Best 10 Portable Water Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


TopChiller is a well-known Chinese Portable Water Chiller brand, providing its services in more than 58 countries in the world. TopChiller supplies more than 1000 Portable Water Chillers annually. TopChiller’s experts are concerned about providing Portable Water Chiller at a low cost without compromising the quality.

TopChiller has gained much fame in the Chinese industrial market by manufacturing high-quality, Portable Water Chillers since 1999. With the experience of more than 20 years, TopChiller has become one of the major Portable Water Chiller suppliers in the world.

Artisan Industries, Inc.

Artisan Industries Inc. is a chiller manufacturer providing cooling solutions for about 85 years. By utilizing the capabilities of expert engineers, The company has developed products to meet customer demands. It provides a wide range of Portable Water Chillers and chilling systems to serve its clients in an effective way. Their aim is to improve yield at lower expenses.

Thermal Care, Inc.

Thermal Care is one of the most efficient Portable Water Chiller manufacturers since 1969. It is the supplier of cooling machinery with unique features. As a manufacturer of USA, Thermal Care is concerned to provide its customers Chillers of high quality that are easy to manage. With its expert team of engineers and employees, thermal care has become the best choice for all kinds of chiller demands.

Thermionics Chillers

Thermionics is a Portable Water Chiller manufacturer in the USA. It supplies temperature regulation systems working at a temperature range of -110 to over 200 ϒC. It has been developing durable Portable Water Chillers providing precise temperature control & constancy for about forty years. High-quality chillers have brought the company with great fame in the USA and around the world.

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) supplies Portable Water Chillers with low operating costs. It is based in Ireland. It has high fame in the market in providing domestic and industrial Chilling products. Established in 2006, GDTS has gained a worldwide reputation due to the quality and durability of its Portable Water Chillers and other chilling units.

Motivair Corporation

Motivair Corporation is aimed to provide Portable Water Chillers that are precise in providing accurate cooling solutions according to the customer’s demand. It is one of the leading industries evolving itself to serve better and better with time. With the changing demands of the world, Motivair has revolutionized its chilling services.

Fluid Industrial Manufacturing, Inc.

Fluid Industrial Manufacturing, Inc. designs Portable Water Chillers that suit the exact demands of the market. Whether you need temperature regulation for plastic, laser, food, or the medical industry, each chiller is completely reliable for its job. Due to maintenance of quality, Fluid Industrial Manufacturing, Inc. stands high among other chilling companies.

BERG Chilling Systems Inc.

Based on providing unmatched thermal energy solutions, BERG was established in 1972. Since then, it has been manufacturing durable water chilling systems. Initially, it was established to serve the plastic industry, but it expanded its chilling services over many years of experience. Now, it is providing chilling systems in more than fifty countries and has gained an international reputation in trade.

Trane Chillers

Train Chillers has been manufacturing durable chilling products for years. It is concerned about the safety of the environment. Its products are eco-friendly. Due to the wide range of different models, sizes, and efficiencies they are considered the top choice for multiple chilling applications.

Cold shot

Cold Shot Chillers aims to supply high-quality, durable products. Its main focus is to provide a diversity of chillers and chilling products in the market. It was established in the 1970s, and since then, it has provided great services in temperature regulation solutions. Over years of service, the company has gained experience to provide low maintenance, eco-friendly, and user-friendly chilling solutions.

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