Plastic Chiller

Plastic Chiller

  • Cooling capacity 1.6KW to 180KW
  • Temperature control 7℃ to 35℃
  • Chilled water flow rate up to 480LPM
  • Built-in SS Water tank and water Pump
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Cooling for all plastic processing machines

Your Premier Plastic Chiller Manufacturer

Both water chillers and air chillers are commonly used in plastic process machines including injection moulding machine, blowing machine, plastic extrusion, vacuum thermoforming machine and packing machine.

With over 20 years experience in Industrial chillers, TopChiller offers high quality, energy saving plastic chillers for a variety of plastics processing and manufacturing.

These plastic chillers provide constant and good performance in demanding to process. TopChiller engineering is much experienced in designing and manufacturing chillers for plastics manufacturing and processing applications.

We have a complete line of various chillers including air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, and cooling towers.

Whether you are looking for a chiller to maintain the temperature of the plastic material during manufacture, or cool the processing equipment and plastic mould, we have then at TopChiller.

We all know, water chiller playing a very significant role for plastic machines, Plastic chillers from TopChiller are precision-controlled to provide ideal chilled water to the plastic material or processing equipment.

All plastic chillers from TopChiller with standard designs can be customized to meet specific requirements and we have the capabilities to design a custom chiller or cooling tower for unique applications.

Our experienced engineering will assist you in determining the size, capacity, and configuration of a proper chiller to meet your application requirements.

We can offer: All air-cooled chillers manufactured by TopChiller includes packaged, portable water chillers with capacities from 1ton up to 150 tons.

Plastic Chiller Technical Specifications

plastic chiller

Plastic Chiller Technical Specifications

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TopChiller: Your Professional Plastic Chiller Supplier

AC-Series air cooled chillers equipped with integral pumps and tanks. But closed loop system like plate heat exchanger or shell and tube are available.

Air-cooled chillers are used in open, well-ventilated areas and can be installed outdoors but it should be the weatherproof type.

TopChiller offers packaged and portable water-cooled chillers, with capacities from 2ton to 200 tons. Water cooled chiller is more cooling effect than the air-cooled chiller.

Our AW-Series water-cooled chillers are used when condenser water loop (city water or open loop cooling tower) is available.

Here are some tips to determine the size of a plastic chiller for your plastic process cooling application:

  1. Calculate the pounds of material per hour being processed. That is the plastic material.
  2. Determine how many kilograms per hour are required for each ton of cooling capacity.
  3. Double check if there is an external water storage tank for the chiller to determine closed loop or open loop for a plastic chiller. Like there is a water tank for regular extrusion or plastic extruder.
  4. Size the equipment cooling capacity like clamping force of injection moulding machine.

Combine the process and equipment cooling requirements, like for injection moulding machine, the plastic chiller needs to cool down the plastic mould only or together with the plastic machine.

  1. Confirm the water pressure and water flow rate required for a plastic chiller.

As a leading plastic chiller manufacturer, TopChiller is willing to provide all technical support for end users.

Please contact our engineering team to get a professional plastic chiller solution for your plastic processing machine.