Best 10 Industrial Water Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


TopChiller has earned the title of the best Industrial Water Chiller manufacturer and supplier company due to its excellent quality. Having an amazing team of well-qualified and well-experienced staff, TopChiller manufactures thousands of Industrial Water Chiller per year.

Founded in 1999, TopChiller has been designing the latest technology Industrial Water Chiller which requires a minimum power supply. With over 20 years of experience, TopChiller has succeeded to promote low maintenance and affordable Industrial Water Chiller to be used in small and large industrial setups. With great sales in China and around the world, TopChiller is dedicated to producing high-quality Industrial Water chillers that allow safe operation.

GCI Refrigeration Technologies Inc.

Supplying premium quality Industrial Water Chillers in over 40 countries, GCI Refrigeration Technologies Inc. is careful about the quality and efficiency of its heating and cooling units. Established in 1965, with the motto of technology and convenience, the company has succeeded to create user-friendly heating and cooling equipment suitable for applications like metal industries, plastic industries, and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

AREF Cooling Expert

As the name indicates, AREF is an expert at designing and manufacturing innovative temperature regulation equipment for industries. Having access to the recent technology, the qualified engineers at AREF are busy coming up with the most updated Industrial Water Chiller that uses less water and gives better performance. AREF believes in making it convenient and error-free with the use of technology.

Summit Process Cooling, UK

Complying with the European standards of good Industrial Water Chillers, Summit Process Cooling is dedicated to producing efficient equipment with lower energy consumption. Serving a vast variety of applications for 30 years, Summit Process COOLING makes well-engineered and well-assembled Industrial Water Chillers that increase productivity in industries.

Drake Chillers

Drake Chillers is a known chiller designer and manufacturer focused on inculcating technology and class for the precise temperature regulation needs of industries.  Drake Chillers produces Industrial Water Chillers that can be customized according to the needs and demands of each industry.


Focused on designing high-quality Industrial Water Chillers that provide accurate temperature regulation for several applications such as metal industries, breweries, laser industries, laboratories, and food and water industries. Parker has a huge stock of Industrial Water Chiller with capacities ranging from 1.7 kW to 58.3 kW.

Universal Chilling Systems

Due to the huge inventory and competitive pricing, Universal Chilling Systems has succeeded to make its name in the market of Industrial Water Chillers. A versatile variety of chillers is always available in stock for shipping. Universal Chilling Systems serve applications such as Plastic industries, metal industries, and food and beverage industries.

Advantage Making Water Chiller Work

With a turnout of around 1200 chillers per annum, Advantage Making Water Chiller Work is enthusiastic to produce innovative and updated Industrial Water Chillers. Founded in 1977, the company has a huge setup comprising three manufacturing units and a warehouse. The idea is to design and manufacture easy-to-operate and affordable heating and cooling equipment.

Industrial Water Chiller

Having sufficient knowledge and experience in terms of temperature regulation and productivity in the industries, Industrial Water Chiller creates the most efficient and convenient chillers. Available in all sizes, shapes, and models, the chillers by Industrial Water Chillers are easy to use and have lower energy consumption. Industrial Water Chiller was established 40 years ago and since then, it has continued to design and create ½ ton to 20 ton Industrial Water Chillers.

Cooling Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1986, Cooling Technology Inc. is famous for providing accurate and convenient temperature regulation solutions for industries. Aiming at creating updated Industrial Water Chillers to meet the cooling needs of industries to allow amplified productivity, Cooling Technology Inc. creates the most efficient cooling systems.

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