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  • Oil chiller capacity 5KW to 62KW: TopChiller having various oil chiller models with cooling capacity range from 5KW to 62KW
  • Temperature control 7℃ to 45℃: Oil chiller designed by TopChiller will keep the cooling oil at the temperature control range from 7℃ to 45℃
  • SS brazed plate type heat exchanger: All oil chiller units manufactured by TopChiller having Stainless steel brazed plate type heat exchanger as the evaporator
  • Cooling hydraulic and lubrication oil: Oil chillers from TopChiller can be used for cooling both hydraulic oil and lubrication oil
  • Micro-computer temperature controller: Each oil chiller manufactured by TopChiller having smart Mirco-computer temperature controller
  • For spindle and hydraulic oil cooling purpose: Oil chillers from TopChiller are widely used for cooling spindle and hydraulic oil
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  • Oil Chiller

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TopChiller is your professional oil chiller/oil cooler manufacturer and supplier in China over 20 years experience

An oil chiller sometimes called oil cooler is a process chiller that performs cooling of the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and oil cooling for your machine tools.

Oil chiller is different from a water chiller sometimes named oil cooler or oil cooling chiller is specially designed and manufactured for oil cooling purposes.

In various parts of the machine tool spindles, the bearings and gears get overheated and thermal deformation occurs due to the high-speed rotational impact. Then the displacement of the shaft affects the machining accuracy.

Also, as a result of the temperature rising of the hydraulic oil of the actuator, the impact on the machining accuracy resulting from oil degradation due to changes in speed is also a reason for concern.

This is why we need to use an oil chiller for cooling your machine tools.

Oil chillers supplied from TopChiller can provide accurate temperature control for industrial lubrication oil and hydraulic cutting oil for a wide of industrial applications.

As a professional oil chiller manufacturer, TopChiller has a complete line of all models oil cooling chillers, including lubrication oil chiller, hydraulic oil chiller, portable oil chiller, oil cooling unit, and immersion oil chiller.

The cooling capacity of these oil chillers ranges from 0.98KW to 28KW with temperature stability from ±0.1℃ to ±2℃.

High-quality oil chiller at TopChiller features some advantages as below:

1. Oil chiller can prevent accuracy from being affected by the change of oil temperature when the equipment is working.

2. Prevent the deterioration of oil quality due to high temperature, and keep the viscosity of oil unchanged, so that the equipment can continue to work stably.

3. The oil chiller is equipped with automatic fault alarm function, which can remind the user to repair the device in a certain way in time, so as to avoid sudden damage to the parts.

4. The oil chiller temperature control is based on the temperature of the cooling equipment (that is, the indoor temperature). The user can set the oil temperature according to the rated temperature of the equipment to prevent the thermal deformation of the mechanical structure.

5. Oil chiller made by TopChiller is characterized by simple cleaning, easy maintenance, convenient installation, and no space occupation.

High precision oil chillers designed and manufactured by TopChiller are a very important part of industrial applications or production process.

Oil chillers are widely used for some typical industrial applications:

various machine tools, cutting machines, plastic injection molding machines, grinding machines, CNC machines, low-speed electric spindles, hydraulic presses, and hydraulic stations, lubrication stations, electrical discharge machine, lubrication and cooling system of the gearbox.

As a professional oil chiller manufacturer, TopChiller has exported our high-quality oil chillers and oil cooler units throughout the world.

If you are searching for a high-quality oil chiller supplier, Please make sure contact with TopChiller sales to get a competitive price.

Oil Chiller Technical Specifications

OilChiller Oil ChillerOilChiller OilChiller OilChiller OilChiller

Oil Chiller

TopChiller: Your Leading Oil Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier

TopChiller is a professional oil chiller supplier with 20 years of experience since the year 1999.

There are lubrication oil cooling chiller and hydraulic oil cooling chiller in terms of the different cooling medium

Both types of oil chillers playing important roles in a machine tool or mechanical processing.

Why oil chiller is so important for modern industries?

As we all know: boring heat is generated from headstock bearing and gearbox of machine tools.

The main spindle heats up and the spindle deviates from the center of the column and head. This will result in poor accuracy and bad working performance.

Oil chillers can provide constant coolant to control heat generation at the headstock, and the thermal deviation will be eliminated.

The oil chillers lubricate the headstock gears and remove the heat generated. This function is helpful to improve machine processing accuracy.

As a leading portable oil chiller manufacturer with 20 years experience, each oil chiller from TopChiller integrates with a hermetic scroll compressor, cooling fan, insulated SS tank, oil pump, and automatic by-pass, drain valve and oil level indicator, R134a or R407c refrigerant is also charged before delivery.

All oil cooling chillers have full safety protection devices like high/ low-pressure protection, anti-freeze protection, thermal overload protection, speed control, and safety guard oil flow protection.

This kind of oil chiller unit temperature range from +20°C to +35°C for the standard unit. Environment conditions are between +15°C and +55°C for specific applications.

Oil Chiller: Your Complete Buying Guide from TopChiller

What is an oil chiller?

The oil chiller sometime called oil cooler is cooled by the principle of evaporation and heat absorption of the refrigerant.

Let’s have a look at what’s the working principle of an oil chiller?

The oil pump inside the oil chiller extracts oil from the machine oil tank to the refrigeration system for heat exchange treatment, and the cooled hydraulic oil is returned to the machine oil tank through the oil cooler oil discharge line So that the oil temperature of the whole oil is maintained by the continuous circulation of the oil.

Continuously falling, the oil chiller responds to the temperature of the oil in the fuel tank through the temperature sensor of the temperature controller.

The oil chiller user can set the temperature according to the actual work and control the oil temperature.

The temperature controller automatically controls the operation of the oil chiller through the temperature sensor.

To ensure that the oil temperature is always controlled within the normal working range.

How does oil chiller works?

The working principle of your oil chiller:

Using Freon in the internal vaporization and heat absorption principle of the evaporator for cooling.

When oil chiller working, the oil pump extracts oil from the machine oil tank to the evaporator of the cold oil machine for heat exchange, and the cooled oil is cooled from the cold oil.

The oil chiller exits the output and sends it back to the tank to mix with the hot oil.

The continuous circulation of the oil reduces the temperature of the entire oil tank.

The temperature controller of the oil chiller automatically controls the opening and closing of the unit through the temperature sensor, so that the oil temperature is automatically constant at the set temperature.

Types and functions of oil chiller

Oil chillers can be divided according to the way of cooling or heat dissipation, it can be divided into water-cooled oil chiller and air-cooled oil chiller.

A water-cooled oil chiller means that the condenser relies on an additional cooling tower for heat dissipation. But the air-cooled oil chiller relies on the fan itself to dissipate heat.

According to its external shape and structure, oil chillers can be divided into two types: a closed-loop oil chiller and an open-loop oil chiller.

A closed-loop oil chiller refers to a packaged box with sheet metal on the outside.

The open-loop oil chiller has no outer casing, its cold suspect and evaporator are shell-shaped, the upper part of the evaporator is a compressor, there is no oil pump, the oil tank, and the circulating oil pump need to be additionally configured.

According to the structure of the chiller evaporator, oil chiller can be divided into two types: an oil chiller using shell and tube or plate heat exchanger.

Oil Chiller

hydraulic oil chiller

The oil chiller in the form of shell and tube means that the evaporator is a shell-and-tube type. The oil pump can be placed inside the oil chiller, and it can be placed outside the equipment. The outer casing may or may not be.

The condenser of an oil chiller is based on an air-cooled or water-cooled type.

An open type of oil chiller means that the evaporator is in an open form and placed inside the oil tank.

The condenser is also determined according to the form of water cooling or air cooling.

Oil chiller industrial applications:

Oil chillers are very common industrial devices that can provide constant cooling oil for industrial process machines.

1, CNC machining center, CNC grinding machine, broaching machine, CNC woodworking machine, CNC punching machine, CNC lathe, high-speed lathe



Oil chillers are widely used in CNC processing machines. When the CNC machine tool is processed, it needs to precisely control the processing temperature.

The cooling medium used in the machine tool is the cutting fluid. Therefore, there should be an oil  chiller can cool the cutting fluid.

2, Inner and outer grinding machine

In the grinding process, the temperature is generated due to changes in the molecular structure, and the excessive temperature affects the quality of the raw materials, the production efficiency, and the wear of the equipment is severe.

grinding machine oil cooling chiller

oil chiller for cooling grinding machine

Using an oil chiller or oil cooler to control temperature can greatly increase production and reduce equipment damage. The most important thing is to protect employee safety.

3, Electric discharge machine

Oil chiller used for electric discharge machine is for preventing the temperature of the discharged oil from rising and ensure the quality of the machined parts.

Oil cooling chiller also prevents the wear of the turning tool and increases the service life.

Electric discharge machine oil chiller

Oil chiller for cooling Electric discharge machine

Keep the processed objects at a constant temperature to prevent thermal deformation, ensure processing accuracy and shorten production time.

Specially designed exchangers are not easy to block after the steel scraps are processed.

4, Hydraulic machinery or hydraulic oil station

The heat generated in the machining process will cause the temperature of the processing equipment to rise, which will cause the processing equipment to be deformed by heat.

The high oil temperature will cause the oil quality to deteriorate and accelerate, which will make the working condition of the equipment unstable, cause errors, accelerate the wear of the tool, and cannot guarantee the parts.

So now an oil chiller will do its job for your hydraulic oil station.


oil chiller for cooling hydraulic machine

The processing precision, in order to improve the precision of machining, and give full play to the performance of mechanical equipment, you can use TopChiller oil chiller as the ideal cooling system.

5, Grinding machine, broaching machine, milling machine

6, Integrated machining center machine

7, Woodworking engraving machine, cutting machinery, etc

Oil Chiller

Oil Chiller

Why we need an oil chiller?

Oil chillers are manufactured and designed to provide precise and accurate temperature control of industrial oils and cutting fluids for a wide variety of industrial applications。

Let’s know some features and functions of oil chillers:

1. Oil chiller will prevent the working machine from affecting the accuracy due to the change in oil temperature.

2. Oil chiller can prevent the oil quality from deteriorating due to high temperature, keep the viscosity of the oil unchanged, and make the working machine work stably.

3. Oil temperature control is based on body temperature (room temperature). The user can set the oil temperature according to the temperature of the body to prevent the thermal deformation of the mechanical structure.

4. Immersed oil chiller and temperature control device is free from impurities, is not interfered with by cutting metal powder, etc. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain; it is easy to install and does not take up space.

5. Oil chiller with automatic fault alarm function can promptly remind the user to repair the device in a specific way, so as to avoid damage to the machine.

Summary from the above, the Oil Cooling unit will control heat generation at the headstock, and the thermal deviation will be eliminated.

An oil chiller cooling unit lubricates the headstock gears and removes the heat generated. This function is helpful to improve machine accuracy.

The oil chiller cooling unit is indispensable to improve machine accuracy.

Oil Chillers made by TopChiller is well-known in the market for supplying oil chillers for 20 years.

TopChiller manufactures the best quality hydraulic systems, which are pivotal to machine operation, and high-precision temperature-control systems for machine tools which strengthen precision machining capability and machine durability.

How to install an oil chiller?

What are the normal installation steps of your oil chiller?

After purchasing the oil chiller, the user must carry out regular and standardized installation, in order to use the oil chiller well, We come to know how to install an oil chiller normally?

The following are the installation steps of the oil cooling chiller:

First, the handling of the oil chiller

When transporting the oil chiller, this oil chiller should be prevented from being hit by other things, and it should not be skewed or inverted to keep the original of the oil chiller as much as possible.

Second, the environment of  installation of an oil chiller

1. The oil chiller should be installed in a relatively ventilated and ventilated place in the house, and ensure that the surrounding environment is dried.

And at the same time, ensure that the distance between the inlet and outlet of the oil chiller and other objects or walls is more than one meter.

Of course, you must consider there should have a certain amount of space for future maintenance.

2. The presence of dangerous gases such as inflammable and explosive gases is prohibited around the oil chiller, and high-heat objects are not allowed.

At the same time, the oil chiller is not exposed to direct sunlight.

3. The specific position of the installation of the oil chiller is determined by the user according to the actual situation.

The structure of the installation position for the oil cooling chiller should be able to withstand the weight of the unit and the force transmitted during normal operation.

Third, the oil pipe

1. When piping the oil circuit of the oil chiller, it must be carried out according to a certain pressure range to ensure the rationalization of the pipeline.

2, the size of the pipe is determined according to the model of the oil chiller, the pipe needs to be dry, ashless, clean, no oil and so on.

3. The number of joints used for piping should be as small as possible to reduce the resistance caused to the oil circuit.

4, when it is not necessary, do not use the valve in the pipeline, because even if the valve is fully opened, the pipeline cannot avoid the loss of relatively large pressure.

5, the length of the pipe is determined according to specific attributes, the length of the oil path should be minimized, usually should not exceed five meters.

6. The connection between the pipes must be firm and sealed, and the joints should be sealed with tape to prevent leakage of air and oil.

Fourth, the oil absorption filter

In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the oil chiller, the life of the oil chiller is effectively extended, and a filter capable of sucking oil must be installed at the oil suction port of the oil pipe.

Five, the installation of the oil tank

1. In order to fully integrate the high and low oil temperatures, careful consideration should be given to the size of the fuel tank and the separation inside the fuel tank.

2. In order to prevent air from mixing into the oil passage, the oil outlet of the fuel tank should be lower than the surface of the liquid.

Sixth, the wiring of the power supply

1. The power supply and circuit controller specifications are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manual.

2. The power cord should be configured according to the standard of electrical principle.

3. The air switch should be configured independently.

Why TopChiller is your reliable oil chiller supplier?

The Oil Chiller manufactured by TopChiller performs cooling down by circulating oil and thus prevents oil temperature rise.

The environmental resistance is also significantly improved compared with conventional units.

Even at times when a lot of oil mist gets scattered, this product demonstrates the capability of being “dirt-resistant” and “able to retain its functionalities even when getting dirty”

Environmental resistance has been significantly improved. Delivers a high cooling capacity even in high air temperature locations and processing locations, where a lot of oil mist and dust are scattered.

Oil chiller is specially developed for the control of the lubrication oil or hydraulic oil temperature of various types of mechanical equipment.

Oil chiller is widely used in industrial centers such as machining centers, hydraulic systems, electro machining equipment and laser equipment that are sensitive to liquid temperature and generate large heat.

The work precision and reliability of industrial equipment are greatly improved, thereby prolonging the service life of the equipment, reducing the processing cost and improving the efficiency of the enterprise.

The oil chiller manufactured and designed by TopChiller having below features:

Prevent temperature increasing of the spindle, improve the working precision of the machine.
Prevent deviation of spindle centerline or heat deformation of the machine.
Extend the lifetime of the machine.
Stabilize oil pressure, prevent oil vibration.
Easy operation, low noise.

TopChiller is a professional oil chiller, oil cooler supplier with rich experience in the industrial chiller filed. We are willing to give full-time technical support.

Please contact the TopChiller team to get a correct oil chiller solution for your industry.

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