MRI Chiller

MRI Chiller

  • Cooling capacity 10KW to 180KW
  • Temperature control 7℃ to 35℃
  • Temperature stability ±0.5℃ to ±2℃
  • Chilled water flow rate up to 480LPM
  • Built-in SS Water tank and water Pump
  • Cooling all brand CT & MRI medical machines

Your Premier MRI chiller Manufacturer

MRI chiller is a short form of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Chiller designed and manufactured by TopChiller for medical equipment cooling purpose. MRI chiller is one of the precision chillers for medical equipment, with most applications being MRI machine, radiation therapy, cancer treatment machines, CT scanning, blood cooling systems, laboratory applications, imaging equipment, linear accelerators, surgical suites, etc. Since 2003, TopChiller has been a unique designer and manufacturer of medical chillers for MRI, CT scanning, linear accelerators, and pet scanners. As a professional water chiller manufacturer, We pay more attention to the critical nature of these medical chiller applications.  MRI chiller or other medical chillers designed and manufactured from TopChiller are generally equipped with a scroll compressor, digital temperature controller, stainless steel water tank, air condenser, and stainless steel built-in water pump. All MRI chillers designed and manufactured by TopChiller feature a hot gas by-pass which allows for greater stability and thermal protection for the pump, motor, and compressor. Also having other protection devices like compressor inner protection, overheat protection, high & low refrigerant safety, automatic water refill system, low water flow safety switch, water freeze safety system, and digital water temperature, controller.

MRI Chiller Technical Specifications

MRI Chiller MRI Chiller MRI Chiller MRI Chiller MRI Chiller MRI Chiller

MRI Chiller

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TopChiller: Your Best MRI Chiller Supplier

TopChiller also has a remote control and external dimensions limited to specific sizes of any MRI and other medical equipment.

At TopChiller, we have designed medical chillers for a variety of medical applications. As a leader in MRI chiller, TopChiller works with the world’s famous MRI medical equipment manufacturers to design MRI chillers that provide the most efficient and effective equipment cooling in a package that meets the end users requirements.

TopChiller will build the MRI chiller to meet the demands of the facility, as well as the demands of the MRI. As a professional medical chiller supplier, TopChiller has supplied MRI Chiller to GE, SIEMENS, HITACHI, TOSHIBA,TESLA and PHILIPS CT SCANNING and MRI Machines winning its good reputation with high efficiency and reliability.

TopChiller is a leader of MRI chiller manufacture with 20 years’ experience. We are willing to provide a packaged medical chiller solution to our valued clients.

Please tell TopChiller engineering your CT and MRI machine brand and model, We will definitely provide a suitable water chiller for your MRI machine and other medical machines.

Ultimate Guide for Buying MRI Chiller

-Helpful Resources to Be An Expert of MRI Chiller for Your Reference


Chapter 1: What is MRI Chiller?


Chapter 2:Why MRI,CT and Other Medical Equipment Need a Chiller?


Chapter 3:How MRI Chiller working with Medical Equipment?


Chapter 4:How to Select a Suitable Chiller For Your MRI Equipment?


Chapter 5:What TopChiller Can Do for Your MRI Equipment?


Chapter 6: Successful MRI Chiller Projects TopChiller Served


Chapter 7: MRI Chiller Installation Guide


Chapter 8:Some Tips of Operating MRI Chiller


Chapter 9:Trouble Shooting of MRI Chiller


Chapter 10:Maintenance of MRI Chiller


Chapter 11: Why TopChiller is your reliable MRI Chiller Supplier?




MRI is short words for full name of Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one kind of critical medical equipment which need a consistent cooling water sources.

As a leading of MRI Chiller supplier with 20 years experience, TopChiller are always providing a wide range models of air chiller and water chiller for medical cooling purpose. These chillers are specially designed and manufactured for all kinds of medical applications.

Today let’s go in for some details about the air chiller and water chiller used for cooling equipment especially for MRI system


Chapter 1: What is MRI Chiller?

MRI Chiller is a refrigeration unit which cooling by air or water which providing cold water used to cool MRI medical equipment.

Based on the system required configuration, Water process chillers are used for cooling shield coolers, shim coils and sometimes the air conditioning in MRI room.

In a short, both air chiller and water chiller are supplying a steady and reliable cooling water source all the time for all kinds of medical equipment including MRI equipment,Radiation therapy cancer treatment machines,CT’s and other Laboratory applications. This is MRI Chiller. MRI Chiller Pciture


Chapter2:Why MRI ,CT and Other Medical Equipment Need a Chiller?

In order to know some information about MIR system, let’s take a look at below video– How the MRI system working?

How MRI Working

After viewing the above MRI system working video, we all know medical equipment including Medical imaging equipment like MRI machines, CT scanners, LINAC machines are all require a reliable water cooling source, They are very critical medical facilities which need specially treatment in a hospital or clinic center.

Both air cooled chiller or water cooled chiller is a very important piece of equipment on a MRI, the MRI equipment is equip with a unit named cold head, this unit is the one allows MRI to keep the helium level at maximum possible, and cold head is attached to a compressor who has the job on make work the cold head.

Now the compressor works at high temperature ( similar compressor as used on a refrigerator) need to keep the compressor at a proper working temperature.The chiller can providing cold water around it.

We can imagine if there is no constant cooling water or the water from the chiller stops, the compressor would getting very hot ,then it stops running finally. if this problem happens, the cold also stops and then you start loosing helium on the magnet.

Both air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller are also used to cold down the magnet coils by running cold water around the magnet, and also be used to cold down the gradient cabinet. So the chillers are a very important piece of equipment on a MRI equipment.

I believe you should know why MRI system need a chiller after reading this article.

In a word, the advantage of using an industrial chiller is very helpful to your MRI machine and other medical system working at a good condition.

. MRI Machine


Chapter 3:How MRI Chiller working with Medical Equipment?

It’s necessary for us to know something among MRI chiller working with Medical Equipment. We can find more details as below:

There are 3 necessary parts in a complete MRI system including: Magnet Room Equipment Room and Control Room. MRI Chiller will provide the most efficient water cooling source for magnet equipment.

MRI Chiller working with Medical Equipment

The magnet inside MRI machines need a non-stop constant cold water to keep it cooling in order for this machine can work efficiently.

Both Air-cooled and water-cooled medical chillers can work well for MRI machines,Air-cooled chillers cooling by air condenser and air blower which can transfer heat to the ambient surroundings.

But water-cooled chillers will transfer heat to a water source such as a plant chilled water system or cooling tower.

Below is the MRI system Water Cooling DiagramMRI system Water Cooling Diagram


Chapter 4:How to Select a Suitable Chiller For Your MRI Equipment?

There are some famous MRI Equipment manufacturers in the word including Siemens,GE, Philips,Hitachi, Toshiba. These brands are very high reputation in the MRI machine market.

Please refer below chart for the most popular MRI brands in the market:

MRI Machine Brand

Buying an MRI equipment is not the end of story, you also need some auxiliary accessories. But Chiller is the most important among all the auxiliary machines.

TopChiller works with the world’s famous brand MRI medical equipment manufacturers for almost 20 years since 1999.

MRI chillers designed and manufactured by TopChiller will provide the most efficient and effective chiller equipment for cooling to meets the site requirements.

Engineering from TopChiller can make the MRI chiller to meet the demands of different facilities, as well as the demands of the MRI equipment.

Please select the MRI brand and manufacturer below to see all the listed MRI chillers made by TopChiller that configuration are available by MRI model.

Chapter 5:What TopChiller Can Do for Your MRI Equipment?

TopChiller starting to cooperate with world famous MRI brand for over 20 years. We really know each MRI machine specifications and cooling water requirements very well to make sure each MRI Chiller unit is well matched with every MRI end user specific needs.

MRI Chiller manufactured by TopChiller equips with original scroll type compressor Danfoss,Hitachi,Copeland compressor. We know compressor is refrigeration heart for Chiller unit.Good quality and high reputation brand compressor will ensure MRI Chiller under good cooling performance.

MRI Chiller Compressor


For MRI Chiller heat exchanger, we have air cooled condenser, stainless steel plate type heat exchanger with built-in stainless steel buffer tank. All these items based on end user’s specification  requirements.

Buffer TankPlate exchanger

Each MRI Chiller from TopChiller having built-in water pump, the water pump and all water pipes are stainless steel material can make sure the circulation water is clean without any corrosion. This is a very important for MRI machine and other medical system because these medical devices are very critical to water quality. if polluted water go through their piping, they will get dirty or even get blocked by dust.

Stainless Steel water pumpWater pump


Besides the above standard configuration, MRI Chiller designed by TopChiller having full protection devices including high and low pressure pressure gauge.

This protection device will detect all the refrigerant system without any gas leakage, compressor inner protection with overheating protection will keep the compressor safe.


High and low pressure gaugeElectrical control

There are also automatic water refill system,bypass valve, low water flow safety switch, water freeze safety system and digital water temperature controller.

Emergency stopTemperature controller


The above protection devices will keep each MRI Chiller is good working without any mistake.


Chapter 6: Successful MRI Chiller Projects TopChiller Served

To be professional MRI Chiller manufacturer in China, TopChiller having cooperation with some famous MRI equipment brands for decade years.

We have installed dozens of MRI Chiller in Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Australia,etc, please have a look below successful MIR Chillers project we have installed.

Below pictures are some typical MRI Chiller projects taken from end user side.

MRI Chiller System in Chile America:

MRI Chiller MRI Chiller Installation


MRI Chiller Installation in Kenya Africa

MRI Chiller Installation

MRI Chiller Installation


You have seen how many Water Chiller TopChiller have installed for MRI machines in hospital and medical center.
TopChiller engineering team with rich experience of both air chiller and water chiller for various MRI brands and models, Please do not hesitate to contact us to get your MRI chiller technical support.


Chapter 7: MRI Chiller Installation Guide

Thanks for your purchasing TopChiller brand MRI Chiller.

As a professional MRI chiller supplier, TopChiller are always providing high quality medical chillers for our valued customers.

Please follow below steps once you received our Chillers.

Step 1: Before delivery once chiller is finished, we will send you the E-operation manual. There is also a hard copy inside each MRI chiller wooden box package.

It is much helpful and useful if MRI chiller to take a look at this chiller operation manual and user guide before installation.MRI Chiller Operation ManualTopChiller Product Catalog


Step 2: It is a good idea to keep record of the nameplate of each MRI chiller unit.

There are all details of each MRI Chiller including the model, serial number,cooling capacity,refrigerant, production date in case of future usage.

Because our engineering and after sales service department will follow up the MRI Chiller status based on these information. It will be a big trouble if we can’t have these information.

Below is the format of the name plate of each MRI Chiller unit.

TopChiller Nameplate

Please make sure this nameplate is well recorded and not destroyed. Otherwise the MRI chiller will lose its tracking way.

Step 3: Each MRI Chiller is well packaged to protected in wooden box before delivery.

Please try to do inspection when receiving, to check the wooden box is damaged, air cooled condenser remote or the chiller surface is scoring. Make sure to contact with TopChiller sales if you found there is any broken of the package or MRI chiller.

Before accepting delivery, please double check the chiller temperature controller, refrigeration piping lines, pressure gauges are all in normal status.
If you found any sign of chiller damaged,please record and claim with shipping company immediately. So that to expedite payment for these damages.

It is very important and necessary to record these damages. To take some pictures and save it is the most best way.
MRI Chiller

Step 4: When the MRI Chiller arriving at MRI project site before installation, We must know where this chiller unit located. Find the right chiller location and make up the water piping system.

The MRI Chiller inlet housing will connect with the MRI machine outlet and the chiller outlet will connect with the MRI machine inlet, and the chiller water piping can be PVC or Stainless Steel material with highly insulated to keep a very good cooling performance.

Below is the MRI Chiller piping working:MRI Chiller pipe

Step 5: If all piping works are ready, please connect MRI chiller with the main electrical power.

This section is very important for chiller installation. You can check the rated power supply in the chiller nameplate.

There are some often used rated power like: 220V 3phase 60Hz, 380V 3Phase 50Hz/60Hz, 415V 3Phase 50Hz, 440V 3Phase 60Hz and 220V 1pHase 50Hz/60Hz.

Please check below Voltage Utilization range:

Rated Voltage


Utilization range



208V to 254V


342V to 418V


396V to 484V


414V to 506V

All electrical wires must be comply with local codes and The National Electric Code. Please refer the nameplate in each MRI Chiller unit and turn to TopChiller sales for help if there is any question.MRI Chiller MRI Chiller



Step 6: Please start on this MRI Chiller unit if the above steps are all ready. Setting and adjust the desired temperature&stability in the temperature controller.

Your MRI machine will get a cooling water from TopChiller. Now you will never worry about your MRI machine.

MRI Chiller


Chapter 8:Some Tips of Operating MRI Chiller

Once finish installation and starting using MRI Chiller, In order to have a good working condition,there are also some useful tips of operation MRI Chiller:

Tip 1: The standard MRI Chiller unit is designed and made for indoor use.

To make sure to install and store the this medical chiller unit in an unheated and open area. Because of all the chiller spare parts especially the electrical cabinet is not water proof type.

If you want install the chiller unit outdoor due to indoor spare is restricted, There must be a shelter to prevent rain water pour into cooling chiller. Otherwise,the MRI Chiller having electrical burn down adventure in case any rain water.

Tip 2: MRI chiller installation space should be at open air place with well ventilated. So that when this MRI Chiller working the hot wind will escape easily.

And MRI Chiller will giving a high cooling efficiency. This is much better for MRI Chiller end user.

Otherwise this MRI Chiller will give a high pressure alarm due to overheating at surroundings and heat cant transfer very well.

Just hope the above tips are helpful for the MRI Chiller end users when installation.

MRI Chiller Installation


Chapter 9:Trouble Shooting of MRI Chiller

All MRI Chiller end users hope each chiller can working fine without any problem.

But sometime there is annoying problem or error happened. How to deal with these alarming or chiller errors?

Let’s find the right MRI Chiller error solution and follow below steps:

TopChiller Troubleshooting TopChiller Troubleshooting

Chapter 10: Regular Maintenance of MRI Chiller

To find a good quality MRI chiller is first important thing, as to do maintenance of MRI Chiller is another important thing.

MRI chillers also need regular maintenance, here are some key points you can take as below:

Point 1. To do regular maintenance of MRI Chiller, like cleaning the water piping. Also fasten the screws to make sure all the chiller spare parts are steady without any loose.MRI Chiller maintenance

Point 2.Clean the air cooled condenser of MRI Chiller by using a high pressure water flow rate once time of two weeks.

But if you found the chiller condenser is dirty in a bad working condition, it should be once time in one week. The purpose of cleaning air condenser is to make sure MRI Chiller in a good heat transfer condition with ambient temperature.

If the condenser is so dirty, the dust will block the condenser, so that the heat will not transfer very well. This will make MRI Chiller cooling capacity get weaker day by day.MRI Chiller maintenance

Point 3.When MRI Chiller is no use for a long time like 5 days or even longer time, make sure the circulation water inside water tank and water pump should be all drain out.

Because water inside chiller will get rust polluted. This is disaster once the polluted water going inside MRI and other medical machines.MRI Chiller maintenance

Point 4. All MRI Chillers from TopChiller are using 304 Stainless steel water tank and water pump, all the piping are also stainless steel materials to make sure the cooling water is clean without any dust.MRI Chiller maintenance

Chapter 11: Why TopChiller is your reliable MRI Chiller Supplier?

As we all know after viewing the above chapters, Industrial chillers playing avery significant part in MRI,CT, Linear Accelerator, Cyclotron, Proton Therapy, OSHPD,PET, Quick Connect Panel and other medical equipment.

So to find and select a reliable MRI Chiller supplier is the most important thing for your medical equipment.  If you are searching for a good reputation MRI Chiller factory, you are coming to the right place.

TopChiller having almost 20 years experience in MRI Chiller and chillers for other medical equipment,We are sure each chiller spare parts are original brand and quality, the chiller cooling capacity is sufficient for your medical applications.

If you are looking for a reliable medical process chiller supplier, TopChiller is your first choice.
Beside our standard chiller models, TopChiller can also offering customized chiller for specific chiller requirements, including: Mini or Max. Chiller cooling capacity, Chiller dimension or spare restricted, chiller water pump high pressure and water flow rate, remote controlling or temperature stability.

In the past 20 years, TopChiller is only doing one thing– to do high quality MRI chiller for valued customers.If you need a good quality MRI Chiller, you’ve come to the right place.

Owing To Our Vast Experience In This Domain,With The Valuable Assistance Of Creative Team Of Our Professionals, We Engaged In Manufacturing And Supplying A Wide Range Of Medical chillers.


I think you must know more information about MRI Chillers after viewing above materials, you also have a better understanding what TopChiller offering?

You are looking for medical process water chiller? Even water chiller is not the most important part for MRI and other medical equipment, But they are an essential and auxiliary machine for medical application. MRI machine can’t work fine without chillers.

So to find a good quality and reliable chiller will let not worry about your medical machines.
But, low quality and inefficient chiller would take a big problem to your machines.
So, direct your attention to specially tailored options.

And remember that proper maintenance is necessary to prolong the longevity of your chillers.

 TopChiller are providing a total cooling solution for your MRI system and other medical equipment. We hopes you learn something that will help you determine the suitable MRI Chiller by reading this guide that fits your requirements.

Please contact with TopChiller sales if you comes along with any chiller requirements, TopChiller team is ready to service a most smart water cooling solution for your MRI, CAT Scan, and PET Scan process.TopChiller