Water Cooled Chiller

  • Cooling capacity: 0.5Ton to 60Ton
  • Temperature range:7o C to 30o C
  • Chilled water flow rate:27L/M to 600L/M
  • Copeland/Panasonic/Danfoss scroll compressor

Your Premier water cooled chiller manufacturer

Topchiller water cooled chiller is Copeland / Panasonic / Danfoss scroll compressor, Stainless steel water tank heat exchanger as the evaporator but Shell & tube or Stainless plate type heat exchanger for option based on detailed requirements. Each water cooled chiller is charged with Environmental friendly refrigerant R407c also have R134a,R404a and R410a for different industrial and ambient temperature demands.

TopChiller® Water cooled chiller should connect circulation water pump and install proper external water cooling tower as the heat exchanger to keep this water chiller system a best chiller working performance and improve the cooling efficiency. This water cooling chiller can be used for Plastic injection moulding machine, Blowing moulding machine, Plastic extruder, chemical industry, extroplating and more other industrial fileds to provide constant chilled water flow rate to improve development process and increase productive.


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Water Cooled Chiller:
The Definitive Guide

Chapter 1.

what’s is a water cooled chiller?
Water cooled chiller is also named water-cooled chiller uses a shell-and-tube evaporator to exchange heat between the water and the refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load in the water, so that the water is cooled to produce cold water, and then the heat is brought to the shell-and-tube condenser by the action of the compressor. The heat exchange between the refrigerant and the water causes the water to absorb heat and then dissipates the heat through the water pipe to the outside cooling tower (water cooling)

Chapter 2.

Water cooled chiller working principle and diagram:
At the beginning, the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas after evaporating and cooling is sucked by the chiller scroll compressor, and then compressed into a high-temperature and high-pressure gas to be sent to the condenser; the high-pressure high-temperature gas is cooled by the condenser to condense the gas into a normal temperature and high-pressure liquid; when the normal temperature and high-pressure liquid flows into the thermal expansion The valve is throttled into a low temperature and low pressure wet steam, flows into the shell and tube evaporator, absorbs the heat of the chilled water in the evaporator to lower the water temperature;

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