Best 10 Temperature Controller Unit Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


Representing world-class quality Temperature Controller Units, TopChiller is determined to design customizable and adjustable Temperature Controller Units for several applications. Whether you need temperature adjustment in a hospital, a laboratory, a manufacturing industry, TopChiller has got your back.

TopChiller has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing top-quality Temperature Controller Units that require less maintenance and operational costs. TopChiller never compromises on the quality while keeping the Temperature Controller Units affordable and updated to the technology.

Kelviplast, Germany

Having the reputation of a great Temperature Controller Unit manufacturer, Keviplast is well aware of all the temperature regulation needs of applications like laser industry, plastic industry, MRI machines, and commercial buildings. With the right knowledge and an experienced team of engineers, Keviplast has succeeded in building the most efficient and convenient temperature regulating units and supplying them all around the world.

WIKA, Germany

Providing premium quality temperature regulation solutions in Germany and around the globe, WIKA is keen on the quality and efficiency of its products. WIKA makes sure that they provide low maintenance and low utility cost Temperature Controller Units. Not only are their temperature regulation systems updated and reliable but also, they are user friendly with unique features.


Lauda provides high-quality heating and cooling solutions ranging between -90 degrees to 320 degrees. Being well aware of the needs and demands of temperature regulation applications from all around the world, Lauda comes up with customizable Temperature Controller Units that can be adjusted according to the customers, choice. Along with reasonable pricing and low maintenance costs, Lauda is determined to design and supply the most efficient heating and cooling devices for precise temperature control.


Established in the UK, Tempatron designs, manufactures and supplies, process and temperature controller units for industries all around the world. Temptation carries out strict quality control and therefore guarantees the efficiency of the Temperature Controller Units made based on experience and technology. The concept is to produce temperature regulation solutions that do not harm the environment and are not too expensive.


To meet the Temperature Controller Unit needs of applications from all around the world, BriskHeat secures a good reputation in the market because of high quality and efficient equipment. Armored with the most efficient and experienced team of professional staff, BriskHeat is the leading supplier of the semiconductor, laboratory, steel, petrochemical, food, and biotech industry. BriskHeat was established in 1949, and it has been facilitating industries all around the world since then.


The Korean Temperature Controller Unit designer and supplier company AUTONICS has earned the reputation of the most prestigious manufacturer in Korea, which is benefitting industries all over the world. Known for their high quality and affordable equipment, AUTONICS has a wide variety of Temperature Controller Units with varying efficiencies and potentials.

Digital Instruments Inc. US

Equipped with the most recent technology and highly qualified and experienced staff, Digital Instruments Inc. The US is determined to promote affordable yet convenient Temperature Controller Units in the world. Digital Instruments Inc. utilizes biodegradable materials so that their manufactured equipment does not have any negative effect on the environment. They have introduced a simple interface to make the Temperature Controller Units easy to operate.

Air Innovations Inc.

If you are looking for a reasonable and convenient Temperature Controller Unit, then Air Innovations Inc. is the right choice for you. Focusing on the user-friendly interface and the efficiency of the temperature Controller Unit, Air Innovations Inc. creates equipment that utilizes less energy, thus reducing the utility bills. Air Innovations Inc. deals with OEM and non-OEM environmental controls.


Based on the principles of quality and efficiency, WATTCO is the producer and supplier of customized Temperature Controller Units. WATTCO is keen to create equipment that is safe to be used for applications all around the world without being too expensive.

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