Best 10 Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in the World


Promising the most competent air conditioning and temperature regulation system, TopChiller is the top Water Chiller designer, manufacturer, and distributor in China. Having over two decades of experience in making the highest quality Water Chillers, TopChillers considers the needs and demands of various users having applications such as metal industries, food industries, breweries, medical laboratories, and commercial buildings.

TopChillers’ Water Cooled Chiller comes with a user-friendly interface based on the recent technology thus increasing the performance of the Chiller. TopChiller only utilizes premium quality refrigerators and the highest quality compressors for the assembly of their Water Cooled Chillers.


For maximum protection and safety of your equipment, Hushon manufactures the most efficient cooling solution for your industries. Maximum temperature regulation provided by the Hushon Water Cooled Chiller is best for obtaining improved performance. The easy-to-handle interface and low maintenance and installation cost of the water Chiller make it suitable for extensive use in the laser, food, metal casting, medical, and other such industries.

Desiccant Dry air Systems

With capacities ranging from 5 to 480 kW, there are several versatile Water Cooled Chiller models by Desiccant Dry air Systems. Keeping quality as the priority, they design and manufacture the most convenient and reliable air conditioning and HVAC units for industrial, commercial, and domestic use. They take care of the ecosystem by making their products eco-friendly and high quality.


Having expertise in Water Cooled Chillers, Coolmation aims to bring out the most convenient, reliable, and long-lasting cooling solution for all your applications. They believe in using supreme quality spare parts to design and assemble a Water-Cooled Chiller with amplified performance. With low maintenance and installation costs, their chillers help you save up on the utility bills and other expenditure

Daikin Air Conditioning UK

Ideal for domestic, industrial, and commercial use, Daikin Water Cooled Chillers allow easy installation and maintenance for your convenience. Specializing in the manufacturing of air-cooled, Water Cooled, screw/scroll type of chillers, Daikin has a versatile range of verity. They provide the most efficient and cost-friendly air conditioning and HVAC solutions for your business.

Gea Searle

Deals with the designing and manufacturing of compact Water Cooled Chillers that are convenient to be used for various applications such as industrial, commercial, and domestic. The space cooling and air cooling function of the Water Cooled Chiller by Gea Searle is very efficient and low cost. Their products are eco-friendly and require few power sources to function efficiently. Separate dedicated models for each application are available.

Dunham Bush

Deals in the designing, manufacturing, and distribution of high-quality Water Cooled Chillers. Using the site reversible technology, stainless steel V-formed condensate pan, and a dual-purpose coil block, the expert engineers of Dunham bush are determined to create the most unique yet user-friendly water Cooled chillers best for all kinds of applications.

Heron hill Air Conditioning

Provides high-quality HVAC and air, space cooling function with user-friendly interface and low maintenance requirements. The Water Cooled Chillers by Heronhill Air Conditioning are suitable for dealing with the cooling loads of various applications. Due to the expert engineering tea and many years of experience, Heronhill is known as the premium choice for Water Cooled Chillers.

Cold Shot

Having decades of experience in making the most convenient chilling solutions, Cold shot emphasizes the quality and reliability of Water Cooled Chillers. A vast variety of different models and sizes of a Water-Cooled Chiller by Cold shot is available. Suitable for several applications, their Water Cooled Chillers are easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to operate.

Flakt Group

Making use of the highest quality screw/scroll compressors and high-quality refrigerant, the flat group is determined to provide an eco-friendly and reliable air conditioning solution to meet the needs of a wide range of applications such as industries, commercial buildings, and higher manufacturing units. The Water Cooled Chiller by Flakt Group is easy to handle and easy to maintain and has low energy consumption.

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