Best 10 Water Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


China’s leading chiller manufacturer and supplier company, TopChiller has the most advanced, updated, and reliable Water Chiller that can deal with the heating and cooling loads of all sorts of applications. Extensively used in industries like brewing, metal casting, electrochemical, chemical, medical, and food and beverage, TopChillers’ Water Chillers are efficient in temperature regulation. With updated microprocessor units and easy operation, TopChillers’ water and air-cooled chillers are preferred in all businesses. They come with easy installation and maintenance conditions and also have an energy-saving function thus reducing your maintenance and operation costs.

Industrial Water Chiller

Based in Tennessee, Industrial Water Chiller is a company that is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality Water Chillers to meet the needs of industries of different calibers. They have 40 years of experience in producing high-quality chillers to deal with the cooling loads of the industries and protect the equipment through temperature regulation.

General Air Products

General air products is a prestigious Chiller manufacturer and engineering company that is known for its customizable and reliable chilling systems. They listen to the needs and demands of your applications and come up with a Water Chiller that is specifically tailored to deal with the heat loads of your application. Founded in 1936, General air Products never compromises on quality.

Berg Chilling systems

Berg Chilling Systems is a well-known chiller manufacturing company that started from engineering chillers for the plastic industry and now deals in all kinds of air-cooled and water-cooled chillers. Established in 1972, Berg chilling system is now providing reliable Water Chillers all over the world that are customized to the needs of all kinds of applications.

Laird thermal systems

Known for their convenient and reliable cooling systems and HVAC services, Laird Thermal systems are determined to create the most updated Water Chillers that can be used for several applications. With years of experience in this field, Laird Thermal systems have a variety of water-cooled and air-cooled chillers that save energy and are user-friendly. Their chillers are famous for easy operation and maintenance.

Frigosystem Corema

The leading water-cooled engineering and manufacturing company in the United States, Frigosystem Corema is known for its portable water-cooled chillers. They prefer premium quality and branded components such as compressors for their cooling systems. Therefore, their Water Chillers can easily deal with the cooling loads of various applications efficiently.

Robsten Industrial Inc.

Due to several years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality Water Chillers, Robsten Industrial Inc. only produces reliable and efficient cooling systems. Their chillers are capable of displacing heat in all kinds of industries and therefore maintain optimum temperature.

Heat Exchange and Transfer Inc.

Heat Exchange and Transfer Inc. symbolizes class and quality in terms of Water Chillers. They have many years of experience and are well known for paying attention to refrigerant quality. Heat exchange and transfer Inc. aims at producing eco-friendly and user-friendly Water Chiller to meet the cooking needs of all applications.

Superchillers Private Limited

Being a leading Indian chiller company, Superchillers Private Limited aims at providing the most precisely designed and accurately engineered Water Chillers for many years. The idea is to create the most efficient and reliable chillers to meet the cooling needs of all kinds of applications. They have a wide range of Water Chillers based on efficiency, capacity, applications, size, and model.

AMI Cooling system

To meet the cooling needs of industries and medical centers, AMI Cooling System strives to produce the most affordable yet efficient Water Chillers. The Chillers are crafted to produce maximum output with little energy consumption. They have low maintenance and utility costs and therefore are preferred to be used in industries of all scales.

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