TopChiller is Supplying High Quality Cast Iron Water Pump and Stainless Steel Water Pump

Features and Advantages

  • The Max. flow rate can be up to 22 m3/min
  • High working pressure and lift up to 18 bar
  • Wide power range from 0.35KW to 35KW
  • Suitable temperature ranges down to -45°
  • Top centerline discharge, foot support under casing
  • Non-overload design to ensure stable performance
  • Energy-saving, low footprint, and easy installation
  • Easy removal&maintenance no suction&discharge pipe

General Description of Chiller Water Pump

Chiller water pumps are needed to pump cooling liquids through the closed or open chilling system, powering the process of heat removal.
The water pump plays an important role in air conditioning applications, air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller, glycol cooling system, and another refrigeration system. Chiller water pumps will circulate the chilled water through the pipes and heat exchangers for specific cooling demands.

The chiller water pumps are generally large end suction or Horizontal split casing pumps running at 1450 pm. These pumps are coupled with motors and supplied as one unit. All of these components are combined and customized to meet your system requirements. We deliver all water pumps for optimal performance, energy efficiency, and reliability.

We are providing high-quality water pumps for your chiller’s condenser and evaporator chilled or cooling water application.
No matter stainless steel or cast iron water pump, Circulation of Liquids, water chiller cooling flow, condenser water cooling, we have all models of water pumps for your choice.

TopChiller is the distributor of all types&brands of water pumps, If you have any water pump inquiries for your air chiller and water chiller applications, TopChiller has the best water pump option for long-lasting chiller equipment.

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