Coolant Chiller

  • Coolant chiller cooling capacity 1.6 to 180KW
  • Coolant chiller temperature control 7℃to 35℃
  • Air cooled&water cooled coolant chiller for option
  • Chilled water flow rate up to 480LPM
  • Built-in SS Water tank and water pump
  • High quality branded scroll/screw compressor
  • 18 months warranty time for all coolant chillers

Your Premier Coolant Chiller Manufacturer Over 20 Years

TopChiller is a leading coolant chiller supplier in China with over 20 years of manufacturing experience.

As a professional coolant chiller manufacturer and supplier since 2003, TopChiller has a complete line of various coolant chillers and fluid chillers with all models and cooling capacities from 0.5ton to 180Ton.

Coolant chillers can be divided into the air-cooled coolant chiller and water-cooled coolant chiller in terms of different cooling methods.

Coolant chillers can also be divided into scroll chiller and screw chiller in terms of different compressor types.

Coolant chillers designed and manufactured from TopChiller are used to maintain precise coolant including glycol, water, or oil temperature by rapidly rejecting the heat added during the machining process.

Coolant chillers manufactured by TopChiller are your best water cooling system and refrigeration partner for your industries that need a steady cooling source.

This kind of coolant chillers designed and made by TopChiller mainly serves the following industries:

Laser processing machine, machine tool, medical CT and MRI, food and beverage, chemical, heat treat, filtration, semi-conductor, welding process, vapor degreasing, power generation, or the dry cleaning machine.

There are two designs of coolant chillers – mounted either in the coolant tank or as a stand-alone chiller unit, they are closed-loop chillers and open-loop chillers.

But which kind of coolant chiller is suitable for your industry, this all depends on your chiller requirements and project site situation.

Closed-loop coolant chiller recirculates coolant from a tank mounted onboard the chiller, through a sealed coolant loop and a heat source (process), and back to the tank. The water tank, water pump, and evaporator are all integrated inside the chiller.

But open-loop coolant chillers recirculate fluid from a remote tank or external water tank, through the chiller, and back to the tank.

The coolant chiller works to maintain a constant fluid temperature in the tank. The pump and evaporator are on board the coolant chiller. The tank is remote or external, outside of your coolant chiller unit.

High-quality coolant chiller manufactured from TopChiller having some advantages as below:

1. Temperature, pressure, and water level of coolant chillers are displayed as standard configuration.

2. The dynamic constant temperature control system of our coolant chiller has a fast response and small constant temperature fluctuation.

3. Key components of the coolant chiller such as compressors and circulating fans are imported famous brands.

4. We have a high-pressure circulating pump for your option, the Max. the outlet pressure of the coolant chiller can be more than 4 bar.

5. The cooling power and circulating pump pressure of our coolant chillers can meet the cooling and constant temperature of small laboratory analytical instruments.

TopChiller has exported hundreds of good quality coolant chillers worldwide countries every year.

Our major markets include the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

You are looking for a reliable coolant chiller supplier in China?

Do you want to buy a high-quality new coolant chiller for your business?

You are coming to the right place. TopChiller is your best choice of coolant chiller.

To be the leader in a coolant chiller is our goal.

Please contact TopChiller sales to get the best price for your coolant chillers free of charge.

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Coolant Chiller Technical Specifications

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TopChiller: Your Leading Coolant Chiller Supplier and Manufacturer in China


TopChiller is a leader of coolant chillers manufacturer and supplier with rich experience.

Besides the above regular coolant chillers, TopChiller also supplies dip-in or drop-in submersible type coolant chiller, drop-in coolant chillers.

These customized coolant chillers are designed to be mounted on top of a tank to cool the fluid that is passing through it.

The coolant chiller made and designed from TopChiller has an inbuilt stainless steel immersion coil, an evaporator that is submerged into the fluid in the tank.

An optional small agitation pump can be provided which can continuously move the fluid around the evaporator coils ensuring uniform heat transfer.

The temperature controller senses the temperature of the fluid in the tank and controls the refrigeration effect of the coolant chiller thus ensuring the desired fluid temperature in the tank.

Coolant cooling chillers manufactured by TopChiller provide +/- 1 °C nominal temperature stability, however, greater stability approaching +/-0.1 °C is achievable using our high precision range.

The coolant chiller cooling capacity ranges from 0.5Ton to 280Ton for both air-cooled coolant chiller and water-cooled coolant chiller.

All models of TopChiller coolant chiller are self-contained with compact designs requiring minimal space while providing optimal cooling liquid output.

Each coolant chiller manufactured by TopChiller comes complete with a reciprocating or scroll compressor, both air-cooled and water-cooled condenser, closed-loop or open-loop evaporator, water pump, motor protection, on/off switches, and warning indicators.

In the coolant chiller, the refrigeration circuit has full protection devices like protected compressor inner protection, overheating protection, over/under pressure cut-outs, high and low-pressure protection, coolant flow protection, etc.

The coolant chiller inlet and outlet housings are made from stainless steel and externally finished with epoxy resin, thus providing corrosion protection against the harshest of environments.

As a leading coolant chiller manufacturer, TopChiller is willing to provide all technical support for valued customers worldwide.

If you are looking for the best coolant chiller supplier, Please contact our engineering team to get a professional coolant chiller solution for your project.

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