Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial Water Chiller

  • Cooling capacity 10KW to 250KW
  • Temperature control 7℃ to 35℃
  • Chilled water flow rate up to 490LPM
  • Built-in SS water tank and water pump
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • SS plate heat exchanger or shell and tube available
  • Water-cooled type condenser

Your Premier Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturer

As a Professional Industrial Chiller manufacturer, TopChiller having a variety of Industrial Water Chillers as Portable Water Chiller, Packaged Water Chiller, Water Cooled Chiller system, Open Loop Water Chiller, Close Loop Water Chiller.

An industrial water chiller is the best refrigeration partner for modern industries which can provide steady cooling water.

The above water chillers can suit a wide range of industries including metal finishing, water jet cutting, laser & welding, medical care, plastic, processing,brewery&microbrewery, winery, food processing, explosion-proof and hydroponics.

Why industrial chillers are so important for so many industrial applications?

water cooled chillers absorb heat from process coolant: water, hydraulic oil, and lubrication oil or glycol-water mixture and then transfer this heat to a separate water source such as a cooling tower, tap water, river, pond, etc.

Industrial water chillers are generally used for large capacity applications, where the boring heat and noise generated by air-cooled chiller creates a problem.

This is the most advantage of the industrial water chiller. So for some certain industrial cooling process, an industrial water chiller is the best chiller partner.

As a professional industrial water chiller manufacturer, TopChiller has exported many industrial water chillers to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are looking for a good quality industrial water chiller manufacturer, please contact TopChiller sales engineering to get your best price quotation.

Industrial Water Chiller Technical Specifications

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industrial water chiller main parts

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TopChiller: Your Best Industrial Water Chiller Supplier

There are two types industrial chillers- Air-Cooled Chiller and Water-Cooled Chiller.

Compared with Air Cooled Chiller, Water Cooled Chiller System is more effective in cooling efficiency because using water-cooled condenser should working with a Cooling Tower and Condenser Water pump.

So that when you intend installed a Water Cooled Chiller, you need also considered when a cooling tower and condenser water pump are all ready or not, or where the customer requires the optimum efficiency of power consumption.

Industrial Water cooled chillers require condenser water treatment to eliminate mineral buildup. Mineral deposits create poor heat transfer situations, that reduce the efficiency of the unit.

If this Water Cooled Chiller installed nearby sea, the circulating water should be with saltier than tap water and well water. We must consider the water-cooled condenser should be anti-crossing material like Titanium tubes.

TopChiller providing constant cooling to your Industrial Process, We provide a complete range of industrial Water chiller design and manufacturing from standard models to complete customized chiller systems up to 400 tons.

As a leader of Industrial water chillers, we offer superior customer service and full-time technical support.

There are plenty of cheap chillers on the market, but the brands we carry represent superior value and TopChiller also win its high reputation among end-users worldwide.

Please Contact our refrigeration engineering team to help you select the right industrial Water Chiller and quotation for your application.