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Features and Advantages

  • Cooling Capacity from 50 Ton- 500 Ton
  • FRP Counter Flow Low Cooling Tower
  • Cooling efficiency with the lower noise level
  • High quality and durable branded motor
  • High strength and temperature resistance PVC film
  • Good heat dissipation at high ambient temperature
  • Waterproof and anti-skid type belt
  • Galvanized steel frame features durable
  • Fiberglass material with high hardness, long service life
  • Low-speed fan/blade high airflow and low vibration

General Description

TopChiller is your reliable high-quality cooling tower manufacturer and supplier in China for over 20 years.

Along with the development of industrial production and improvement of people’s living standards, reasonable development and utilization of the water become an urgent problem waiting to be solved.

A lot of units generally adopt the FRP cooling tower, the ideal equipment of the energy-efficient, to carry out the closed circulation of inside water.

Cooling tower raises the ratio of utilization and lowers the costs of the expenses effectively.

At the same time, a cooling tower makes people’s hope of changing the temperature and humidity of the environment, clean degree, and that noise influence becoming reality.

The cooling tower is corrosion-resistant, the intensity is high, light, small, attractive, and durable occupation of land, transport, and maintenance and installation are convenient.

So cooling tower has been applied to many trades. It is particularly suitable for air conditioner, refrigeration, pigeonhole standing, heating furnace and cold emptily, congealing cooling water circulatory systems.

The round Counter flow type cooling tower adopts the gas &heat exchanges technology and the packing is made of modifying high-quality PVC wave slices to spread the water area.

Through rotating the water to realize the even scope and it strengthens the result of cooling.

We have made part improve in the appearance design of this series of our cooling towers, and it make running reliable, durable, and convenient in the fitting.

Contact TopChiller and let us know the detailed requirements of your cooling tower, you will get an instant quote now.

We have all cooling capacities and models of various cooling towers in stock that are available for you at any time.


Performance & Selection

A. Design Parameter:

1.Standard operating case: Enter-water temperature T1=37 ,out-water temperatureT2=32 , Designed wet-ball temperature =27 instantaneous-water temperature =5 ,cold width T2- =5

2.mid-temprature case: Enter-water temperature T1=43 ,out-water temperature T2=33 , Designed wet-ball temperature =27 , instantaneous-water temperature =10 ,cold width T2- =6

3.High-temerrature case: Enter-water temperature T1=60 ,out-water temperature T2=35 , designed wet-ball temperature =27 , instantaneous-water temperature =25 ,cold width T2- =8

B. We must know the enter-water temperature t1, out-water temperature t2, and designed wet-ball temperature t, then confirm the type according to the heating power character curve(Attach table 1 and 2) while selecting. We can carry on heating power calculating to the operating case out the curve table. The following if volume quality coefficient of filling :

1.2 times of names flow rate: =18600
1.0 times of names flow rate: =17800
0.8 times of names flow rate: =17000

C. The operating weight should be calculated with the half-height of the tower body’s water, If calculated according to the height after filling with water that should be multiplied by 1.5.

D. This serial cooling tower is used in the areas which the temperature on average of the coldest month isn’t lower than – 10, the user of areas which temperature is much lower than others should propose the request of preventing freezing to dispose of the water dispose ring, prevent water pour the shutter. Add the electric heater in the water trough during the running disconnectedly in winter.

E. Circulating water turbidity degree can’t be higher than 50MG/L and can’t be higher than 100MG/L in a short time. Water can’t involve the greasy dirt and mechanical quality impurity and take the measure of killing algae and others stabilize the water quality in case of necessity.

F. The temperature does not exceed 60, users can order if exceed that case. If users need the fire-retardant type cooling tower, please prove at the time of ordering, our factory can meet the demands.

G. Sprinkling water-pipe make holes according to the names flow, If the actual flow is differed by 15% with names flow, the user should propose while ordering.

H. The pressure of the enter-water pipe is 2-5 meters of water columns probably. Until the pressure can’t be much higher in the design, water will float.

I. Electrical machinery, air blower are provided together, that need our factory to send a person to install or technological guidance what should add the fee.

J. If the user needs absorbing water directly under the cooling tower body, it needs to install” automatic-feed pipe”,” rapid-feed pipe “,” blow downpipe”,” overflow pipe” and especially propose while ordering.

Technical Data

STT=28℃ Cooling water flow(M3/H)T=27℃




DimensionsAir flowFan DiameterMotor powerWeightInlet water Pressure 104PaNoiseDiameter
△T=5℃△T=8℃△T=5℃△T=8℃Total heightMax. DiameterNet weightOperating weightD10m16mDm

* Listed cooling water flow of WB t =28℃ and t=27℃, the conditions as below: when water temperature reducing △t=5℃时, entering water temperature t1=37℃,leaving water temperature t2=32℃; when △t=8℃,t1=40℃、t2=32℃

Physical Size & Foundation Size

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