Best 10 Packaged Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in the World


Since 1999, TopChiller is a well-known Chinese Chiller manufacturing brand aiming to provide top-quality Chillers to over 58 countries throughout the world. TopChiller manufactures more than 1000 Chillers annually belonging to different categories including Air Chiller, Water Chiller, Packaged Chiller, Scroll Chiller, Screw Chiller, and a lot more.

TopChiller has more than 20 years of experience in top-quality Packaged Chiller manufacturing along with maintaining high production quality. You can contact TopChiller to get the most affordable, suitable, and updated Packaged Chiller that can meet your high cooling demands.


Swegon has gained years of experience in manufacturing top-quality chillers for meeting the cooling demands of various industrial processes. They carry out a complete inspection of the building for deciding which chiller will be ideal for that particular building. They manufacture customized chillers to help you deal with your specific chilling requirements.


Daikin aims to help people achieve complete home comfort by providing efficient heating and cooling equipment. They manufacture modern chillers featuring the latest specifications for providing excellent cooling results and maximum chiller efficiency. You can ask them for customized chillers to fulfill the cooling requirements that are essential for your applications.

Desiccant DryAir Systems Ltd.

Having its basis in the North West part of England, Desiccant DryAir Systems Ltd. Is well known to manufacture top-quality cooling equipment because of having in-depth knowledge of modern scientific studies and works. They make sure to maintain high standards of quality during the manufacturing process for maximizing the chiller performance, enhancing productivity, and reducing maintenance costs.

Dunham-Bush Limited

Dunham-Bush Limited is a well-known chiller manufacturing company that is present in Hampshire on the south coast of England. They have an experienced team that is specialized in designing and manufacturing an impressive range of chillers. They also aim to provide different cooling attachments along with the chillers to add more to the cooling process and results.

ICS Cool Energy

Having a great experience of more than 30 years, ICS cool energy aims to provide people with modern chillers featuring the latest technologies to meet high chilling needs. ICS cool energy makes sure to manufacture chillers that operate great on low energy input. They also consider the low maintenance and operation cost of the chiller while designing chillers for your applications.


Mercury is a well-recognized chiller manufacturing company that not only manufactures high-quality chillers but also offers professional delivery, installation, hiring, and maintenance services. You can ask them for professional help anytime you are having issues in the installation, working, operation, and functioning of your chiller. They are always available for your help.


Having 135 years of experience in the chiller industry, OpenBlue aims to manufacture chillers with maximum precision and efficiency. The chillers manufactured by OpenBlue have multiple safety features to ensure safe and protected chiller usage. OpenBlue chillers also have various customization options to help you meet your cooling demands.


Mcquay is listed as the leading chiller manufactures aiming to provide high-performance chillers featuring maximum efficiency. They design, manufacture, install and maintain chillers to help you experience a safe and uninterrupted chiller experience. Mcquay provides you with the most suitable cooling solutions that are environmentally friendly and completely safe for your chillers.

50-Star Refrigeration

50-star refrigeration takes care of customers’ needs and budgets. They understand your chilling requirements and exclusively manufacture a chiller that is customized with your demands. 50-star refrigeration provides a chiller that is helpful in industrial processes, including food processing, brewing and distilling, chemical and pharmaceutical, HVAC, oil and gas, and dairy processes.

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