Glycol Cooling System

Glycol Cooling System

  • Temperature control 5℃ to -35℃
  • All models and refrigeration capacity available
  • Air Cooled and water cooled for option
  • SS brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Glycol coolant flow rate up to 450LPM
  • Both Scroll or piston compressor available
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Your Premier Glycol Cooling System Manufacturer

Glycol Cooling System is some kind of  Glycol Chilling System or Glycol Refrigeration System. TopChiller providing a wide range of options from small portable glycol chillers to a big capacity custom glycol chilling system.

All glycol cooling systems designed and manufactured by TopChiller are CE certificated approved in both European countries and China.

All refrigeration designers and experts from TopChiller having rich experience for over 20 years in the glycol cooling system.

For TopChiller glycol cooling chiller, the liquid coolant (usually glycol-water mixture) flows through the application, take excess heat away, raising the temperature of the Circulating glycol Cooling system.

This glycol-water mixture then needs to be returned to set point temperature by flowing through a heat exchanger called the evaporator.

The evaporator is a heat exchanger, we have a water tank with stainless steel plate heat exchanger and close loop shell and tube type for an option. For evaporator type, which depends on the client’s project site or glycol cooling process requirements.

How to select the right evaporator type for your glycol cooling system?

If there is an external buffer tank or water pool, the glycol chiller should be with closed loop type evaporator like shell&tube or plate type heat exchanger.

It allows the transfer of heat between glycol water coolant and the Glycol Cooling System’s refrigerant gas.

The refrigerant’s temperature must be lower than the temperature of the glycol-water mixture in order for heat to flow and for the coolant temperature to be effectively returned to the setpoint.

As a professional glycol cooling system manufacturer, TopChiller has exported many glycol cooling systems to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are searching for a good quality glycol cooling system to your plant, please try to contact TopChiller get a professional and favorable price quotation.

Glycol Cooling System Technical Specification

Glycol Cooling System-1 Glycol Cooling System-2 Glycol Cooling System-3 Glycol Cooling System-4 Glycol Cooling System-5 Glycol Cooling System-6

Glycol Cooling System

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TopChiller: Your Leading Glycol Cooling System Supplier

For glycol cooling system, the temperature of the refrigerant is typical -5°C to -35°C lower than the glycol-water temperature to allow heat to flow.

Consequently, if the temperature set point too low or there is not the right ratio of glycol adding. the refrigerant’s temperature will stop, or even below the freezing point of water.

If the glycol-water mixture freezes, the evaporator can become obstructed, preventing water flow.

Water expands as it freezes and this can cause permanent damage to the evaporator. So we advise Adding glycol to your coolant reduces the freezing point of the coolant to the right temperature preventing any risk of damage to your chiller caused by freezing.

As a professional Glycol Cooling System supplier, TopChiller suggesting using a 30% to 65% glycol-water mixture with this Glycol Cooling System whenever the coolant temperature set point is below 0° C.

The glycol chilling system can lower the freezing point of the glycol mixture up to -30°C even -35 °C.

TopChiller is offering total temperature control solutions for all Glycol Cooling system.TopChiller products supplying lots of Glycol Refrigeration System to many wineries, breweries, distilleries, medical and industrial manufacturers both in China and countries around the world.

TopChiller willing to provide all technical support to clients worldwide, Please contact TopChiller refrigeration experts to get a proper Glycol Cooling System solution for your project.