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TopChiller® Is a leading water chiller supplier in China since 1999 with over 20 year experience in industrial chiller filed. Water chiller is also named water cooled chiller, coolant chiller or water chiller system. Water chiller is the mechanical device can produce chilled water(-35℃ to +30℃) for various industrial applications. TopChiller® water chiller using USA Copeland, France Danfoss and Japan Sanyo scroll compressors,all water chiller spare parts are from World-famous refrigeration brand. This water chiller manufactured by TopChiller® is compact design with full protection device and portable wheels can move easily.

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Why TopChiller Can Be a Reliable Chiller Factory

Over 20 Years Chiller Manufacturing Experience
TopChiller is a leader of water chiller manufacture with rich experience
12 months warranty time
TopChiller provide 12 months warranty can extend to 18 months covered water cooled chillers
Famous Brand Chiller Spare Parts
Each water chiller from TopChiller using famous brand spare parts
Technical Support & Training Service
TopChiller can provide water chiller installation and commission service
8 Hours Chiller troubleshooting
In case of any water cooled chiller error,TopChiller give quick response within 8 Hours
Life time service
TopChiller promise give all water chiller unit whole life time service

Water Chiller: Your Premier Choice
Of Industrial Chillers

TopChiller® Water chiller should connect circulation water pump and work with proper cooling tower to keep the water chiller system best working performance and improve the cooling efficiency. This water chiller can be used for Plastic injection moulding machine, Blowing moulding machine, Plastic extruder, chemical industry, extroplating and more other industrial fileds to provide constant chilled water flow rate to improve development process and increase productive. All water chillers from TopChiller® factory are all 100% extremely tested and well packaged before delivery to make sure a perfect working conditions. Each TopChiller® water chiller having 12 month warranty time covered the whole water chiller unit and all refrigeration spare parts. As the most professional industrial water chiller supplier, TopChiller® would like to give perfect industrial water chiller solution with competitive price.



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Water Chiller: The Complete Guide For Importers

Chapter 1.

what is a water chiller Water chiller is a mechanical device that provides chilled water with constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. The working principle of the water chiller is to inject some certain amount of water into the water tank of the machine, and cool the water through the chiller refrigeration system. The water pump then powered the low temperature cooling water to the equipment want to be cooled. The chilled water of water chiller takes the heat away and then raises the temperature and then returns to the water tank, and then cools the water through the refrigeration system. The cooling water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to requirements, and long-term use can save water. Therefore, water chiller is a standard energy-saving equipment.

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