Whatever Type of Mold Temperature Controller,
TopChiller can Fulfill the Mold Temperature Controller for You.

  • Heating capacity up to 198KW: TopChiller have various mold temperature controller models from 6KW to 198KW heating capacity for your choice
  • Heating temperature to 350℃: The Max.heating temperature of both oil temperature controller and water temperature controller can up to 350℃
  • Stainless steel tube heater: All the heaters of mold temperature controller are durable and high quality stainless steel material
  • For both water and oil heating usage: Mold temperature controller from TopChiller can be used for heating both water and oil processing
  • Micro-computer temperature controller: Each TopChiller brand mold temperature controller unit having smart digital temperature controller
  • Full protection devices with compact design:Each mold temperature controller unit with compact design and full protection devices
  • Mold Temperature Controller
  • Mold Temperature Controller
  • Mold Temperature Controller
  • Mold Temperature Controller

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Mold Temperature Controller: Your Premier Choice
Of Mold Temperature Controller

Mold temperature controller, also abbreviated as MTC plays the most important role during processing for heating or both heating and cooling purpose. There are both water operating temperature controller and oil operating temperature controller.

Both mold temperature controllers can reduce machine unit costs for injection molding. It substantially determines the quality of features of components. This mold temperature unit guarantees the correct reproduction of the surface to ensure uniform shrinkage behavior.

As a professional mold temperature controller manufacturer, TopChiller has a complete line of mold temperature controller with heating capacity from 6KW to 198KW and heating temperature up to 350℃.

Our major products including: water temperature controller, oil temperature controller, high temperature water temperature controller, thermo conductive oil temperature controller, temperature controller unit special for die casting, temperature controller unit for injection molding machine, fast heat-cool mold temperature controller unit, high gloss steam mold temperature controller unit and gas or fuel organic heat carrier furnace. 

If you are looking for a high quality mold temperature controller unit manufacturer, please turn to TopChiller sales for a best price quotation. We are confident you will be satisfied with our solutions.

Mold Temperature Controller Technical Specifications

Mold Temperature Controller Mold Temperature Controller

Mold Temperature Controller main parts

TopChiller: Your Leading Mold Temperature Controller Manufacturer

TopChiller having a complete line of mold temperature controllers, All mold temperature controller units manufactured by TopChiller, playing very important parts in modern industries.

Molding temperature controller units are widly used in a variety of industrial applications such as plastic injection, blow bottle and extrusion, die-casting and die casting, press machine laminated board, composite materials, and carbon fiber compose, reaction kettle chemical industry, pharmaceutical, industrial drying oven, roller film industry package printing, building industry mixing station.

Mold temperature controller units from TopChiller provide constant temperature with accurate temperature for the process.

Mold temperature controller unit designed and manufactured by TopChiller feature: high efficiency in heating up faster, harmless to your mold and more economical when it comes to operation and maintenance. Each unit controls the mold temperature to give perfect moldings with every shot automatically, by-pass pressure release loop for hot water with customizable multi-point temperature control unit.

All temperature controlling units from TopChiller also featuring full protection devices such as oil/water shortage alarm, overheat protector, motor reverse protector, motor overload protector, auto-exhaust. There are also some optional protection devices such as rs485 communication function for automated management, explosion-proof type, instant cooling return oil shut-down function and a microcomputer for PLC control.

As a leader in mold temperature controller unit manufacturing, TopChiller has been manufacturing molding temperature controller for almost 20 years. We have good reputation in the market for high quality and stable performance of our mold temperature controller unit. Please contact TopChiller engineering team to customize your mold temperature controller unit.

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