Low Temperature Chiller

Low Temperature Chiller

  • Temperature control 5℃ to -35℃
  • SS brazed PHE or shell and tube evaporator
  • Glycol mixture or salt marine suitable
  • Glycol coolant flow rate up to 450LPM
  • Scroll or piston compressor available
  • Safety protection covered low temperature chiller

Your Premier Low Temperature Chiller Manufacturer

Glycol chiller is also called low-temperature chiller or glycol chiller system. As a professional low-temperature chillers manufacturer since 2003, TopChiller glycol chillers offering continuous coolant glycol water with a temperature from -35° to +5°C with cooling capability from 2KW to 280KW and temperature stability of ±0.5℃ to ±2℃.

The low temperature chiller with glycol and water mixture coolant is widely used in various industries and applications. Low-temperature chillers are widely used for model industries applications. All low-temperature chillers manufactured by TopChiller, supplying constant glycol water is the ideal cooling partner for breweries, wineries, cider mills, and spirits, beverage, dairy milk, yogurt machine, laboratories, semiconductor, medical, pilot plants, and some other applications that require accurate and precise ultra-low temperature control.We can say TopChiller brand low temperature chiller is your best industrial cooling and refrigeration system partner for your plant.

Each low-temperature chiller developed by TopChiller features a compact design with high-quality locking casters. TopChiller low-temperature chillers are optimized to your load point for maximum refrigeration efficiency.

The low-temperature chillers can also provide big refrigeration capacity cooling from 2Ton to 180Ton for demanding applications with a small footprint. They guarantee exceptional performance and unmatched reliability.

If you are looking for a high reputation low temperature chiller supplier with good quality & cooling performance, please do make sure contact with TopChiller sales get a free price quotation.

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Low temperature chiller

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TopChiller: Your Best Low Temperature Chiller Supplier

All low temperature chillers designed and developed from TopChiller factory are fully charged and environmentally friendly with CFC refrigerant like R404a because R22 is not used anymore. These low temperature chillers feature corrosion free painting surfaces. We can supply both water cooled low temperature chiller and air cooled low temperature chiller.

For standard low temperature chiller, the evaporator is a heat exchanger having a water tank with stainless steel plate heat exchanger and closed loop shell and tube type option available. Easy installation and low maintenance cost are the major feature of  TopChiller low temperature chiller.

As a leader of  low temperature chiller in China, TopChiller has R&D department can design and manufacture low temperature chiller to meet your exact requirements and technical specifications. TopChiller supplying a total package of low temperature chiller system, having the largest selection of options in the industry.

With 20 years experience in low temperature chiller and glycol chiller, TopChiller supplies a total packaged solution of all refrigeration chillers. For inquiries on some customization, please contact TopChiller engineering, we’ll manufacture a low temperature chiller to your unique specifications.

We are so confident of TopChiller can provide you high quality low temperature chillers with a competitive price.