Best 10 Process Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


Having experience of more than 20 years in the manufacturing of Process Chiller, TopChiller offers a wide variety of Process Chiller to meet the cooling requirements of multiple industries. The foundation of TopChiller was laid back in 1999 and has now become a highly recognized Process Chiller manufacturing brand offering service to more than 58 countries.

TopChiller always makes sure to sustain prime quality standards during the fabrication of the Process Chiller to ensure the best working performance and cooling productivity. Quality maintenance also helps in improving the working productivity and long life of the Process Chiller.

Unitrol Elctronics Inc.

Unitrol Electronics Inc. is a chiller manufacturing company that was established in 197. They specialize in manufacturing different varieties of equipment, including air-cooled chillers, industrial chillers, water chillers, liquid chillers, and cooling systems. These chillers help in fulfilling the cooling demands of multiple industries, including the food, chemical, and medical industries.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ)

Cincinnati Sub-Zero is a globally recognized chiller designer and manufacturer having expertise in designing and manufacturing both standard and customized chillers. They have a wide variety of chiller products that are efficient and durable. For extreme low-temperature demands, their chiller temperatures can be as low as -300°F.

American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems, Inc.

American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. is an experienced and popular chiller manufacturing company that custom designs and manufactures your chillers exactly as per your cooling demand. Their chillers are helpful in medical facilities for MRI, Oncology, and CT purposes. Other industries that are served by American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems include dairy, brewery, winery, food, plastic, and metal industries.

Applied Integrated Systems

Applied Integrated Systems is a reputable and well-recognized manufacturer of chemical chillers, chemical heaters, recirculating chillers, water heaters, and heat exchangers. The elements that make them different from other chiller manufacturing companies are low manufacturing cost, reliability, efficiency, and short manufacturing period. Their products are always affordable and up to the best quality standards.

Artisan Industries, Inc.

Artisan Industries Inc. specializes in manufacturing top-quality chillers that are designed to provide great performance, enhanced reliability, and maximum efficiency. The best thing about their products is that they are affordable and require low maintenance costs. They always take care of your budget and ensure to offer services that can be easily availed by the customer without stressing out his financial budget.

ClimaCool Corp.

ClimaCool Corp. aims to provide modular chiller systems that are helpful in industrial and commercial HVAC applications. What makes their chillers worth buying is the minimal footprint, low installation cost, maximum electrical efficiency, true redundancy, durability, and added reliability. Also, their chillers are featured with non-ozone-depleting refrigerant that ensures noiseless operation and environment-friendly processing.

Berg Chilling Systems Inc.

Berg Chilling Systems Inc. has years of experience in designing and manufacturing top-quality chillers. Their product diversity covers a wide variety of chillers, including portable chillers, central chillers, coolers, laser, and other cooling systems. They ensure that their products meet high-quality standards, are reliable, offer durability and provide maximum efficiency.

Cooling Technology, Inc.

Cooling Technology, Inc. is serving the chiller industry since 1985. They manufacture a wide variety of chillers, including air chillers, water chillers, industrial chillers, glycol chillers, process chillers, and a lot more. They also help people with custom building and designing chillers that can match the exact chilling demands of the customer. Cooling Technology, Inc. provides other cooling products also including pump tanks, fluid coolers, cooling tower systems, and mold temperature controllers.

Croll-Reynolds Company Inc.

Croll Reynolds Company is specializes in providing chillers that offer high durability and reliability. Their chiller manufacturing process includes deep research and professional designing to manufacture a chiller that is worth buying. They ensure that their chillers have low energy consumption, provide maximum output, and are safe for the environment.

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