Best 10 Industrial Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


The leading Industrial Chiller manufacturing and Supplying Company in China, TopChiller is determined to provide premium quality Industrial Chillers to displace the heat produced by machinery in the industries.

With over 20 years of experience in this field, TopChiller provides the best heating and cooling solutions for optimum temperature maintenance, which allows maximum productivity. TopChiller is known for the huge collection of Industrial Chiller different models, sizes, and capacities they have in stock. The highly professional and efficient team of an experienced team of engineers utilizes the most recent technology to produce Industrial Chillers to meet the needs of industries like plastic, metal casting, ionizing, food, and beverage.


Founded in the 19990s, CAREL UK is taking care of the air conditioning and HVAC needs of industries all over the world. Having expertise in creating efficient Industrial Chillers with varying capacities, CAREL provides the best air conditioning solutions for industry owners. Emphasizing the user-friendly interface and high-quality parts of the Industrial Chiller, CAREL guarantees the reliability and durability of its products.


With many years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of Industrial chillers, Thermofisher has earned its name due to its user-friendly and cost-friendly designs. Thermofisher produces Industrial Chillers with amplified performance to meet the increasing needs of industries all around the world.


Understanding the current demands of the industrial units such as laser, metal, ionizing, and food and beverage industries, Thermionics utilizes the recent technology to create super-efficient Industrial Chillers. They aim at maximizing the performance of the chillers to make them the most convenient machine to be used for the heating and cooling loads of an industry.

Welkin Solutions

A leading Chiller manufacturer and supplier in Pakistan, Welkin Solution comes up with the most recent technology to fulfill the temperature regulation and HVAC needs in the industries, shopping malls, commercial buildings, and residential buildings. Their chillers are eco-friendly and low maintenance. They require minimum energy consumption and produce amplified results.

Frost Italy

Having access to the most advanced technology, Frost Italy creates Industrial Chillers designs that are not just innovative but also very convenient to use. Their efficient engineers work hard to bring out the most wanted features of the Chiller to obtain maximum performance. They care for the conservation of nature and therefore come up with eco-friendly chillers for frequent use in the industries.


Equipped with a versatile range of extremely efficient chilling solutions for your industries, Airedale caters to the needs of different industries. Their chillers vary in size, capacities, and efficiencies, but the quality of the Industrial Chiller is never compromised. By using tubular technology and microchannel coils, the performance of the Industrial Chiller is maximized to meet the cooling needs of large-scale industries.

Andrews Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Being a well-known brand in the United States, Andrews Air Conditioning and Refrigeration provides a convenient solution to maintain the temperature regulation of industries. With a variety of different models, sizes, and capacities, Andrews Air Conditioning and Refrigeration caters to the needs of all industrial setups. Their Industrial Chillers are easy to use and easy to maintain, having low installation and operation costs.

Andrews Sykes Group

Deals with the designing, manufacturing, and supplying of supreme quality Industrial Chillers for air conditioning and HVAC solutions. Expert in handling the heating and cooling loads for optimum temperature management and regulation. Specializes in creating the most affordable, user-friendly, and innovative designs. It also provides installation and servicing options for better performance and efficiency.


Keeping in view the excessive cooling demands of the industries, Comptech provides the most convenient temperature regulation solutions. They ensure the safety of the equipment and the environment by making an efficient Industrial Chiller that is eco-friendly and easy to handle. They emphasize low Maintainance and low installation costs on their chillers without compromising on the quality.

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