Industrial Air Chiller

Industrial Air Chiller

  • Industrial air chiller capacity 1.6 to 230KW
  • Temperature controlling range 7℃ to 35℃
  • Chilled water flow rate up to 480LPM
  • High-efficiency air-cooled type condenser
  • Built-in SS water tank and water pump
  • SS plate type heat exchanger available
  • Industrial air chiller easy installation & maintenance

Your Premier Industrial Air Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier

An industrial air chiller is one kind of air-cooled chiller specially designed and manufactured for the industrial cooling process.

TopChiller is a professional industrial air chiller manufacturer and supplier in China with rich experience.

Industrial air chiller is one of the major products in TopChiller business scope because we have engaged in industrial air chiller manufacturing for 20 years.

High quality industrial air chiller designed and manufactured at TopChiller having outstanding advantages as below:

1. The compressor of industrial air chiller adopts scroll-type hermetic compressor and electric control element, equipped with condenser and evaporator made of high-quality copper tube with high efficiency of heat exchange;

2. Industrial air chiller equipped with various safety protection devices, stable performance, low noise, long service life, simple operation; LCD human-machine interface, simple and convenient operation

3. Industrial air chillers are using a single compressor or multi compressor. The compressor can automatically operate alternately according to the load change, balance the operation hours of each compressor, achieve the effect of saving energy consumption, and extend the service life of the industrial air chiller. It is convenient for energy regulation and more energy-saving in partial load;

4. The industrial air chiller has a box design with a beautiful appearance and compact structure, which can check the operation of the industrial air chiller at any time; the industrial air chiller can bring its water tank and circulating water pump according to the cooling capacity, without cooling tower and cooling water pump, so the installation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

5. The industrial air chiller body structure is made of a high-strength steel plate after plastic spraying, and the most advanced patented technology is used for high-precision processing to ensure that it will not rust in acid and alkali gas.

6. Our industrial air chiller has Microcomputer control, built-in comprehensive intelligent monitoring, and protection, including motor temperature control, phase sequence monitoring, manual reset lock, oil temperature monitoring, accurate temperature control within ± 1℃ temperature difference.

7. Sustainable refrigerant charged in our industrial air chiller. We have environmentally friendly refrigerants for your options including R134a, R407c, R410a, and R404a.

Industrial air chillers are playing a significant part in the industrial process and various industrial applications.

If you are using an industrial air chiller for your plant or production process, these industrial air chillers will absorb access heat from processing liquid such as coolant water, glycol, or oil, and the heat is then transferred to the air around this chiller unit. This is an air chiller working diagram.

This type of industrial air chiller system is commonly used in various applications where it removes excess heat such as in metal finishing, water jet cutting, laser, welding, medical care, plastic processing, brewery, microbrewery, winery, food processing, explosion-proof, and hydroponics.

As a leader in the industrial air chiller business, TopChiller has a variety of air chiller configurations suitable for your applications.

We offer a complete line of industrial air chillers including portable air-cooled chiller and stationary air-cooled chiller, portable air-cooled chiller or central air cooled chiller, closed-loop air chiller, open-loop air chiller.

Besides the above regular industrial air chillers, TopChiller can also make an explosion-proof type industrial chiller which is mostly used in some significant industries like chemical, printing and ink process, petrol&oil.

If you have a special requirement for any industrial air chiller, please send an inquiry now, we have a full solution to all your industrial air chiller requirements.

As a professional industrial air chiller manufacturer, TopChiller has exported hundreds of industrial air chillers throughout the countries of the world.

If you are looking for a high-quality industrial air chiller supplier?

If you want to get the best price for an industrial air chiller?

TopChiller is your best air chiller choice.

Please contact TopChiller sales for a free quotation and design of your industrial air chiller.

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General Description:

Industrial Air Chiller is an essential working and customized oriented cooling device that is mediated to cool down industrial machines by chilled air circulation. It transfers fresh air towards the heat-generating machines and collects all of the wasted heat to discard outside by air cooled condenser.

The essential components of the Industrial Air Chiller designed by TopChiller contain solenoid valves, electronic expansion valves, air filters, control panels, protection devices, and a temperature controller. Its branded spare parts in refrigeration are efficient compressors, heat exchangers, condensers, and expansion valves.

Various industrial applications discard its waste heat by using Industrial Air Chiller for metalwork, die-casting, pharmaceuticals, commercial buildings, lasers, printing, semiconductors manufacturing, and the medical industry.

TopChiller is a top manufacturer working consistently for years to offer technology up a to-dated stock of Industrial Water Chiller in global markets.

Under its professional experience, TopChiller has successfully secured an outstanding reputation among international stakeholders for its design innovations and Industrial Air Cooling System quality.

To purchase a reliable and efficient working Industrial Air Chiller, just visit the top reputed TopChiller to get updates.

You can also approach us by phone call or email and get confirmed your order at discount rates.

Features and Advantages:

Industrial Air Chiller manufactured by TopChiller offers an assorted number of benefits under its unique features as given below:

  • The unit’s long service life and high durability are due to installing a reliable working control panel. Pressure, temperature, refrigerant flow, and voltage supply are automatically set at normal values by the control panel for unit safety.


  • Fresh ambient air is the main reservoir supplied for the actual heat liberation from industrial machines. When air circulates in the vicinity of working machines, all of the waste heat is being absorbed and taken away from the system.


  • The system heat coming along air is transferred to the refrigerant that flows in the shell and tube type heat exchanger tubing. After absorbing heat, the refrigerant changes its liquid phase into gaseous and leaves the heat exchanger to discard heating.


  • An efficient working air-cooled or water-cooled condenser is involved in changing the refrigerant phase from gas to liquid by expelling extra heating. Cooled water or fresh air quickly absorbs heat and rejects it from the system.


  • Quiet and vibration-free operation is configured by air filters and rotor fans that assure smooth air circulation by trapping dust and debris.

Industrial Air Chiller

Industrial Air Chiller Technical Specifications

Industrial Air Chiller

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TopChiller: Your Leading Industrial Air Chiller Supplier and Manufacturer in China

TopChiller is a professional industrial air chiller manufacturer and company with rich experience since 2003.

Each industrial air chiller from TopChiller is well tested and packaged before delivery.

All industrial air chillers are fully refrigerant charged and inlet & outlet housing are ready for use.

When you receive your industrial air chillers just joint the water piping to start the air chiller for your industrial cooling process.

Industrial air chillers designed and manufactured by TopChiller are widely used for various industrial applications, Industrial air chiller designed and manufactured by TopChiller is your best cooling partner for your production process.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial air chillers, TopChiller is willing to provide full-time technical support in your industrial air chiller sizing.

TopChiller offers a perfect industrial air chiller solution for all industrial applications from 1Ton to 60Ton cooling capacity.

If you are searching for a high-quality industrial air chiller supplier with a good reputation, Please contact our engineering department to customize your industrial air chillers.

Your Ultimate Industrial Air Chiller Buying Guide from TopChiller

Chapter 1: What is an industrial air chiller?

Before knowing what’s an industrial air chiller, we should know what is an Industrial Chiller firstly.
Industrial chillers are classified as a water cooling system that cools a process fluid or dehumidifies air in commercial and industrial facilities.

A chiller will use either a vapor compression cycle to cool. Chilled water has a variety of applications from space cooling to process uses.

For industrial air, the chiller is an air-cooled chiller used for industrial facilities or industrial process cooling purposes.

In a word, an air chiller for industrial cooling usage is an industrial air chiller.

Chapter 2: What is the working principle of an industrial air chiller?

How does an industrial air chiller work?

please see below the working principle of an industrial air chiller.

There are some key refrigeration parts in an industrial air chiller: air condenser, air blower, compressor, refrigerant, water pump, water tank, dry filter, and expansion valve.

Industrial air chillers will absorb heat from industrial process water, they then will transfer this heat by air blowers into the ambient air around the chiller unit.

This type of industrial air chiller is typically used in areas where additional heat discharge is not an issue but instead works as a benefit.

For instance, the additional heat can be used to warm space during the winter for less money than traditional heating systems.

The refrigeration cycle starts with the evaporator, which has a liquid refrigerant(R22, R134a, R407c or R404a, R410a) that flows over the evaporator tube bundle where it evaporates.

In this refrigeration process, heat is absorbed from the chilled water circulating through the bundle

The compressor then pulls the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator.

The compressor is then tasked with pumping the refrigerant vapor to the condenser, which increases high temperature and high pressure.

The refrigerant condenses when it’s in the condenser tubes, releasing its internal heat to the air or cooling water.

The high-pressure liquid then moves through the expansion device and into the evaporator. In the process, the refrigerant pressure is reduced along with the temperature.

To complete the continuous cycle, the refrigerant will flow back over the chilled water coils and absorb more heat.

Chapter 3: Major refrigeration parts in an industrial air chiller?

Key components of an industrial air chiller are as below:
The mechanical compression cycle of an industrial air chiller has four basic components through which the refrigerant passes:

(1) the evaporator: shell and tube type/ Stainless steel plate heat exchanger/

(2) the compressor: scroll type/screw type/piston type

(3) the condenser: air-cooled type condenser with air blower

(4) the expansion valve: thermal expansion valve/electronic expansion valve

The evaporator in this industrial air chiller will operate at a lower pressure and lower temperature than it in the condenser.

Besides the above, there are also some other important refrigeration spare parts:

(1) the dry filter is used to dry and filter impurities and moisture in the refrigerant, to make the refrigeration cycle clean.

(2) the water tank, sometimes an industrial air chiller required a built-in water tank.

(3) high/low-pressure gauge, to monitor the high and low-pressure refrigerant when normal working or troubleshooting.

(4) Water pump. Industrial air chiller with a built-in water pump for water circulation.

(5) Temperature controller: for setting the desired water temperature

Industrial air chiller key components list

Electrical componentsSCHNEIDER/CHINAFrance/China
Water PumpMINAMOTO/LXTaiwan
Condenser TopChillerHongkong
Pressure controllerFINISHEDTaiwan
Oil pressure gauge (high & low)HONGSENTaiwan
Temperature controllerPUMPChina
Air BlowerMAERTaiwan
Expansion valveDANFOSSUSA

Chapter 4: What is the difference between industrial air chiller and industrial water chiller?

There are industrial air chillers and industrial water chillers in the range of industrial chillers.

The biggest difference between industrial air chiller and water chiller is the way of heat condensing.

For industrial air chiller, it is by an air-cooled condenser and air blower.

For industrial water chiller, it is a water-cooled condenser like a shell and tube, and a cooling tower.

difference between industrial air chiller and water chiller
difference between industrial air chiller and water chiller

Besides this, compared with water-cooled chiller, industrial air chiller has many advantages both in operation and maintenance:

1. Industrial air chillers require less regular maintenance than industrial water chillers not only in worker labor but also in daily costs.

2. Industrial air chillers can work independently since they do not require installing a cooling tower or a condenser water pump.

3. Industrial air chillers are more convenient for installation. Each air-cooled chiller with portable wheels can move from one place to another easily.

4. Energy consumption is approximately 10-15% more power than a water-cooled chiller unit since wet surfaces transfer heat better than dry surfaces.

If you are not sure which one is the best industrial chiller for you? the industrial air chiller or water chiller? please contact TopChiller specialist for help.

Chapter 5: Applications of industrial air chillers

Industrial air chillers can supply steady cooling water. They are widely used in large industrial applications or processes.

There are some typical applications which industrial air chillers served as below:

1. Industrial Air Chillers for Anodizing & Plating Processes

TopChiller is a leading manufacturer of industrial process cooling equipment for the Metal and Surface Finishing Industry.

TopChiller’s diverse line of all industrial process cooling equipment includes industrial air chillers, industrial water chiller, evaporative cooling towers, as well as a full line of custom tank systems that can be equipped with plate and frame heat exchangers to isolate your bath from the coolant. Applications include anodizing, plating, and metal coating.

Temperature control plays an important aspect in the anodizing, plating, and metal finishing processes.

Industrial air chillers manufactured by TopChiller are designed to maintain the correct temperature while removing the heat to keep the rectifier and tanks cool throughout the entire process.

Which type of cooling equipment is correct for your Anodizing & Plating Processes application?

Do you need chilled water from the industrial chiller or can you go with an evaporative tower or possibly adiabatic cooling? Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out all the options.

Please contact the TopChiller refrigeration expert to get professional advice for your industrial air chillers.

2. Air-cooled commercial chiller for HVAC

TopChiller ’s diverse line of HVAC cooling equipment includes portable chiller and central chillers, evaporative cooling towers as well as a full line of custom tank systems.

A wide array of water filtration and water treatment equipment is also available.

With decades year experience, TopChiller leads the industry of industrial air chillers for HVAC chillers and commercial chillers.

Regardless of the tonnage, TopChiller has the perfect commercial chiller system or cooling equipment to meet the needs of your HVAC application.

3. Industrial Air Chillers for Optical Processing

Industrial air chillers are also commonly used in optical processing.

TopChiller offers the most complete line of industrial air chillers, water cooling systems available for optical processing.

With industrial air chillers that range from 1 ton to 25 tons in capacity and large capacity chillers ranging up to 60 tons, we have all the solutions to meet your specific needs.

TopChiller provides technical support throughout the design, installation, and implementation stages.

Whether you are looking to cool your optical coating equipment in a small or large lab, TopChiller has the expertise and the right industrial air chiller for you.

Contact our application engineering staff with your optical coating equipment cooling requirements and TopChiller will help you select an industrial air chiller designed for your specific needs.

25Ton Industrial Air Chillers for Optical Processing
25Ton Industrial Air Chillers for Optical Processing

4. Industrial air chiller for die casting industry

TopChiller has a complete line of heating and cooling equipment available to the Die Casting Industry.

Our products include all kinds of temperature controller units, like oil and water heating/cooling systems, refrigerated industrial portable, and central chillers.

Applications include die-cast machine cooling, quench applications, melting furnaces, and induction units.

There are so many kinds of temperature controlling units from TopChiller, but which type or which industrial air chiller model of heating or cooling equipment is correct for your die casting application?

Do you need a high-temperature oil heating unit, chilled water cooling?

Contact our experienced application engineering staff for a free consultation of your heating or cooling needs.

5. Industrial Air Chillers for the Food & Beverage Industry

Since 1999, TopChiller has been a leading manufacturer of industrial air chillers and other water cooling equipment in the food industry.

With capacities ranging from 1-ton industrial air chillers dedicated to a single air chiller to 320-ton plant-wide central industrial air chiller systems, TopChiller offers the correct size industrial air chiller, cooling system for your food processing and cooling requirements.

Our industrial air chillers are ideal refrigeration equipment in food, beverage, and dairy processing applications.

Additional applications of industrial air chillers include dough mixers, milk, ice cream-making machines, jacketed vessels, roll cooling, cooling tunnels, dairy, wine, distillation, heat exchangers, and more.

TopChiller can also manufacture industrial glycol chillers for breweries, maintaining the temperature in the cooling fermentation tanks during the fermentation process.

If you are looking for an industrial air chiller for your Food & Beverage Industry, please contact the TopChiller refrigeration expert.

120Ton Industrial Air Chillers for the Food & Beverage Industry
120Ton Industrial Air Chillers for the Food & Beverage Industry

6. Industrial air chillers for chemical and pharmaceutical

With 20 years of experience, TopChiller has been a leading manufacturer of industrial air chillers for chemical and pharmaceutical applications and processes.

With a complete line of full capacities ranging from 1-ton industrial air chillers dedicated to a single machine to a 500-ton air-cooled screw chiller, TopChiller’s line of industrial chiller has the correct size cooling system for your requirement.

Most applications include jacketed vessels, distillation, heat exchangers, and more.

If you are currently want to cool your chemical/pharmaceutical processing plant with an industrial air chiller, Contact our experienced application engineering staff for a free consultation of your industrial cooling needs.

5Ton Industrial air chillers for chemical and pharmaceutical
5Ton Industrial air chillers for chemical and pharmaceutical

Chapter 6: Maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial air chiller

Finding a high-quality industrial air chiller supplier is the first important thing, but how to maintain an industrial air chiller is another important thing.

Especially when an error happens. the method of troubleshooting comes into the front desk.

Industrial air chillers are designed to perform at high efficiency. Maintenance steps done regularly will help guarantee your air chiller will perform at an optimized efficiency level.

For the Maintenance Schedule of Your Industrial Air Chiller, Please Follow Below Steps:

Basic Steps for Optimized Performance
Inspect the air chiller monthly
Routinely check for refrigerant leakage
Check the high pressure and low pressure gauges to confirm compressor operating pressures are within a reasonable range
Check all motor voltages & amps within a normal range
Check all electrical starters, contactors and relays are normal workings
Check all hot gas and unloader operations
To reach maximum efficiency of your industrial air chiller, use superheat and subcooling temperature readings
Line readings from Discharge lines should also be obtained.

Troubleshooting of Industrial air chillers:

Troubleshooting of Industrial Chillers
Troubleshooting of Industrial Chillers

Chapter 7: Why TopChiller can be your reliable industrial air chiller manufacturer?

With over 20 years of experience in air chillers, TopChiller is providing more than 5000 units of industrial air chillers for various industrial applications.

With a complete range of cooling capacity from 1Ton industrial air chiller to 500Ton air-cooled screw chiller, TopChiller served most applications that need a steady cooling source for the industrial process.

TopChiller has exported thousands of industrial air chiller units worldwide.

We have distributors in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, Chile, Brazil, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

These agents or distributors of TopChiller products will provide local service for local customers.

Besides this, TopChiller also wins a good reputation in the market depending on the aftersales service.

We guarantee the quality of each industrial air chiller unit manufactured by TopChiller. Each industrial air chiller has 12 months warranty time.

During the warranty time, if there is any chiller problem caused by the TopChiller product, we will provide all technical support and free spare parts until your industrial air chiller problem is solved.

This is customer care service we promise, just will make all industrial air chiller buyers can use TopChiller product with no worries.


If you are currently looking for a reliable industrial air chiller manufacturer, you are coming to the right place.

TopChiller has a complete product line including industrial air chiller and industrial water chiller with cooling capacity from 0.5Ton to 300Ton.

Of course, there are many brands of different industrial air chillers with different prices in the market.

But TopChiller wins its good reputation based on reliable quality, workmanship, durable quality, and Intimate after-sales service.

Want an industrial air chiller or water cooling system for your industrial plant, please contact the TopChiller refrigeration expert to custom your industrial air chiller system.

Industrial Air Chiller-The Ultimate FAQ Guide by TopChiller

Big industries produce extra heat as a result of different processes; this heat is vital to be removed from industrial applications to achieve better performance.

For these industries, selecting an Industrial Air Chiller is one of the most essential jobs. Selecting a suitable Industrial Air Chiller can save your money, capital, time, and applications.

Whether you want to attain cooling in food industries, beverage industries, plastic business industries, or other areas, and Industrial Air Chiller is the best choice.

It is mostly used in open spaces because it needs uninterrupted airflow and safety. Usually, Industrial Air Chiller is applied in huge industries and buildings on the rooftop.

If you are planning to buy an Industrial Air Chiller then you are at the right place hope so this guide will be worth reading for you.

Let’s start it.

1. What Is An Industrial Air Chiller?

To understand what an Industrial Air Chiller is, you first need to understand what an industrial chiller is.

A chiller is an appliance or a piece of equipment that helps in eliminating heat. Now, back to what an Industrial Air Chiller is.

An Industrial Air Chiller is a chiller specially designed to dehumidify the air, ensuring that heat is eliminated.

It is important to note that it works by removing the heat on a piece of equipment or in an environment.

After removing the heat, it then diverts it somewhere else. In summary, Industrial Air Chiller does not make the equipment or environment ‘cold’; rather, it only eliminates the heat in them.

Industrial Air Chiller by TopChiller

Industrial Air Chiller by TopChiller

2. What Are The Major Components Of An Industrial Air Chiller?

An Industrial Air Chiller is made up of some key components that keep it running. We’ll be explaining these components soon as this will make you understand how Industrial Air Chiller works better.


All Industrial Air Chiller make use of refrigerants. The importance of refrigerants cannot be overemphasized.

A refrigerant is a fluid that helps in eliminating heat from the process of water. The way it works is that this refrigerant is pumped around the chilling system while taking different forms.

The refrigerant changes from liquid to gas intermittently.

There are different types of refrigerants available, and each of them has its pros and cons.

It is also essential to know that there’s no perfect refrigerant for your Industrial Air Chiller. However, the refrigerant should meet some standards, which include:

  • The Refrigerant Should Not Be Corrosive.
  • It Should Be Non-Toxic
  • The Refrigerant Should Be Non-Flammable.
  • It Should Be Safe For the Environment.


We have talked about the refrigerant and how it moves all around the Industrial Air Chiller. But what makes the refrigerant move? What drives the refrigerant?

The compressor is responsible for this. The compressor helps push or move the refrigerant all around the Industrial Air Chiller.

Without the compressor, then the refrigerant will have no use.

There are different types of compressors available. The most popular ones include; centrifugal, reciprocating, screw, rotary vane, and scroll compressors.


The condenser is another major component of the Industrial Air Chiller. The work of the condenser is to remove the heat which the evaporator produced.

Moreover, the Industrial Air Chiller’s condenser works by blowing air on the hot refrigerant the compressor brings into it.

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve’s work is to control how much refrigerant flows between the condenser and the evaporator.

With the expansion valve, the evaporator’s refrigerant will be of the right amount for the cooling needed. In other words, the work of the expansion valve is to keep the refrigerant and superheat balanced.


Industrial Air Chiller RefrigerantsIndustrial Air Chiller Refrigerants

3. Why do you Need An Industrial Air Chiller for your Application?

Are you still confused about buying an Industrial Air Chiller or not?

If yes, then we will be highlighting some of the benefits here. Kindly read on to see why you need an Industrial Air Chiller.

Energy Efficient

One of the benefits is that it is energy efficient. When you compare the amount of power the Industrial Air Chiller consumes compared to other types of AC units, you will see how energy efficient it is.

With an Industrial Air Chiller, you will get to keep a particular environment or machine ‘chilled’ while saving energy costs. This, in turn, leads to more profit for the organization.

Eliminates Heat

The primary function of an Industrial Air Chiller is to eliminate heat. With an Industrial Air Chiller in place, heat-producing machines will be able to work better.

Not only that, the environment becomes more conducive for the workers there. In general, it increases comfort in the room.

Environment Friendly

Industrial Air Chiller is environment friendly as it does not release harmful gasses or substances into the air.

In light of this, when you use it instead of other air conditioning systems, you will be helping the environment.


Another benefit is that it is flexible. There are different Industrial Air Chiller available to suit your specific needs and uses.

4. What are the Applications of Industrial Air Chiller?

The use of Industrial Air Chiller cannot be overemphasized. Besides, since the Industrial Air Chiller can cool down any machine or environment, there are different uses for it.

You might begin to wonder what the specific applications of an Industrial Air Chiller are. Not to worry because this is exactly why we are here.

Read about the various applications below.

Beverage Industry

One of the industries that use Industrial Air Chiller is the beverage industry. It is not hard to know why the beverage industry needs an Industrial Air Chiller.

First, there are lots of processes involved in this industry that generates a lot of heat. Some of these processes include pasteurizing, mixing, and cooking.

Besides, for some of these processes to run smoothly, there is a need for a specific temperature level.

In light of this, the Industrial Air Chiller is capable of keeping the environment at a particular temperature.

Furthermore, some of these processes produce a lot of heat. Thus, there is a need for an Industrial Air Chiller to keep a conducive environment for the workers.

Not only that, but the machines will also work better in a cooler environment. In conclusion, without the use of an Industrial Air Chiller, the beverage industry’s operating environment might be uncomfortable.

Medical Industry

The medical industry is another industry where you can utilize the Industrial Air Chiller. You might begin to wonder how it serves the medical industry.

This is simple. First, there is some medical industry equipment that requires a certain temperature level to function at its best. And an Industrial Air Chiller is a machine that can help keep the temperature in check.

For example, the medical industry uses the Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine (MRI). The MRI generates a lot of heat, and because of this, it needs an Industrial Air Chiller to reduce the heat.

It also helps to balance the temperature in the room where the MRI is. In general, Industrial Air Chiller will make machines in the medical industry work at a better capacity.

Laser Cutting Industry

Laser cutting involves the use of a laser to cut materials. The materials can be just about anything ranging from metal to plastic to wood.

This process can also generate a lot of heat, and an Industrial Air Chiller will help keep the environment cool. Not only that, but you can also use it to cool the lasers down.

Metal Finishing Industry

There are lots of cutting, electroplating, and polishing of metals in this industry, and most of these processes produce heat.

Thus, it becomes crucial to have an appliance that can keep the temperature in this industry at a comfortable level.

In light of this, every metal finishing industry should use an Industrial Air Chiller as this appliance guarantees the elimination of heat in any environment.

Plastic Manufacturing Industry

The plastic manufacturing industry is one of the sectors that need Industrial Air chillers the most.

This is because making plastic involves a lot of heat-generating processes. Thus, it is essential to get an appliance like the Industrial Air Chiller to eliminate the heat.

Furthermore, plastic making also involves the cooling down of hot plastic. In light of this, plastic manufacturers need to find efficient ways to cool down the plastics, and it becomes a good option.

In conclusion, the Industrial Air Chiller becomes necessary because of the heat-generating processes in the plastic manufacturing company.

Industrial Air Chiller Applications

Industrial Air Chiller Applications

5. What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Air Chiller for your Application?

Now that you have decided to choose an Industrial Air Chiller, it is crucial to choose the RIGHT one for you.

This is because there are different Industrial Air Chiller available and each one of these chillers serves different purposes.

Because of this, you should not just set out to buy it instead, you should be buying one to suit your needs.

Check out some factors to consider when choosing it below.

Purpose of Buying the Industrial Air Chiller

The first factor you should consider when buying an Industrial Air Chiller is the purpose. You need to ask yourself what you intend to use it for before purchasing one.

When you know the goal, it then makes it easier to get the right Industrial Air Chiller.

First, you should decide if it is needed to cool down a machine or eliminate the room’s heat.

When the decision of the purpose has been ascertained, you should then go on to choose an Industrial Air Chiller for that specific purpose.

Cooling Capacity

One of the factors you should consider when choosing it is its cooling capacity.

First, you need to ascertain what you need the Industrial Air Chiller for as this will help you establish the cooling capacity should be.

Moreover, the room’s size, the room temperature, or the heat of the machine you want to ‘chill’ will determine the cooling capacity you need.

Because of his, you need to ensure that the Industrial Air Chiller you buy has the cooling capacity to serve you.

Energy Efficiency

One way to reduce the cost of production is by reducing energy consumption. And if energy consumption is reduced, then this will translate to a higher profit for the organization.

Because of this, you must choose an Industrial Air Chiller that consumes as little energy as possible.


It would be best if you also considered the cost of the Industrial Air Chiller and your budget. First, you need to know the right one for your operations.

When you know this, you can now make a solid plan to buy the right Industrial Air Chiller for you.

Remember that the higher the cost, the better the Industrial Air Chiller is. Because of this, you should take your time before making a buying decision since this is a ‘One-off’ purchase.


The best Industrial Air Chiller has the best control systems like HMI and touches control. Not only that, but you should also be able to control it remotely.

Make sure the Industrial Air Chiller you buy has all these features and capabilities.

This is to ensure that you have the best experience possible while using the Industrial Air Chiller.

Portable or Stationary Industrial Air Chiller

You have a choice to choose between a portable or stationary Industrial Air Chiller. As the name implies, a Portable Industrial Air Chiller is easily movable, while the Stationary Industrial Air Chiller is always fixed in a location.

You should decide if your operations will only be in a particular place or if you get to move around.

If you are moving locations, you should get a Portable Industrial Air Chiller.

However, if you will be dealing with extensive operations or won’t be moving, you should go for Stationary Industrial Air Chiller.

This is because a Stationary Industrial Air Chiller is usually more powerful.

Portable Air Chiller

Portable Air Chiller

6. What are the Differences between a Portable Industrial Air Chiller and a Stationary Industrial Air Chiller?

TopChiller offers Portable and Stationary Industrial Air Chiller for sale, but what are the significant differences between them?

Here, we will be differentiating between these two types of Industrial Air Chiller extensively.

Portable Industrial Air Chiller

The first thing you need to know about the portable Industrial Air Chiller is that it is ‘portable’ just like the name implies. Besides, what makes the portable Industrial Air Chiller ‘portable’ is that it has most of its components inside it.

These components include a water pump, compressor, expansion valve, evaporator, etc. In light of this, you can always move the Portable Industrial Air Chiller around and get it working anytime.

Furthermore, the portable Industrial Air Chiller is less expensive than the stationary one.

However, one reason for its low price is that it is not as powerful. Because of this, if you have powerful operations, then you should go for the bigger and stronger stationary Industrial Air Chiller.

Stationary Industrial Air Chiller

The Stationary Industrial Air Chiller requires the installation to work. The installation involves mounting its major components in the location where you need them.

With a stationary Industrial Air Chiller, you won’t be able to move the chiller around.

Furthermore, rest assured that the Stationary Industrial Air Chiller can serve most of your chiller needs depending on the chilling capacity.

However, this comes at a high purchase, installation, and maintenance cost. Again, you will need a big room to install this piece of machinery.

In conclusion, you can get a stationary Industrial Air Chiller with the right amount of money to serve any chilling function.

Stationary Industrial Air Chiller

Stationary Industrial Air Chiller

7. How to Maintain your Industrial Air Chiller?

Buying the Industrial Air Chiller is the easy part, but maintaining it is where the problem is.

You need to maintain it to keep it in good working condition. Here, we will be teaching you how to maintain the appliance.

Check for Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant determines how cool the Industrial Air Chiller will be. If the refrigerant running through the compressor is inadequate, you should not expect the Industrial Air Chiller to work at maximum capacity.

Because of this, you should always ensure that there’s enough refrigerant running through the compressor.

However, there might be a refrigerant leak problem that must be solved as soon as possible.

Various factors can cause this leak. However, you must occasionally check for these leaks to keep your Industrial Air Chiller working at maximum capacity.

Examine the Compressor Oil

For the smooth running of the Industrial Air Chiller, you need to make a lab examination of the compressor oil.

It would be best if you made this examination yearly. It would be best if you also made the necessary changes according to recommendations from the lab.

However, only centrifugal-operated chillers need this oil examination.

Inspect Cooling Coils

Inspect the cooling coils regularly. This is to ensure that there is no distortion in fins.

Regular inspection of the cooling coils helps to detect corrosion, which can hinder Industrial Air Chiller performance.

Inspect Condenser Fan

You should carry out occasional inspection of the condenser fan. Moreover, you should pay special attention to the fan to check if the fan is wearing down.

Not only that, but you should also check if there is adequate lubrication. Furthermore, ensure that the belts are in the right position.

You should also make adjustments to the belts if the need arises.

Inspect Condenser Coils

One way to ensure that the Industrial Air Chiller continues working in optimum condition is by inspecting the condenser coils.

Make sure that there are no cases of leaks, blockage, and corrosion.

Moreover, since the condenser is responsible for eliminating the evaporator’s heat, the condenser needs to be in perfect condition for effective chilling.

Lubricate the Machine

Lubricate all the moving parts of the Industrial Air Chiller occasionally. This is to avoid friction between the parts.


Industrial Air Chiller Leaks Checking

Industrial Air Chiller Leaks Checking

8. How to Troubleshoot your Industrial Air Chiller?

Troubleshooting an Industrial Air Chiller involves identifying the cause of the problem and trying to solve it.

Below are some of the typical Industrial Air Chiller problems and how to troubleshoot them.


Insufficient or No Cooling

Possible Cause

  • Refrigerant leak
  • The air filter is clogged.
  • Condenser is clogged
  • Evaporator is frozen


Air Chiller Failing to Power Up

Possible Cause

  • Instable power
  • The power button is not in a position
  • Blown fuse
  • Blown circuit breaker


Insufficient Flow of Fluids

Possible Cause

  • Fluid filters are blocked.
  • Pump failure
  • Closed process valve
  • Insufficient fluid in the reservoir
  • Small process piping

Industrial Air Chiller Blown circuit breaker Checking

Industrial Air Chiller Blown Circuit Breaker Checking

9. Why TopChiller is your Reliable Industrial Air Chiller Manufacturer?

You might be wondering why you should trust the TopChiller brand for your Industrial Air Chiller.

We will give you three words; experience, quality, and satisfaction. These three words are why you should choose TopChiller.

First, with a track record of being in Industrial Air Chiller’s production for over 20 years, TopChiller sure has the experience to deliver.

Besides, TopChiller has put together a team of highly skilled engineers to design and model chillers to suit customers’ needs over these years.

Furthermore, quality is a core part of TopChiller’s principles. This is why they ensure that all production processes, from purchasing raw materials to manufacturing, testing, and delivery of the Industrial Air Chiller, are well controlled and monitored.

Finally, TopChiller ensures that all its customers are satisfied with the products they buy.

Besides, all their Industrial Air Chiller have a 12-month warranty from when you install them. This assures the customers that they bought a quality product.

10. Conclusion

Now that we have completed this article on Industrial Air Chiller, we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Our focus here in this article was on Industrial Air Chiller, and we did our best to pass as much information about them as possible.

Finally, we also hope you learned a lot from the article’s information because that’s the primary reason we wrote it.

FAQ of Industrial Air Chiller.

There are lots of unanswered questions about Industrial Air Chiller online. Here, we will do our best to answer some of these questions, and hopefully, your question will be among the ones we answer.

  1. What is meant by Chiller Load in Industrial Air Chiller?

Chiller load means the rate of reducing the water temperature of your machine or heat during the process at a specific temperature range.

  1. Where can you use an Industrial Air Chiller?

You can use Industrial Air Chiller in schools, hospitals, factories, etc.

  1. What are the types of Industrial Air Chiller available?

There are different types of Industrial Air Chiller. They include centrifugal, screw-driven, and reciprocal Industrial Air Chiller.

  1. Is Stationary Industrial Air Chiller more Powerful than Portable Industrial Air Chiller?


  1. Does Industrial Air Chiller Pose Any Health Risk?

There is no proof that the Industrial Air Chiller poses any health risk.

  1. Why does an Evaporator Change the Flow Rate in Industrial Air Chiller?

The evaporator will change the flow rate to keep the temperature inside at the ideal set point.

  1. What is the average life of an Industrial Air Chiller?

The average life of an Industrial Air Chiller is approximately 15 to 20 years.

However, the better you take care of your Industrial Air Chiller, the greater is life. It all depends upon how you maintain it.

100% Quality Tested Industrial Air Chiller

100% Quality Tested Industrial Air Chiller

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