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TopChiller Ice Rink Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier China

  • Cooling capacity ranges from 20KW to 358KW
  • Temperature control ranges from -5°C to -35°C
  • Top branded energy-efficient screw compressor
  • Copper cooling wires & titanium heat exchanger
  • Microcomputer chip & In-built memory function
  • Large refrigeration capacity & quiet operation
  • Overheat and Current auto-protection system
  • Warranty up to 24 months after first purchase

Your Reliable Ice Rink Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in China over 20 Years

General Description

Ice Rink Chiller is a cooling machine that is designed to draw heat out of Ice rink to stabilize icing temperature, works on a refrigeration-based system.

TopChiller is a highly reliable manufacturer and supplier in China, providing our customers with steadfast, engineered, and reliable Ice Rink Chiller since 1999.

By keeping in view the different requirements of skaters, TopChiller has profoundly designed a full line of Ice Rink Chiller models and successfully supplied them all over the world marketplace.

Scroll/Screw compressor, centrifugal pump, refrigerant tank, expansion valve, cooling condenser, PLC controller, water pump and water tank, protecting devices, heat exchanger, and suction emulator are basic components used by TopChiller for Ice Rink Chiller manufacturing.

TopChiller designed Ice Rink Chiller is widely used for skating rink application as:

Hockey skating rink, Olympic rink depending upon the requirements of skaters. Vast technologies are now being introduced in Ice Rink Chiller to vast its applications for the green world system.

Are you are looking for a highly precise and wide variety providing manufacturer of Ice Rink Chiller in China? Are you sourcing for a good quality Ice Rink Chiller for a cooling skating rink or manufacturing a skating rink project to promote your business?

Please make contact with TopChiller leading sales and engineers to get a special customized Ice Rink Chiller depending on skater requirements and suitability to your application at the best price.

Features and Advantages

  • Ice Rink Chiller is used to draw out heat from the ice rink and provide cooling at freezing temperature constantly configured by well-designed cooling producing refrigeration system and Freon based skid-mounted chiller design.


  • We have all models and cooling capacities of ice rinks chillers available, the cooling capacity from 5 tons to 500 tons and controlling temperature from -5℃ to -25℃


  • TopChiller brand Ice Rink Chiller is featured with either glycol water solution or brine solvent as a coolant in the refrigerant that ensures icing temperature below the rink at a constant point.


  • Ice Rink Chiller is highly reliable in its performance, maintaining different temperatures affecting factors like humidity, the number of skaters playing, and ambient temperature configured by different protecting devices as anti-freezing protection, refrigerant level maintenance, and current overflow protection.


  • TopChiller manufactured Ice Rink Chiller is noise sensitive configured by the use of high-quality compressors as well as finned condenser, and external rotor fan operates to produce on noise efficiently.

TopChiller can manufacture a customized and budget-friendly Ice Rink Chiller according to the requirement of your industrial applications.

Ice Rink Chiller Technical Specification

Cooling CapacityKW
EvaporatorChilled Water
-10℃0.65  0.791.10
TypeShell and tube type/Plate type heat exchanger
Inlet/outlet pipelnch1″1″1″1″1-1/2″1-1/2″2″2″2″2-1/2″2-1/2″
Input powerKW3.184.865.617.259.410.913.518.822.5528.537.5
Max CurrentA7.81213.7182326.53346556991
Power Source3PH~380V/415V/480V~50HZ/60HZ(3PH~200V/220V   50HZ/60HZ)
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll ( piston )
CondenserType Efficient finned copper tube with aluminum + low noise external rotor fan
Water pumpPowerKW0.750.750.750.751.
Max liftm2020202020202020202520
Safety protectionCompressor inner protection, over current protection, high / low pressure protection, over temperature protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection, low level coolant protection, anti freezing protection
Net weight(KG)Kg13516521031045053075083592010801125
The above specifications are according to the following design conditions:
1, Chilled water inlet/outlet temperature difference 3℃/8℃.
2, Cooling air inlet/outlet temperature 30℃/38℃

Ice Rink Chiller Configuration Table

Electrical componentsSCHNEIDER/CHINTFRANCE/


Pressure controllerFENSHENTAIWAN
Oil pressure gauge (high & low)HONGSENTAIWAN
Temperature controllerPUNPCHINA
Expansion valve/capililaryFANFOSSUSA
Liquid receiverTOPCHILLERChina
Air blowerJULITaiwan

TopChiller Free Service and Technical Support

As a professional chiller manufacturer for over 20 years, TopChiller is always happy to provide our free service and technical support accessible to our clients before, during, and after-sales. If you need any help, welcome to call us or send your inquiry to our email. These free services and technical support include;

  • Listening to your detailed chiller requirements and giving your best chiller solution for your applications based on our rich experience.
  • If you have no idea about how to size your chiller model or cooling capacity, it’s not a big issue, Just tell us your specific cooling demands, we will guide you to select the right economical chiller model.
  • 7*24 online service, If you have any problem with the chiller, you may call us or send an email, we are always here to support you.

TopChiller Standard Warranty Time

After purchasing the TopChiller product, you are our valued customers in the TopChiller ERP system.

We will do regular tracking service and Your chiller has up to 24 months warranty time after installation and commissioning,

If your chiller is down, you can contact TopChiller for support to solve your problem. Once we received your message, Our service technician on duty will contact you as soon as possible.

TopChiller Start-up & Commissioning

TopChiller also provides the additional service of start-up or commissioning of your chiller. You’d better before scheduling your start-up, it is important that the proper installation procedures have been followed and the chiller is ready.
TopChiller technician will guide you on how to start up your chiller when your chiller is ready, besides this we have full sets of paper works including the Chiller installation manual, operation manual, electrical drawing for you.

Free Replacement Spare Parts

Providing free replacement spare parts for TopChiller is the best customer service in the industry to support you when you are sourcing replacement parts.

We have most parts are in stock and available for next-day shipment for your chillers.

If you want to have some replacement spare parts, just provide us with your chiller serial number and model number to expedite the sourcing process.

Better to have the nameplate and pictures of your chiller for our reference. This will help us find the proper replacements at the earliest time.

6 Points Why TopChiller Is Your Best Ice Rink Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in China?

Professional Manufacturer
TopChiller is your professional ice rink chiller manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years of experience. We believe TopChiller has all ice rink chiller cooling capacities&models to meet your specific cooling demands.
Free Design Selection
Based on our rich experience in ice rink chiller design and manufacturing, We are willing to help you work out the right ice rink chiller design and model selection suitable for your specific cooling requirements.
Maximize Your Benefit
TopChiller is supplying high-quality ice rink chillers to save your costs. Our ice rink chillers are designed and manufactured based on the most optimized refrigeration solution which will maximize your benefit.
Fastest Delivery Time
For standard configuration ice rink chillers, we always have complete models finished stocks at the warehouse, This will make sure our ice rink chillers will meet your urgent needs at the earliest time.
24 Months Warranty
After purchasing our ice rink chillers, you have up to 24 months of warranty time which covers the Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Electrical Components, and other refrigeration spare parts. Within warranty time, we will provide you with free spare parts including the shipping rate.
7*24 Online Support
TopChiller is providing 24*7*365 online services to support your business. No matter if you are having a problem with ice rink chiller model selection, quotation, delivery, installation/commission, and after-sales service, just leave your messages, and you will get our fast feedback within 2 hours.

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Ice Rink Chiller-An Ultimate Buying Guide by TopChiller

Do you want to enjoy rink sports even during the extremely hot summers? Ice Rink Chiller is the only way to enjoy ice rink sports not only in the cold but also in hot weather.

Ice Rink Chiller decreases the temperature of the ice, which then you can use for having a great time in the summers.

Whether you want to have fun playing ice hockey or skating, you will love Ice Rink Chiller.

But it is essential to understand the construction and to work first.

This article will also guide you about the maintenance and safety of your Ice Rink Chiller. So, let’s dig into it.

What is an Ice Rink Chiller?

An Ice Rink Chiller is a machine that takes out the excess heat from the ice to ensure that this ice remains frozen for a longer time.

Brine and glycol/water mixtures are the two most common chemicals used in this machine.

The usage of certain foundation-based climate control systems provides the overall ice sheet to be kept at a consistent temperature during the year.

The ability to control the ice temperature through the Ice Rink Chiller thermostat device ensures that the ice layer is adequately protected at all times, including through the atmospheric air temperatures change.

Humidity, the number of skaters, and the ambient temperature are a few factors that influence the condition of ice being chilled.

Ice Rink Chiller

Ice Rink Chiller Designed by TopChiller

What are the Components of the Ice Rink Chiller?

· Skating Surface

The ice is formed in layers to build the skating surface. Water is poured straight onto the concrete slab at a thickness of around 1/32 inch.

When it meets the concrete, this coating freezes nearly instantly, becoming the foundation of the ice rink’s skating floor.

More super-thin layers are added after the first layer and allowed to freeze. To contrast the black ball, a sheet will be painted white within the first few layers.

At this point, the lines and logos needed for ice hockey games are also painted on. Freezing, spraying water, and painting will take up to four days to complete.

A hockey rink surface requires about 45,000 and 57,000 liters of water to create, as well as the surface is usually between 34 and 12 inches thick.

If the ice is so dense, it will take more energy to freeze, and the top will likely stay brittle. Skaters could break through the ice to the asphalt if it is too thin.

· Chilled Concrete Slab

A refrigeration device injected into pipes installed in the concrete block below the skating surface keeps the surface ice at the necessary temperature.

For ice hockey, the optimum rink surface temperature is about -4 degrees Celsius. Other factors such as the building temperature, outdoor temperature, and humidity can influence the ice temperature.

· Insulation & Heated Concrete

A sheet of plastic and a hot concrete layer is under the surface. This prevents the ground under the ice from melting, which could cause the rink foundation to collapse and break.

  • Ground Water Drain and Gravel and Sand Base

The whole rink is then placed on a sand or gravel foundation with a drainage drain at the bottom.

Ice Rink Chiller Chilled Concrete Slab

Ice Rink Chiller Chilled Concrete Slab

What are the Layers Present in the Ice Rink Chiller?

  • Ice Rink Chiller has a base level surface of about 1.60mm in thickness.
  • Mortar protection plate + 40mm electric heating sheet
  • The layer of K12 is water-resistant and enables rigidity of the ice rink.
  • 150mm thick polystyrene expelling board heat transfer sheet enables stability of ground and heat.
  • 40mm slipping plate + 1:2 cement mortar protective coating causes protection of structural layer from ice damage that can be caused by cold deformation.
  • A 100mm antifreeze concrete sheet with a 12,200 single-layer steel bar inside to keep ice resistance from deteriorating.
  • Ice Rink Chiller has about 40mm of layer of coil sand layer and 40-60mm layer of real ice
  • PE25 row pipe with a 65mm middle gap is used, ensuring high ice scene layer accuracy.

What are the Common Features of an Ice Rink Chiller?

  • Ice Rink Chiller comprises a centrifugal pump and screw compressor.
  • The motor present in Ice Rink Chiller is of high efficiency, and it also can recover the heat.
  • It is also equipped with a microprocessor controller that has redundancy in the built-in system.
  • It is also featured with high-quality glycol or calcium chloride brine.
  • The Ice Rink Chiller is tested by the factory to guarantee its functioning.
  • The condenser is constructed of increased, high-efficiency copper tubing.
  • Large, long-lasting, simple to operate, stable, and other benefits
  • Advanced German PLC controller that can meet the demands of actual Ice Rink Chiller that operate all time.
  • It offers a bypass of modulating hot gas.
  • The evaporated fitted in the machine is of the brazed plate that gives low ambient control in general.
  • The head pressure control and suction pressure control are made floating in nature.

What is the difference between the Portable and Non-Portable Ice Rink Chiller?


Mostly, concrete material can be used to build a Non-portable Ice Rink Chiller. It stays firmly in place. As a result, you must present serious care while mounting it as you won’t be able to replace it again.


Many Ice Rink Chiller, on the other hand, is fully portable, including tubing that rolls up and stores quickly for the summer and the machine that comes with its rolling cart.

Portable Ice Rink Chiller

Portable Ice Rink Chiller

How Does the Ice Rink Chiller Work?

For achieving the appropriate thickness of the ice sheet, a heat transfer fluid is pumped through a network of pipes or tubing. The valves or tubes are located underneath the ice layer.

Ice Rink Chiller operates in two ways.

The first is a straightforward expanding mechanism using R-22 as the refrigerant, while the second is an indirect method using calcium chloride, glycol, or CO2 as the secondary fluid.

Because of the possibility of leakage, direct expansion systems are not allowed in indoor ice rinks.

Indirect devices, in which calcium chloride or glycol is used mostly as a heat transfer fluid, are ideal for indoor applications, but CO2, as a phase-shifting fluid, becomes more critical for indirect Ice Rink Chiller.

Calcium chloride solution, pumped into a plastic pipe system, is the most common heat transfer fluid for indirect systems.

What Are Some Applications of an Ice Rink Chiller?

The Ice Rink Chiller may be utilized for a variety of ice sports, but each sport has its required dimensions of the ice rink.

  • Ice Rink Chiller makes good application in Ice Hockey Rink.
  • Curling Rink also utilizes this machine.
  • Despite others, this system also works for Figure Skating Rink.
  • Speed Skating Rink makes use of this unit.
  • Recreational Skating Rink, similar to others, also uses it.

Applications of an Ice Rink Chiller

Applications of an Ice Rink Chiller

What are the Benefits of Using an Ice Rink Chiller for your Applications?

  • Ice Rink Chiller is about 15-20% high in efficiency than the HFC systems
  • R-507 refrigerant is about 60% more expensive as compared to it.
  • It works as a natural refrigerant, and it has none of the rejecting problems.
  • Ice Rink Chiller offers decreased investment at the start or lowers initial investment.
  • Lower operating costs are also observed during the lifecycle
  • It benefits with less complicated health criteria
  • It contains refrigerants that are good for the environment.
  • Ice Rink Chiller gives operations that are low on energy.

R-507 refrigerant for Ice Rink Chiller

R-507 Refrigerant for Ice Rink Chiller

How Does an Ice Rink Chiller Provide Energy Recovery and Lower Operating Costs?

Ice Rink Chiller can be equipped with a heat recovery system for additional flexibility and energy conservation. Rather than wasting the heat produced by your refrigeration equipment, these systems recover it and use it for below heating, ice pit melt, space temperature, and humidity control. The result is lower energy costs, a more relaxed rink climate, and a higher gross profit.

Is Refrigeration Safe Using the Ice Rink Chiller?

Within the Ice Rink Chiller, only propylene glycol is used and other non-toxic fluids for heat transfer. These fluids make this system completely safe to use. However, proper safety and maintenance is still required for enhanced safety purposes and efficient working of the system

What Are the Common Problems you Can Face When Using an Ice Rink Chiller?

  • Refrigerant leaks

The Ice Rink Chiller depends on keeping a high charge of refrigerant to keep working, so refrigerant leakage is costly.

Even a minor refrigerant leak will result in lower quality, higher energy bills, and ultimately a loss of output. In an Ice Rink Chiller, there are two major ways to prevent refrigerant leakage.

First, if possible, use indirect chilling. The refrigerant in indirect chilling remains in the unit rather than flowing through the tubing under the rink, keeping it more contained. There are fewer chances for a spill.

The second is to use Ice Rink Chiller that is in decent working condition and is routinely tested and managed.

  • Can’t Handle Warm Climates. 

If you run an Ice Rink Chiller in the summer or anywhere that isn’t as cold, the machine is working against the elements to keep your drink cool.

As a result, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all systems for the work. This system has been built that successfully keeps ice rinks ice-cold even in the hottest months of the year.

It will give big energy costs and potentially a decrease in the consistency of the ice surface if a device is used that doesn’t have the power and architecture for the normal temperatures.

  • Humidity Problems. 

At least Ice Rink Chiller, humidity issues are largely a warm-climate problem. It’s also a phenomenon that mainly affects rinks that are indoors.

When a rink is sealed, the temperature inside the rink building differs from the outside temperature, and colder air can retain more moisture.

Cold, humid air enters through the doors in a hot atmosphere and cools over the rink. As a result, water moisture forms on surfaces in the ice rink facility, causing danger and injury.

The proper response is to first monitor the humidity level in the building and then use a drying device to control it as desired.

  • Doesn’t Freeze Fast Enough

It should not take days for the ice rink to freeze. Consider if you have enough machine power if the freezing period is taking too long. It might be worth checking and testing the refrigerant charge in the Ice Rink Chiller.

Ice Rink Chiller Refrigerant leak Testing

Ice Rink Chiller Refrigerant leak Testing

What are Some Tips to Shut down an Ice Rink Chiller?

  • Examine the functions of the Ice Rink Chiller Control Panel
  • Drain and store refrigerants from the system.
  • Check the oil for the use of the crankcase heater.
  • Conduct a refrigerant and oil analysis.
  • Isolate and drain water bundles
  • Check the Ice Rink Chiller for leaks carefully
  • Properly provide oil and suitable greasing to the functional parts for efficient working.
  • Clean the condenser coils and heat exchanger.
  • Empty the water boxes
  • Check for corrosion on Ice Rink Chiller equipment.

Ice Rink Chiller Examination

Ice Rink Chiller Examination

How can you Improve the Safety of an Ice Rink Chiller?

  • Create a device maintenance plan that covers wear-out and end-of-life issues, as well as resources, authorization, and transparency.
  • Add brine testing, study, and understanding of refrigeration operators’, refrigeration mechanics’, and 4th-class control engineers’ preparation and qualifications.
  • Provide refrigeration facility, repair program, and worker qualification/skill recognition instruction to all staff and officials who are responsible for or interested in authorizing arena maintenance-related operations or expenses.
  • Develop training on technical techniques and system understanding, especially about product wear out and condition evaluation, so that graduates can engage successfully in a structured process.
  • Provide specific protocols to provide staff with advice and recommendations on the risks of leaking systems and the steps that must be taken.
  • Create and execute emergency situational instruction that is generically acceptable that can be taught and posted in mechanical rooms.
  • Provide guidelines for workers who work with owners and operators to disclose and assign products that are a source of concern to refrigeration experts who have the necessary training to provide advice.
  • Provide refrigeration system operators with training and practices to recognize the shortcomings of various professional skills involved with refrigeration systems and to hire independent consultants on products that are considered a cause for concern.
  • For both stadium and curling refrigeration facilities and mechanical spaces, introduce safety risk analysis into asset management planning activities.
  • Evaluate the operational model and assign resourcing for roles that are responsible for technical system management.
  • Determine successful internal airflow of the mechanical room and external discharge in a way that reduces the risk of exposure by assessing and testing ventilation.

What are Some Maintenance Considerations While Using an Ice Rink Chiller?

The operation of the Ice Rink Chiller must be closely tracked and controlled. It is recommended that the compressor be opened for an internal inspection.

Discharge side valves, connecting rods, and ball bearings, in particular, should be carefully inspected and replaced if required.

Under ideal conditions, a shell and tube system will last up to 20 years if the brine pH is maintained regularly.

On the other hand, the heat exchanger, which uses a titanium plate to transfer brine, can last for more than 20 years if kept clean.

Under ideal operating conditions, a glycol exchanger with a stainless-steel plate could last up to 40 years with proper cleaning and inspection.

Ice Rink Chiller Maintenance

Ice Rink Chiller Maintenance

FAQ of Ice Rink Chiller

Is it Possible to Place your Ice Rink Chiller Indoor for a Year?

Yes, you can place your Ice Rink Chiller indoor for a year, but extra engineering, construction, and maintenance conditions must be fulfilled.

Does the Ice Rink Chiller Necessarily Require a Concrete Pad for Better Installation?

No, you can install the Ice Rink Chiller on any leveled surface without the help of a concrete pad.

Is it Suitable to Keep the Ice Rink Chiller Outdoor?

Yes, the Ice Rink Chiller is accordingly designed to stay fit and operational outdoor.

What should you do to keep the Fan of the Ice Rink Chiller Free of Dirt?

To keep your Ice Rink Chiller dirt-free, it is suggested to cover the fan, which will restrict the entrance of dirt, debris, or little insects.

What is the Duration Suggested for the Servicing of the Compressor of your Ice Rink Chiller?

The compressor of your Ice Rink Chiller requires maintenance and servicing after 6,000 operational hours.

Is it Possible to make your Ice Rink Chiller Bigger?

Yes, you can make your Ice Rink Chiller bigger by extending the piping system and also by attaching more refrigeration units.

Is it Possible to Install the Ice Rink Chiller on the Tennis Court?

Yes, it is possible to place the portable Ice Rink Chiller, whether it is leveled or not.

100% Quality Tested Ice Rink Chiller

100% Quality Tested Ice Rink Chiller

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