used in x-rays machinelasersser, etc. It is utilized to keep heat production from the process decreased to a bearable limit.

One of the most perfect applications of the Portable Chiller Unit is medical laboratories. It is used to monitor the temperature and helps to cool down so the machines work properly in hospitals.

  • In Nuclear Reactors:

To make the nuclear operation safe and successful, a Portable Chiller Unit must be needed to keep the cooling process in a nuclear reactor which makes it safe.

  • In the Working Area in Every Industry:

The Portable Chiller Unit also helps to control heat and make surroundings suitable for people working in the area by keeping it cool.

It is also used in other research labs, operation rooms, molding steel making, etc. Apart from it, the Melting and drying process can be done by it.

  • Forging and Foundries:

In the industries of metal forming like forging, extrusion, and foundry a Portable Chiller Unit is used as an important part of the process.

What Factors Should be kept in Mind while Buying a Portable Chiller Unit?

Following are necessary key points that you need to check while buying it. Which includes its chilling capacity, power requirement, environmental factors, etc.

  1. Eco-Friendly:

Choose a Portable Chiller Unit that is eco-friendly so it can suit your environment.

  1. Can Cope with the Environmental Conditions:

It should work properly in environmental conditions like humidity, dryness is an important factor. It should be able to withstand the small fluctuations in the surrounding conditions of the area.

  1. Its Durability:

Buy a durable Portable Chiller Unit so that it can last longer. The durability makes it perform efficiently for more than a decade, hence saving your money and time.

  1. Amount of Maintenance Needed:

Make sure it does not need a lot of maintenance as it will not need to repair for a long time. Little maintenance means a better quality product.

  1. The Chilling Speed:

Your Portable Chiller Unit must give an optimum performance by checking its parameter which can give you your desired chilling speed.

As the chilling speed and the time it takes to cool the whole are ea are highly dependent upon the speed of the fan.

Choose one that has high power and chilling capacity to save your money and it goes best for your space area as well.

  1. Energy Saving:

Choose a Portable Chiller Unit that consumes less energy as compared to others and gives a greater amount of work.

How to make your Portable Chiller Unit work more Efficiently?

To maintain efficiency, you need to take many precautionary measures that should be taken to avoid the mishap so it gives the best outcome.

As it is important to increase the capacity as well as to maintain the optimum efficiency of your Portable Chiller Unit you should follow the given instructions:

  • Use Mild Cold Water:

Coldwater is beneficial for increasing its working efficiency. Already slightly cooled water will take less power and time to cool, hence increasing the working speed and efficiency.

You should use fresh clean water to increase the overall efficiency as a result of chilling actibecomingome faster so it will make the Portable Chiller Unit work more effectively.

Make sure to use mild cold water with moderate temperature.

The reason is that it is badly affected by using contaminated water because the sedimentation of the part such as solid occurs.

As well as it creates several other problems like the smell from it is due to the continuous usage of contaminated water.

  • Accumulation of Warm Air Due to Short Space:

Portable Chiller Unit should not be installed in a confined area because it causes many problems so there should be enough space around it for proper maintenance of the portable chiller unit.

Due to the small area, warm air will start accumulating in the back of it as a result of which other chilled air might also become warm again.

The degradation of chilling efficiency will be decreased because cooled may not be able to expand as it could not find enough space.

  • Regular Cleaning Should Be Done:

To make a Portable Chiller Unit work smoothly and effectively a proper cleaning after a week should be performed so it will also save you from problems occurring in the future.

Accumulation of dust particles and sedimentation of the part will occur in it if not cleaned in a timely.

It might clog the filters as well which will badly affect the chilling efficiency of your Portable Chiller Unit so, to avoid it, you should clean the air filters as well at least once.

  • Less Moist Content Due to Presence of Plants nearby:

It will work effectively and efficiently in places where there is less moisture content present.

It can be done by the presence of plants near it in the surrounding because the environment highly affects its chilling efficiency.

  • Select a Proper Environment:

The environment is a necessary factor for a Portable Chiller Unit as it directly increases or decrease its efficiency.

This happens due to the presence of dust particles and the greater amount of humidity in the air which get rapped rap in its internal parts.

Avoid environmental places that are not suitable for it. Install it in a large area having enough spaces of many feet around it.

How to Properly Install a Portable Chiller Unit?

One of the best features is that it is very easy and simple to install.

It can be installed by anyone as long as you have all the components you can install in 10-30 minutes.

You do not need to be an expert while doing so because the maintenance, as well as the installation of the Portable Chiller Unit, is very easy and understandable.

Here are the basic steps to step guide which you need to know before its installation.

Step 1: Make sure to have a look at the details given by the manufacturer for user manual installation.

Step 2: Take it out carefully and safely. Don does not use a knife or sharp tool for its unboxing.

Step 3: Before installing your Portable Chiller Unit, you should be aware of all the parts of it such as its knobs, exhaust holes, etc.

Step 4: Examine everything in case you find any part broken so that it gets replaced. Inspection of parts is needed to avoid any future problems.

Step 5: Fix all wheels at the bottom properly.

Step 6: the place is at the place that is selected by you.

Step 7: Plug the power button in

Step 8: Now press the start button followed by the cool button below.  It will take 10-15 minutes to cool and now you are done.

Portable Chiller Unit After Installation

Portable Chiller Unit After Installation

What are the Safety Guidelines for a Portable Chiller Unit?

As it is one of the most important chilling instruments which is being used worldwide its safety considerations are very important to be known.

There are only a few accidents reported while working around a Portable Chiller Unit. There are several reasons for these accidents such as due to lack of care and maintenance.

Following is a list of some safety measures that need to do while working it.

  • Make sure to switch off the power button before you clean the Portable Chiller Unit because it may cause severe power failure followed by an electric shock to the person cleaning it.
  • Make sure to not use any spray of water or liquid on it. While changing its water or doing anything near it, make sure that it is powered off and wires are disconnected from the power source.
  • Touch or press the buttons with a dry hand because when your hands are wet you are more prone to get a shock through it.
  • The air that comes out from a Portable Chiller Unit is harmful to health so make sure to not sit or work for a long time around it as the air has adverse effects on your health.
  • You should be properly trained before working on it.
  • Provide proper training to concerned people before allowing them to operate the Portable Chiller Unit.
  • Severe shock may happen if you operate it barefoot so to avoid mishap wear a slipper or any other safety shoes.
  • Do not wear loose, stripped, and long-sleeved clothes around it. These types of clothes can stick in them and cause unfortunate results for you.
  • Do not use a random chemical to clean it. Always use recommended cleaning agents to keep yourself and your Portable Chiller Unit safe and sound.

Wear Gloves Before Operating your Portable Chiller Unit

Wear Gloves Before Operating your Portable Chiller Unit

What are the Most Common Problems and their Solutions for a Portable Chiller Unit?

The followings are some problems and their solution:

  1. Reduced by Humidity:

The surrounding conditions plays important role in the efficiency and are important problems.

The cooling efficiency is greatly reduced by the presence of humidity content in the surrounding environment so the humidity should be as less as possible.

Solution: Place your Portable Chiller Unit in a dry space because it works efficiently and will not trap moisture from the environment which can be easily done by planting trees.

  1. The Problem in Switching:

Sometimes it becomes dead and does Npower on-on by pressing buttons and knobs.

If you face a problem in powering on it then replace the previous cable with a new one and try to start it again, the reason behind it is due to the failure of the power cable.

Solution: Make sure to check your power cable to avoid any cracks and disjoint.

  1. Unwanted Random Problem:

Sometimes, random problems may occur due to improper or no cleaning and care for a long time.

Solution: Conduct extra care regularly checks like any other device to make it long-lasting and maintained during the cooling season.

  1. No Cooling due to Clogged Filters:

The coolants and evaporators of the Portable Chiller Unit get clogged because of not cleaning the filters regularly. To avoid it clean and check the filters properly.

Solution: Sometimes the coolant failed to work due to any issue so when you repair it so that it can start working normally again.

  1. The Fan Stopped Working or Power Failure:

There are two main reasons due to which your fan either stopped working or it is damaged.

One is that the fan is blocked by something and the other is due to a power supply that failed the fan to work.

Solution: Repair the broken power cable of the fan and check other cables of the fan from every side to find the thing which has blocked the fan movement from working.

Portable Chiller Unit Troubleshooting

Portable Chiller Unit Troubleshooting

How to Maintain your Portable Chiller Unit to Enhance its Durability?

Durability and long-lasting of it can be increased by applying the below discussed set actions that include maintenance and related instructions.

  • To make a Portable Chiller Unit durable, you need to maintain its working efficiency by giving it rest.
  • Only use it when it’s needed. Otherwise, keep it switch-offed.
  • Repairing and regular maintenance should be done.
  • Clean your device timely by removing the dust present in ducts and also changing its filter to avoid clogging.
  • Allow air to circulate so it does not get blocked.
  • Monitor cooling pads on regular basis. In case of any cracks, or other faults change the cooling pads.
  • If cooling pads are not working properly, get them repaired or replaced instantly.
  • Fans and other internal parts should be cleaned over time with a proper cleaning agent.

Portable Chiller Unit Maintenance

Portable Chiller Unit Maintenance

FAQ of Portable Chiller Unit.

Can we Use a Portable Chiller Unit to Heat or Boil water?

A Portable Chiller Unit simply cools the water and air. It neither heat nor boil the water present in it. Warm water might break the parts of it, so do not use it for heating water.

How Many Areas Portable Chiller Units Can Cool?

It is differentiated from one another by its cooling capacity which depends on its features.

Apart from its features, external factors such as temperature, atmosphere, and size of the room before buying it, consult with the manufacturer for your desired area.

Why Venting is Necessary for your Portable Chiller Unit?

Yes, it is necessary because when the process of the air exchange occurs some warm and dry air gets stored in a portable chiller unit.

Which needs to be vented while cooled air is released in the surrounding.

How can we Add Water to Portable Chiller Unit?

It depends upon which type of it you have as it can be done automatically as well as manually.

Is Portable Chiller Unit a Noisy Device?

The Portable Chiller Unit produces very little noise, this noise is of a fan and a condenser connected to it.

Other undesired sounds may be due to any broken part or injury.

What Kind of Area is Suitable for Portable Chiller Unit?

The best area to place a Portable Chiller Unit is near a window or any open area where there is enough space of several feet to maintain it properly.

Can We Create a Pleasant Smell by Adding Something?

It is important to consult with experts because chemicals can produce foams as a result it will clog the filter. Make sure to use light fragrances to avoid clogging.

How Long Portable Chiller Unit Can Be Used Without Any Break?

It can be used for a long time. But, monthly rest should be given so that it keeps working smoothly.

100% Quality Tested Portable Chiller Unit

100% Quality Tested Portable Chiller Unit

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