Best 10 Plastic Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


Promising great quality and the highest efficiency, TopChiller manufactures over 1000 Plastic Chillers annually. With highly qualified engineers, TopChiller can design Plastic Chiller to meet the needs of plastic Industries in over 58 countries.

Plastic Chillers by TopChiller are unique in the sense that they require little installation and maintenance cost. Due to access to recent technology, TopChiller has succeeded to create a modern interface that makes the Plastic Chiller user-friendly.

Established in 1999, TopChiller was founded with the idea of introducing convenience and easy operation.

Fractional Plastic Chillers

Being a re-known Plastic Chiller company in the USA Fractional Plastic Chillers produces different types of chilling machinery. Air-cooled Plastic chillers are highly demanded in various workplaces and industries such as pharmaceutical companies, chemicals, lasers, etc. The significant feature of the Plastic Chillers is the touch screen LCD, which displays the digital temperature controller, and error indicator, thus adding to its safety attributes. It regulates the temperature between -20 to 27 degrees and serves single or multiple cooling units.

New Anucool Engineers

An Indian Plastic Chiller manufacturing company established in 1991, Anucool is a single station industrial chiller solution provider for industrial setups. The specialized areas involve air chilling systems, water-cooled chillers, glycol chillers, PET blowing chillers, plastic injection chillers, glycol chillers, chemical process chillers, food, and beverages chillers. They serve industries with high efficient Plastic Chillers having low noise and vibration and easy installation procedures.

Mitsubishi Electric

It is one of the leading Plastic Chiller companies in Pakistan. It comes up with the new modules of 50 and 60 HP. It serves the industries with their manageable heating and cooling system and saves electricity in both the heating and cooling modes. The selection of an optimum piping system is suitable according to needs and construction. Maximum 6 units can be connected to the Plastic Chillers, which boosts their functionality.

Cold shot

Cold Shot is a Plastic Chiller and air chiller designer and manufacturer which was founded in the late 1970s. It is producing the best Plastic Chillers at meager costs and extended warranties. Offering premium cooling and heating options, it gives the best chilling services in different industries such as food, beverages, and metal finishing industries.

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Based in Kalamazoo, Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions has been serving the industries since 1952. It comes up with the latest and advanced technology. It has improvised machinery and supplies plastic chillers all over the world. Glen Dimplex Thermal Solution Plastic Chillers are equipped with an advanced interface which makes them easy to operate.

Advanced industrial refrigeration Inc.

Based in the US, Advanced Industrial Refrigeration Inc. is more than just an HVAC manufacturer. It has been serving industrial companies for more than thirty years. Along with emphasizing energy efficiency, their outdoor and indoor chilling industrial equipment includes central Plastic Chillers, modular chillers, process pump/tank sets & industrial AC systems.

American Chilling and Cooling Tower System

As one of the top-rated Plastic Chiller and water chiller suppliers,  American Chilling and Cooling Tower System has been serving the industries for more than thirty years. The industrial chillers include plastic injection molding and extruding, oil cooling, metal finishing, test stand cooling, and many more. This commercial plastic chiller manufacturer and supplier offers a versatile product range at an affordable cost. The chillers are available for manageable temperature regulating systems.

ARTISAN Industries Inc.

Known as the Plastic Chiller and air chiller manufacturing company based in the USA, it has been serving the industries for more than 85 years. The Plastic Chillers by Artisan require low maintenance and low operating cost. These are eco-friendly and equipped with the latest technology. ARTISAN industries have the most experienced and highly qualified staff that engineer the best quality Plastic Chillers.

Consolidated Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.

A trusted Plastic Chiller commercial supplier company, serving the industries for more than two decades, it

is based in Los Angeles. Consolidated Mechanical Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. is offering the most reliable and up-to-date HVAC equipment and services. Their knowledgeable and skilled customer service agents are available for full-time guidance.

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