Best 10 Scroll Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in the World


TopChiller is a China-based Scroll Chiller manufacturing company having experience of more than 20 years in producing top-quality Scroll Chillers at the most affordable rates. TopChiller not only manufactures Scroll Chillers but also supplies them all over the world.

Our Chillers are designed exclusively to meet high chilling demands maintain low maintenance needs and reduce energy consumption.

TopChiller has a wide variety of Chillers, including Air Chillers, Water Chillers, Scroll Chillers, Glycol Chillers, and a lot more. TopChiller makes sure to manufacturer these Chillers as per the modern requirements to efficiently meet the client’s chilling needs.


Airtech has gained more than 27 years of experience in providing us with the best quality chillers that are manufactured using sturdy material for ensuring increased durability. Chillers manufactured by Airtech also feature safe and efficient chilling solutions to fulfill the required temperature regulation demand. We have chillers available in different designs and sizes.

Cold Shot

Cold Shot has a good variety of chillers that are designed considering the best manufacturing quality and prolonged machine life. Cold Shot also provides you with high-quality and eco-friendly chilling solutions that ensure to enhance your chiller’s performance without lowering its efficiency. Our professional team has years of experience in this industry which has helped us become chiller experts.

Frost Italy

Frost Italy, as the name says, is an Italian company that aims to provide the most efficient and reliable chillers at affordable operational costs. Frost Chiller makes sure to add advanced functions to its chillers for meeting today’s temperature regulation needs. Our expert team ensures to we provide chillers to the customers that are safe and convenient to use.

Paul Mueller Company

Paul Mueller Company is the top chiller manufacturing company in the United States which aims to manufacture reliable chillers equipped with the latest technology. Paul Mueller Company also provides you with the most efficient chilling solutions that are environmentally safe. Our chillers can be used to fulfill both the cooling and heating demands of your industry.

Sentry Equipment Corporation

Sentry Equipment Corporation is a well-known chiller manufacturing brand that manufactures chillers featuring modern functioning and adjustable settings. With having years of experience, we now provide a wide variety of chillers, each having its specifications and applications. Our chillers are perfect to be used for temperature regulation purposes.


Frigosystem is known for its versatile chillers. The main chiller designing and assembling organization in the United States, Frigosystem works for premium quality chiller manufacturing and other accessory components like blowers for helping the cooling efficiency of the chiller. Our chillers can undoubtedly manage the cooling heaps of different processes effectively.

Superchillers Private Limited

Being a main Indian chiller organization, Superchillers Private Limited is all well-known to be the most accurate and precisely designed chillers for a long time. We have a wide range of chillers varying with proficiency, limit, applications, size, and models. Superchillers Private thought is to make the most proficient and dependable chillers to meet the cooling needs of a wide range of industrial applications.

Drake Refrigeration

Drake Refrigeration laid its foundation in 1972 and is working on manufacturing top-quality chillers since then. What makes us different from the other chiller manufacturers is that we deal in wholesale also. We have got a wide variety of latest chillers that can easily manage varying heat loads depending on their specifications and functioning.

National Cooling Towers

National Cooling Towers are a chiller manufacturer and designing organization that is known for its adjustable and solid chilling frameworks. We never compromise on the quality of our products. We manufacture chillers that are explicitly customized to manage the excess heat of your industrial processes. We tune in to the necessities and requests of your applications to design chillers as per your requirements.

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