Industrial Air Chiller

Industrial Air Chiller

  • Cooling capacity 1.6KW to 230KW
  • Temperature control 7℃ to 35℃
  • Chilled water flow rate up to 480LPM
  • Air-cooled type condenser
  • Built-in SS Water tank and water pump
  • SS plate type heat exchanger available
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Your Premier Industrial Air Chiller Manufacturer

TopChiller is always providing a complete of industrial chillers which including industrial air chiller and industrial water chiller.

Industrial air chiller is one of the major products in TopChiller business scope because we have engaged in industrial air chiller manufacturing for 20 years.

Industrial air chillers are playing a significant part in the industrial process.

If you are using an industrial chiller for your plant, these industrial air chillers will absorb access heat from processing liquid such as coolant water, glycol or oil, and the heat is then transferred to the air around this chiller unit. This is an air chiller working diagram.

This type of industrial air chiller system is commonly used in various applications where it removes excess heat such as in metal finishing, water jet cutting, laser, welding, medical care, plastic processing, brewery, microbrewery, winery, food processing, explosion-proof and hydroponics.

As a leader in the industrial air chiller business, TopChiller has a variety of configurations suitable for your applications.

We offer a complete line of industrial air chillers including portable air cooled chiller and stationary air cooled chiller, portable air cooled chiller or central air cooled chiller, closed-loop air chiller, open-loop air chiller.

Besides the above regular industrial air chillers, TopChiller can also make an explosion-proof type industrial chiller which is mostly used in some significant industries like chemical, printing and ink process, petrol&oil.

If you have a special requirement of your cooling system, please send an inquiry now,  we have a full solution to all your industrial air chiller requirements.

As a professional industrial air chiller manufacturer, TopChiller has exported many industrial air chillers to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are looking for a high-quality industrial air chiller supplier, Please contact TopChiller sales for the best quotation.

Industrial Air Chiller Technical Specifications

Industrial Air Chiller

Industrial Air Chiller

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TopChiller: Your Leading Industrial Air Chiller Supplier

Each industrial air chiller unit from TopChiller is well tested and packaged before delivery.

All air chiller systems are fully refrigerant charged and inlet & outlet housing are ready for use. When you receive chillers just joint the water piping to start the chiller for your industrial cooling process.

Industrial air chillers designed and manufactured by TopChiller are widely used for various industrial applications, TopChiller air chiller is your best cooling partner for your production process.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial air chiller, TopChiller is willing to provide full-time technical support in your chiller sizing.

TopChiller offering a perfect chiller solution for all industrial applications from 1Ton to 60Ton cooling capacity. If you are searching for a high quality industrial air chiller supplier with a good reputation, Please contact our engineering department to customize your industrial chillers.

Your Ultimate Industrial Air Chiller Buying Guide from TopChiller

Chapter 1: What’s an industrial air chiller?

Before knowing what’s an industrial air chiller, we should know what is an Industrial Chiller firstly.
Industrial chillers are classified as a water cooling system that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities.

A chiller will use either a vapor compression cycle to cool. Chilled water has a variety of applications from space cooling to process uses.

For industrial air chiller is air-cooled chiller used for industrial facilities or industrial process cooling purpose.

In a word, air chiller for industrial cooling usage, this is industrial air chiller.

Chapter 2: What’s the working principle of an industrial air chiller?

How does an industrial air chiller work?  please see below the working principle of an industrial air chiller.

There are some key refrigeration parts in an air chiller: air condenser, air blower, compressor, refrigerant, water pump, the water tank, dry filter and expansion valve.

Industrial air chillers will absorb heat from industrial process water, they then will transfer this heat by air blowers into the ambient air around the chiller unit

This type of air chiller unit is typically used in areas where additional heat discharge is not an issue, but instead works as a benefit. For instance, the additional heat can be used to warm space during the winter for less money than traditional heating systems.

The refrigeration cycle starts with the evaporator, which has a liquid refrigerant(R22, R134a, R407c or R404a, R410a) that flows over the evaporator tube bundle where it evaporates.

In this refrigeration process, heat is absorbed from the chilled water circulating through the bundle

The compressor then pulls the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator.

The compressor is then tasked with pumping the refrigerant vapor to the condenser, which increases high temperature and high pressure.

The refrigerant condenses when it’s in the condenser tubes, releasing its internal heat to the air or cooling water.

The high-pressure liquid then moves through the expansion device and into the evaporator. In the process, the refrigerant pressure is reduced along with the temperature.

To complete the continuous cycle, the refrigerant will flow back over the chilled water coils and absorbs more heat.



Chapter 3: Major refrigeration parts in an industrial air chiller?

Key components of an industrial air chiller as below:
For the mechanical compression cycle of an industrial air chiller has four basic components through which the refrigerant passes:

(1) the evaporator: shell and tube type/ Stainless steel plate heat exchanger/

(2) the compressor: scroll type/screw type/piston type

(3) the condenser: air-cooled type condenser with air blower

(4) the expansion valve: thermal expansion valve/electronic expansion valve

The evaporator in this industrial air chiller will operate at a lower pressure and lower temperature than it in the condenser.

Besides the above, there are also some other important refrigeration spare parts:

(1) the dry filter, it is used for dry and filter impurities and moisture in the refrigerant, to make the refrigeration cycle clean.

(2) the water tank, sometimes industrial air chiller required built-in water tank.

(3) high/low-pressure gauge, to monitor the high and low-pressure refrigerant when normal working or troubleshooting.

(4) Water pump. Industrial air chiller with a built-in water pump for water circulation.

(5) Temperature controller: for setting the desired water temperature

Industrial air chiller key components list

Electrical componentsSCHNEIDER/CHINTFrance/China
Water PumpMINAMOTOR/LXTaiwan
Condenser TopChillerHongkong
Pressure controllerFENSHENTaiwan
Oil pressure gauge (high & low)HONGSENTaiwan
Temperature controllerPUNPChina
Air BlowerMAERTaiwan
Expansion valveDANFOSSUSA

Chapter 4: What’s the difference between industrial air chiller and industrial water chiller?

There are industrial air chiller and industrial water chiller in the range of industrial chiller.

The biggest difference between industrial air chiller and water chiller is the way of heat condensing.

For industrial air chiller, it is by an air-cooled condenser and air blower.

For industrial water chiller, it is water cooled condenser like shell and tube and cooling tower.

difference between industrial air chiller and water chiller

difference between industrial air chiller and water chiller

Besides this, compared with water-cooled chiller, industrial air chiller has many advantages both in operation and maintenance:

1. Industrial air chillers require less regular maintenance than water chiller not only in worker labor but also daily cost.

2. Industrial air chillers can work independently since they do not require installing a cooling tower or a condenser water pump.

3. Industrial air chillers are more convenient for installation. Each air-cooled chiller with portable wheels can move from one place to another easily.

4. Energy consumption is approximately 10-15% more power than a water-cooled chiller unit since wet surfaces transfer heat better than dry surfaces.

If you are not sure which one is the best industrial chiller for you? the industrial air chiller or water chiller? please contact TopChiller specialist for help.

Chapter 5: Applications of industrial air chillers

Industrial air chillers can supply steady cooling water. They are widely used in a large of industrial applications or process.

There are some typical applications which industrial air chillers served as below:

1.Industrial Air Chillers for Anodizing & Plating Processes

TopChiller is a leading manufacturer of industrial process cooling equipment for the Metal and Surface Finishing Industry.

TopChiller’s diverse line of all industrial process cooling equipment includes industrial air chillers, industrial water chiller, evaporative cooling towers, as well as a full line of custom tank systems that can be equipped with plate and frame heat exchangers to isolate your bath from the coolant. Applications include anodizing, plating and metal coating.

Temperature control plays an important aspect of the anodizing, plating and metal finishing processes.

Industrial air chillers manufactured by TopChiller are designed to maintain the correct temperature while removing the heat to keep the rectifier and tanks cool through the entire process.

Which type of cooling equipment is correct for your Anodizing & Plating Processes application? Do you need chilled water from the industrial chiller or can you go with an evaporative tower or possibly adiabatic cooling? Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out all the options.

Please contact TopChiller refrigeration expert to get a professional advise.

30Ton industrial air chiller Anodizing & Plating Processes

30Ton industrial air chiller Anodizing & Plating Processes

2. Air cooled commercial chiller for HVAC

TopChiller ’s diverse line of HVAC cooling equipment includes portable chiller and central chillers, evaporative cooling towers as well as a full line of custom tank systems.

A wide array of water filtration and water treatment equipment is also available.

With decades year experience, TopChiller leads the industry for HVAC chillers and commercial chiller. Regardless of the tonnage, TopChiller has the perfect commercial chiller system or cooling equipment to meet the needs of your HVAC application.

3.Industrial Air Chillers for Optical Processing

Industrial air chillers are also commonly used in optical processing.

TopChiller offers the most complete line of industrial water cooling systems available for optical processing.

With air chillers that range from 1 ton to 25 tons in capacity and large capacity chillers ranging up to 60 tons, we have all the solutions to meet your specific needs.

TopChiller provides technical support throughout the design, install and implementation stages. Whether you are looking to cool your optical coating equipment in a small or large lab, TopChiller has the expertise and the product for you.

Contact our application engineering staff with your optical coating equipment cooling requirements and TopChiller will help you select an industrial air chiller designed for your specific needs.

25Ton Industrial Air Chillers for Optical Processing

25Ton Industrial Air Chillers for Optical Processing

4.Industrial air chiller for die casting industry

TopChiller has a complete line of heating and cooling equipment available to the Die Casting Industry.

Our products include all kinds of temperature controller unit, like oil and water heating/cooling systems, refrigerated industrial portable and central chillers.

Applications include die-cast machine cooling, quench applications, melting furnaces, and induction units.

There are so many kinds of temperature controlling units from TopChiller, but which type or which model of heating or cooling equipment is correct for your die casting application?

Do you need high-temperature oil heating unit, chilled water cooling?

Contact our experienced application engineering staff for a free consultation of your heating or cooling needs.

40Ton Industrial air chiller for die casting industry

40Ton Industrial air chiller for die casting industry

5.Industrial Air Chillers for the Food & Beverage Industry

Since 1999, TopChiller has been a leading manufacturer of industrial air chillers and other water cooling equipment in the food industry.

With capacities ranging from 1 ton chillers dedicated to a single machine to 320 ton plant wide central chiller systems, TopChiller offers the correct size cooling system for your food processing and cooling requirements.

Our industrial air chillers are ideal refrigeration equipment in food, beverage and dairy processing applications.

Additional applications of industrial air chillers include dough mixers, milk, ice cream making machine, jacketed vessels, roll cooling, cooling tunnels, dairy, wine, distillation, heat exchangers and more.

TopChiller can also manufacture glycol chillers for breweries, maintaining the temperature in the cooling fermentation tanks during the fermentation process.

If you are looking for industrial air chiller for your Food & Beverage Industry, please contact TopChiller refrigeration expert.

120Ton Industrial Air Chillers for the Food & Beverage Industry

120Ton Industrial Air Chillers for the Food & Beverage Industry

6.Industrial air chillers for chemical and pharmaceutical

With 20 years of experience, TopChiller has been a leading manufacturer of industrial process chillers for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

With a complete line of full capacities ranging from 1 ton industrial air chillers dedicated to a single machine to 500 ton air cooled screw chiller, TopChiller’s line of industrial chiller has the correct size cooling system for your requirement.

Most applications include jacketed vessels, distillation, heat exchangers and more.

If you are currently want to cool your chemical/pharmaceutical processing plant with industrial chiller, Contact our experienced application engineering staff for a free consultation of your industrial cooling needs.

5Ton Industrial air chillers for chemical and pharmaceutical

5Ton Industrial air chillers for chemical and pharmaceutical

Chapter 6: Maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial air chiller

To find a high-quality industrial air chiller supplier is the first important thing, but how to maintain industrial air chiller is another important thing.

Especially when an error happens. the method of troubleshooting comes into the front desk.

Industrial air chillers are designed to perform at high efficiency. Maintenance steps done on a regular basis will help guarantee your air chiller will perform at an optimized efficiency level.

For Maintenance Schedule of Your Industrial Air Chiller, Please Follow Below Steps:

Basic Steps for Optimized Performance
Inspect the air chiller monthly
Routinely check for refrigerant leakage
Check the high pressure and low pressure gauges to confirm compressor operating pressures are within a reasonable range
Check all motor voltages & amps within a normal range
Check all electrical starters, contactors and relays are normal workings
Check all hot gas and unloader operations
In order to reach maximum efficiency of your industrial air chiller, use superheat and subcooling temperature readings
Line readings from Discharge lines should also be obtained.

Troubleshooting of Industrial air chillers:

Troubleshooting of Industrial Chillers

Troubleshooting of Industrial Chillers

Chapter 7: Why TopChiller can be your reliable industrial air chiller manufacturer?

With over 20 years of experience in air chillers, TopChiller is providing more than 5000 units air chillers for industrial applications.

With a complete range of cooling capacity from 1Ton industrial air chiller to 500Ton air cooled screw chiller, TopChiller served most applications which need a steady cooling source for industrial process.

TopChiller has exported thousands of industrial air chiller units worldwide.

We have distributors in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Chile, Brazil, UAE and Saudi Arabia. These agents or distributors of TopChiller products will provide local service for local customers.

2Ton Industrial Air Chiller Installed in Singapore

2Ton Industrial Air Chiller Installed in Singapore

Besides this, TopChiller also wins a good reputation in the market depends on the aftersales service.

We guarantee the quality of each industrial air chiller unit manufactured by TopChiller. Each air chiller has 12 months warranty time.

During the warranty time, if there is any chiller problem caused by TopChiller product, we will provide all technical support and free spare parts unit problem solved.

This is customer care service we promise, just will make all air chiller buyers can use TopChiller product with no worries.


If you are currently looking for a reliable industrial chiller manufacturer, you are coming to the right place.

TopChiller having a complete product line including industrial air chiller and industrial water chiller with cooling capacity from 0.5Ton to 300Ton.

Of course, there are many brands of different industrial chillers with different price in the market.

But TopChiller wins its good reputation based on reliable quality, workmanship, durable quality and Intimate after-sales service.

Want an industrial chiller or water cooling system for your industrial plant, please contact TopChiller refrigeration expert to custom your industrial chiller system.