Best 10 Portable Chiller Manufacturer and Suppliers in the World


Known as the Manufacturer and Supplier of the most reliable and efficient Portable Chiller, TopChiller is a leading Chiller company originating from China. With over two decades of experience in Portable Chiller manufacturing, TopChiller produces the most advanced, precise, and updated Portable Chiller for your application.

There is a huge range of models of Portable Chillers with different designs, capacities, and sizes. TopChiller’s Portable Chiller is the perfect solution for all your heating, cooling, and HVAC needs and also protects your equipment by maintaining optimum temperature. It also helps in increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Universal Chilling Systems

Known for their innovative designs and efficient Portable Chillers, Universal Chilling Systems have over 75 years of experience in this field. It was founded by three colleagues and they make Portable Chillers for applications in industries such as food and beverage, die casting, metalworking and plastic, etc. They have a variety of portable Chillers with different designs and capacities.

Thermonics Chillers

With access to the most recent technology, Thermonics Chillers produce the most reliable air-cooled and water-cooled Portable Chillers. Thermonics Portable Chillers are extensively used in semiconductor industries, chemical processing industries, and semiconductor industries. They pay due attention to the easy handling and remote operation of the Chiller. The size and capacity of the Portable Chiller can be adjusted according to the requirement.

Cold Shot Chillers

Preferable for industries like food and beverage, metal casting, and plastic, Cold Shot Chillers produce several different models of a Portable Chiller. Established in 1980, the company began dealing with only manufacturing rather than just servicing under the name of Zarsky Water Chillers. The durability and the quality of a Portable Chiller manufactured by Cold Shot Chillers speak for their experience.


Dealing with cooling, heating, and HVAC systems, ACENAR has earned a great name in the market of Portable Chillers. They use the recent technology and create the most innovative and convenient Portable Chiller designs. These Chillers are helpful in almost all sorts of heating and cooling applications all over the world.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

They aim at producing high-quality, efficient, and reliable Portal Chillers that are most suitable for scientific applications such as a laboratory or an MRI machine in the hospital. Thermo Fisher Scientific claims to produce the most user-friendly and compact Portable Chiller that is available in different shapes and sizes. Their product not only saves your equipment and life by regulating temperature but also increases your productivity.

Thermal Care

Designed just according to your needs and demands, Thermal Care specializes in manufacturing the most reliable customized Portable Chillers. Their highly professional team of experts is capable of creating a Portable Chiller that is capable of meeting all the needs of your application. Also, the Chillers by Thermal Care are used all over the world because of their expertise.

GCI Refrigeration

Established in 1965, GCI Refrigeration tends to create Chillers with the most advanced and updated features. Especially serving the applications such as the plastic industry, and the medical field, GCI Refrigeration creates perfect heating, cooling, and HVAC solutions. Their Chillers are not just efficient and unique but also necessary for the safety of your equipment. The Chillers are available in various designs, models, sizes, and capacities.

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions

With over 70 years of experience, Glen Dimplex Thermal Solution aims at manufacturing the best Chillers for applications all around the world. They have a wide range of models and designs with updated features that make the product safe and user-friendly. They are open to customization and you can get the best quality Chillers with maximum durability.

Berg Chilling Systems

With worldwide recognition, Berg Chilling Systems are determined to design the most advanced, reliable, and convenient Portable Chillers for our convenience. Their Chillers are widely used in transportation, manufacturing, construction, petrochemical, food, and beverage industries. The smart design and eco-friendly function of their Chillers make them reliable all over the world.

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