Low Temperature Chiller

Low Temperature Chiller

  • Temperature control 5℃ to -35℃
  • SS brazed PHE or shell and tube evaporator
  • Glycol mixture or salt marine suitable
  • Glycol coolant flow rate up to 450LPM
  • Scroll or piston compressor available
  • Safety protection covered low-temperature chiller
  • Up to 18 months warranty time

Your Premier Low Temperature Chiller Manufacturer

A glycol chiller is also called low-temperature chiller or glycol chiller system specially designed for some certain industrial applications which need a lower(below zero) chilled liquid.

As a professional low-temperature chillers manufacturer since 2003, TopChiller glycol chillers offering continuous coolant glycol water with a temperature from -35° to +5°C with cooling capability from 2KW to 280KW and temperature stability of ±0.5℃ to ±2℃.

The low-temperature chiller with glycol and water mixture coolant is widely used in various industries and applications. Low-temperature chillers are very popular and important parts for model industries applications.

All low-temperature chillers manufactured by TopChiller, supplying constant glycol water is the ideal cooling partner for breweries, wineries, cider mills, and spirits, beverage, dairy milk, yogurt machine, laboratories, semiconductor, medical, pilot plants, and some other applications that require accurate and precise ultra-low temperature control.

We can say TopChiller brand low-temperature chiller is your best industrial cooling and refrigeration system partner for your plant and industrial process.

Each low-temperature chiller developed by TopChiller features a compact design with high-quality locking casters. TopChiller low-temperature chillers are optimized to your load point for maximum refrigeration efficiency.

The low-temperature chillers can also provide big refrigeration capacity cooling from 2Ton to 180Ton for demanding applications with a small footprint.

Low temperature chillers designed and manufactured by TopChiller guarantee exceptional performance and unmatched reliability.

As a professional low-temperature chiller manufacturer, TopChiller has exported many low temperature chillers from 2ton to 80Ton capacity to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are looking for a high reputation low-temperature chiller supplier in the market, TopChiller with good quality & cooling performance is your first choice. Please do contact with TopChiller sales get a free quotation.

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Low temperature chiller

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TopChiller: Your Best Low-Temperature Chiller Supplier

All low-temperature chillers designed and developed from TopChiller factory are fully charged and environmentally friendly with CFC refrigerant like R404a because refrigerant R22 is not allow used anymore.

These low temperature chillers feature corrosion free painting surfaces. We can supply both water-cooled low-temperature chiller and air cooled low-temperature chiller.

For standard low temperature chiller, the evaporator is a heat exchanger having a water tank with stainless steel plate heat exchanger and closed loop shell and tube type option available.

Easy installation and low maintenance cost are the major features of  TopChiller low temperature chiller.

As a leader of  low temperature chiller supplier in China, TopChiller has an R&D department can design and manufacture low-temperature chiller to meet your exact requirements and technical specifications.

TopChiller is supplying a total package of low temperature chiller system, having the largest selection of options in the industry.

With 20 years experience in low-temperature chiller and glycol chiller, TopChiller supplies a total packaged solution of all refrigeration chillers.

For inquiries on some customization, please contact TopChiller engineering, we’ll manufacture a low temperature chiller to your unique specifications.

We are so confident of  TopChiller can provide you high-quality low temperature chillers with a competitive price.

Low Temperature Chiller: Your Complete Buying Guide from TopChiller

Chapter 1: What is a low temperature chiller?

Low temperature chiller is a specially designed and manufactured industrial process chiller.

From the name of low temperature chiller, we can understand this kind of chiller is for low temperature cooling purpose.

Be different from other regular process chillers, low temperature chiller offer continuous cooling source with a steady coolant temperature controlling range from -40° to +30°C.

Chapter 2: Why we need a low temperature chiller?

Low Temperature Chillers that can cool process fluids in temperatures as low as -40°F.

But why we need a low temperature chiller?

For some special industries or process, they required low temperature fluids.

Low temperature chillers are the ideal cooling system for laboratories, and semiconductor, medical, pilot plants and custom applications that require accurate and precise ultra-low temperature control.

Low temperature chiller

Low temperature chiller

Chapter 3: Benefit of using a low temperature chiller

By using a low temperature chiller will provide a steady low temperature cooling source for some special industries usage.

Some industrial processes have operating conditions that are below 32°F. In this condition, it is important to have the right equipment, otherwise the business process could fail.

Even though the conditions are less than ideal, this is where low-temperature chillers shine, as these machines or process make sure everything runs smoothly.

This is the benefit of using a low temperature chiller.

low temperature chiller

low temperature chiller

Chapter 4: Applications of  low temperature chillers

Low temperature chillers are widely used in industrial applications and process.

With the development of Industries development, many applications demanding Low-Temperature Chillers.

TopChiller low temperature chillers have reached various parts of the planet.

Over the years, TopChiller has worked with TOP 500 companies from different industries and helped them with their refrigeration and cooling needs.

Our Major companies such as CocaCola, Shell Oil, Exxon, Dow Chemical, and Lubrizol among many others – a good chunk of which are Fortune 500 companies – still employ our machines in their daily processes.

Low temperature chilling system will be used across a wide range of industries and applications.

Medical Processing

During medical processing, low temperature chiller plays a significant role.  Certain medical fabrication processes and storage requires reliable cooling to guarantee safety and effectiveness.

When cooling failure isn’t an option, you need a low-temperature scroll chiller you can count on for:

Transforming various medical ingredients and compounds
Manufacturing highly sensitive medicines
Storage of medicines and human tissues for surgery
Testing of new drugs and procedures in extremely cold conditions

Food Processing

Low temperature chiller is also widely used in the food industry or food processing.
The purpose of using this low temperature chiller is to guarantee the safety and consistent quality of frozen foods, food processing companies need low-temperature cooling day in and day out.

TopChiller low-temperature screw chillers have been put to the test in a range of food-related applications, including:

Fast freezing of prepared food and meals
Storage of food ingredients before use
As part of disinfecting and antibacterial cleaning

Finished Product and Material Testing

Besides medical processing and food industry, Many types of clothing, materials and equipment need to be tested to -40°F temperatures.

TopChiller low-temperature industrial scroll chillers can be used for a wide range of testing applications, such as:

Automotive and transport equipment verification
Fabric and cloth cold temperature resistance and protection
Plastic, rubber and metal strength at freezing temperatures
The cold temperature performance of coolants, oils and fluids

If you have a need for reliable low-temperature cooling for your industrial application, TopChiller has the equipment you need.

Scroll chillers manufactured by TopChiller are currently used around the world to guarantee a vast range of processes for many leading companies.

We can create custom chilling solutions adapted to your specific cooling needs and find ways to add value to your process with our reliable and efficient low-temperature screw chillers.

Chapter 5: Why TopChiller is your reliable low temperature chiller supplier?

TopChiller Can Give The Right Low-Temperature Cooling Solution for Your Business.

TopChiller can include many custom features that meet the requirements of your process, including explosion-proof designs, integral pumps and tanks, and easy access for certain maintenance tasks like a fan or pump replacement.

Low Temperature Chiller

Low Temperature Chiller

TopChiller is always using strong, highly resistant materials such as hydrophilic coated aluminum plate condenser fins, stainless steel shell and tube evaporators, stainless steel hardware and electrical enclosures adapted to your process and industrial environment.

Featuring a low profile design with high-quality locking casters, the Low Temperature Chillers manufactured by TopChiller are optimized at your load point for maximum efficiency.

The Low Temperature Chillers also provide high capacity cooling for demanding applications with a small footprint with exceptional performance and unmatched reliability.

With environmentally friendly CFC refrigerant the Low Temperature Chillers feature corrosion free wetted surfaces and is RoHS compliant.

With the largest selection of options in the industry, the Low Temperature Chiller may be designed and manufactured to meet your exact requirements and specifications.

TopChiller Family of Cooling Products addresses a wide array of needs and issues related to industrial settings.

Be it for portable chillers or for large cooling equipment, we make sure our clients get the right products for each application.

With our expert solutions and premier workmanship, we deliver the best solutions possible for any given condition or industry.