Fermentation Chiller

  • Temperature control from 5℃ to -35℃
  • Both air cooled and water cooled for option
  • Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Glycol coolant flow rate up to 450LPM
  • Scroll and piston compressor available
  • Used for cooling fermentation and mixers
  • All models and cooling capacity are available

Your Premier Fermentation Chiller Manufacturer

TopChiller provides a total refrigeration chiller solution including not only for regular chillers like air chiller and water chiller but also low-temperature chiller including fermentation chiller and glycol chiller.

Fermentation chiller is the most popular glycol chiller industrial application for the fermentation process.

Fermentation chiller with the temperature control range of 2℃ to -35℃ and the temperature stability is +/- 2℃ to +/- 0.5℃, and the refrigeration capacity from 10KW to 280KW.

Fermentation chiller made by TopChiller is specially designed for cooling fermentation process and mixers.

This kind of fermentation chiller has an inbuilt water tank as an open loop system. We call this is the buffer tank inside the chiller. But the built-in glycol water pump is a must.

stainless steel plate heat exchanger or shell and tube heat exchanger are also available for the client’s requirements depending on the closed loop refrigeration system.

The fermentation chillers designed and manufactured by TopChiller are always used in some special industrial applications like fermentation process in cooling the wort, controlling fermentation crash cooling vessels, prepackaging in breweries and beers.

Other applications include product storage such as cold stabilization, room cooling for wineries, fermentation control, cold chilling the juice, cold storage of the final product for beverage and drinking.

Circulation between distillation tanks & stills heat removal for distilleries, control of fermentation temperatures, chilling after fermentation and storage cooling for kombucha processing, are other applications of fermentation chiller.

TopChiller has exported fermentation chillers to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are looking for a reliable fermentation chiller supplier for your plant, please do not hesitate to contact TopChiller engineering to get a professional refrigeration solution.

Fermentation Chiller Technical Specification

Fermentation Chiller Fermentation Chiller Fermentation Chiller Fermentation Chiller Fermentation Chiller Fermentation Chiller

Fermentation Chiller spare parts

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TopChiller: Your Professional Fermentation Chiller Supplier

TopChiller is a professional glycol chiller manufacture with over 20 years experience, Our glycol chillers are widely used in some special industries.

The most popular application of glycol chiller is for the fermentation process.

Fermentation chillers for craft beverages processing.  Why does TopChiller know how to match your fermented craft beverages processing?

Our refrigeration engineers understand your fermented craft process.

With rich experience, TopChiller can advise you to select a proper glycol chiller and the best fermentation chiller solution for your specific needs to minimize costs.

If you are looking for a good quality water chiller for your fermentation process, please do not hesitate to contact TopChiller sales. TopChiller will give you a complete of the temperature control system for your fermentation business.

Fermentation Chiller: Your Best Buying Guide From TopChiller

Chapter 1. What’s is a Fermentation Chiller

TopChiller manufactures glycol chillers of many different variations for the winery and brewery business.

These glycol chillers are widely used for the fermentation process or fermentation chamber.

The temperature when you ferment your wort at can make or break your beer production. When fermenting beer in areas of high ambient temperature, it can be challenging fermenting yours at 68degF.

The flavor in the beer can be hindered if temperatures are higher than recommended by the yeast strain.

Glycol chillers manufactured by TopChiller can allow you to control your fermenting environment at a low electrical consumption cost compared to a dedicated ferment cooling refrigerator.

This is a glycol chiller for ferment cooling, we call this kind of chiller is fermentation chiller.

Chapter 2.How does temperature affect fermentation?

As we all know we need to install a glycol chiller for your ferment. Because of temperature control is very important for the fermentation process.

But How does the temperature can affect the fermentation process?

Yes, the temperature really affects the rate of fermentation in yeast.

The rate should increase from 10°C to 40°C.  At 50°C and above, the rates will decrease. … The fermentation rate at high temperatures will be low because high temperatures are lethal to yeast. Enzymes move too fast and denature at high temperatures.

We must use glycol chiller which can provide a constant cooling source to maintain and control the rate and temperature.

Chapter 3.  What’re the applications of fermentation chiller?

Glycol chiller plays a significant role in the fermentation process, but what’s the specific application of the fermentation chiller?

Glycol water chiller should work with plate heat exchanger and fermentation tanks, Let’s have a look at the application introduction of a fermentation chiller.

glycol chiller plate heat exchanger and fermentation tank

glycol chiller plate heat exchanger and fermentation tank

The process of making wine has evolved into one of the most scientific processes in the beverage industry.

TopChiller can provide complete glycol chillers including simple or advanced chiller control systems.

Most wineries & breweries tend to keep controls as simple as possible to avoid any confusion for their maintenance team.

The wine-making process evolved tremendously over hundreds of years into a highly scientific operation beginning with the development of the grapevine right down to the packaging of the wine.

However, the most advanced developments have occurred in the process of winemaking.

Once the must or crushed grapes are transferred to the fermentation tanks, these fermentation tanks are cooled to maintain a desired temperature in the 40-F range.

The winemaker adds sugar and yeast to start the process of fermentation.

Fermentation chillers designed by TopChiller are very high efficiency, low cost, durable cooling systems that can be operated by anyone after simple explanation.

Chapter 4. Why TopChiller can be your reliable fermentation chiller supplier?

All fermentation chiller buyers or end-users are seeking for high quality and reliable cooling system supplier?

But why TopChiller can be your first choice in fermentation chiller industry?

Frankly the most important is professional with rich experience.

We can cite an example – there are several factors that must be considered when selecting the right brewery chiller.

TopChiller engineering can give you professional instructions to avoid any mistake during sizing the cooling system.

The exact temperature you want to achieve during the fermentation process, the brewhouse capacity, the quantity and volume of fermentation tanks as well as the quantity and volume of the brine tanks.

As we know glycol is very important for glycol chiller liquid, the major function of using glycol is to prevent freezing of the process fluid and ensure consistent flow at the operating temperature for glycol chiller normal working conditions.

But what’s the best ratio of glycol and water mixtures? TopChiller having its professional tips about this as below:

16%glycol and 84%water when water temperature@0°,

24%glycol and 76% water when water temperature@-5°,

32%glycol and 68%water when water temperature@-10°,

40%glycol and 60%water when water temperature@-15°,

45%glycol and 55% water when water temperature@-20°,

50%glycol and 50% water when water temperature@-25°,

55%glycol and 45% water when water temperature@-30°.

In short, the lowest glycol chiller temperature you can achieve, the higher the ratio of glycol should be.

We can cite fermentation chiller breweries as examples using a 35% propylene glycol – 65% water mixture. This can be measured using a glycol refractometer.

It is important to use the correct ratio of glycol to water mixture. This is because, the insufficient glycol may damage the glycol chiller, while too much can make the solution less efficient.

As a leading fermentation chiller supplier, TopChiller provides a total packaged of glycol chiller solutions for fermentation processing.

Please contact TopChiller engineering to customize your fermentation chiller for your project specifications.


Glycol chiller for fermentation process

Glycol chiller for the fermentation process

Glycol chiller is a necessary cooling system for your fermentation process.

There are different brands and different levels of different brands fermentation chillers in the market.

To find a high-quality fermentation chiller is the first important thing.

TopChiller wins its high reputation in the market due to steady quality and good workmanship, and true materials of fermentation chiller.

We have exported various models and cooling capacities of fermentation chillers to at least 30 countries.

Buying good quality fermentation chiller for your business? I think you are coming to the right place.

TopChiller having a rich experienced engineering team will help you to custom your fermentation chiller.