Best 10 Modular Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


Being the leading Chiller manufacturer, designer, and supplier, TopChiller produces thousands of premium quality Chillers annually. TopChiller was established in 1999, and it has proved to be the best supplier of cooling solutions in China and all around the world.

To produce the widest variety of the most economical, user-friendly, and low-maintenance Modular Chillers, TopChiller provides safety to your equipment and life by dealing with the additional heat produced by industrial machinery.

The premium temperature regulation property of the Modular Chiller by TopChiller enables you to have maximum productivity in your industrial applications.

Consolidated Mechanical AC & Heating Inc. Altadena

You can completely rest your trust with Consolidated Mechanical AC & Heating Inc. for all your HVAC, ventilation, heating, and cooling needs for your applications. They promise to create the most suitable and efficient Modular chiller because of their strict quality control system. The company aims at making your industry a safe place for you and your industrial equipment with accurate temperature regulation.

Atmosphere Commercial & Industrial Inc. Toronto

Having decades of experience in the business of chiller manufacturing and supplying, Atmosphair Commercial & Industrial Inc. has the best variety of Modular Chillers in stock with varying sizes, shapes, capacities, and efficiencies. They make sure that their chilling systems are well updated to the technology and have a user-friendly interface for optimized results.

American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems, Inc. Augusta

Presenting premium quality efficient cooling solutions for all kinds of applications, American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems Inc. has got your back with their advanced technology and experienced staff. They create customized Modular Chillers for temperature regulation in industries like plastic, metal, laser, laboratories, and hospitals using MRI machines.

CIMCO Refrigeration, Toronto

To create chilling systems to fit all the needs and demands of your applications, CIMCO Refrigeration was established in 1913 in Toronto, Canada. Since then, CIMCO is helping industries all over the world to amplify their productivity by maintaining the best temperature. CIMCO is equipped with all the necessary equipment and skill to create and assemble the highest quality Modular Chillers.

Chemical Transfer Partnership, Northport

Aiming at producing high-grade premium quality chilling units, Chemical Transfer Partnership allows you to have a hazard-free and safe environment in your industries by eliminating extra heat produced by heavy industrial machinery. They allow you to customize your Modular Chiller according to the capacity of your application.

ClimaCool Corp. Oklahoma City

Providing true redundancy, maximum capacity, minimum installation costs, and highest capacities, ClimaCool Corp. is the right choice for the heating and cooling solutions of your commercial and industrial applications. Having access to the latest technology, they make the most efficient Modular Chillers at a reasonable price. They make sure that their products are non-degrading and have no negative effect on nature and the environment.

GCI Refrigeration Technologies

Meeting the expectation of users all around the world, GCI is producing Modular Chillers to meet the complex demands of users all around the world. Whether you need HVAC, air conditioning, or temperature regulation, GCI Refrigeration Technologies has got your back with its best designs and accurate assemblies of cooling systems. They allow you to get your chiller customized according to your needs at an affordable price.

Combined Refrigeration Resources, Inc. Humble

Having access to the best engineers and premium quality compressors and condensers, Combined Refrigeration Resources, Inc. takes care of all your refrigeration and temperature regulation needs by listening to your demands. They make customized centrifugal chillers, portable chillers, industrial chillers, and Modular Chillers with an easy interface and user-friendly technology.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ), Cincinnati

Covering a wide range of temperature controls, Cincinnati Sub-Zero provides a wide variety of efficient cooling products to obtain optimum temperature so that you can have maximum output for your applications. Whether you have to deal with -300 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, you can get the best Modular Chiller from the huge collection of Cincinnati Sub-zero.

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