Air Cooled Screw Chiller and Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Central Chiller

  • Cooling capacity 40Ton to 680Ton
  • Air cooled and water cooled are available
  • Temperature controlling range 7℃ to 35℃
  • Shell and tube evaporator
  • Semi-hermetic screw compressor
  • Micro-computer temperature controller
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Your Premier Central Chiller Manufacturer

TopChiller is professional central chiller manufacture with rich experience, We having a full range of central chillers including central air cooled chiller and central water cooled chiller.

The term central chiller refers to chiller systems that can cool several individual processes throughout one plant at the same time.

This means the central chiller will work as the function instead of some individual chiller units. We call this is an integrated chiller system.

Central chiller systems from TopChiller are available from cooling capacity 30Ton to 580 Ton.

The cooling capacities come as single or dual-circuits with 1 or 2 scroll or screw compressor refrigeration systems which configurations to meet your processing requirements and ambient temperature.

Both scroll compressors and screw compressors can be used depending on the project site and industries demand.

Central chillers are widely used for various industries applications such as HAVC, big building&hotel air conditioning, central chilled water supply, chemical processing, die casting,food&beverage processing, pet food, Pharmaceutical, plastic processing, automotive, energy&power project, packing, and printing.

As a professional central chiller supplier,TopChiller have exported many central chillers to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are finding a high-quality central chiller manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact TopChiller sales department to get your free central chiller solutions.

Central Chiller Technical Specifications

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TopChiller: Your Leading Central Chiller Supplier

Central chillers designed and manufactured by TopChiller featuring a compact design, dependable, energy-efficient systems that are your source for continuous centralized process cooling down to -35°C.

As a professional central chiller manufacturer with 20 years experience, TopChiller offers a one-for-all cooling solution is both electrical energy and cost saving, this making central chiller is the best choice for multi-processing cooling by using TopChiller central chiller.

You need only one big central chiller unit for your process machine or production process in a whole factory.

In this way, the centralized managed chiller plant can save not only save electricity consumption but also manpower and room space aiming to get a high cooling efficiency.

With 20 years experience in central chillers including both air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller, For TopChiller having a professional engineering team can provide a packaged industrial chiller solution for clients worldwide.

If you are looking for a reliable central chiller supplier, Please contact our refrigeration expert to customize your central chiller for your business.