Best 10 Glycol Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


Among many manufacturing brands, TopChiller is famous due to its great diversity in Glycol Chiller production. TopChiller produces a wide variety of Glycol Chillers along with remarkable and efficient cooling capacity.

Meeting the needs and demands of domestic, industrial, commercial, and medical setups all around the World, TopChiller fabricates the most affordable and unique Glycol Chillers that need minimum installation and maintenance costs. TopChiller focuses on the growing trends and updates its Glycol Chillers accordingly.

Frick by Johnson Controls, Milwaukee

Offering the latest technology and advanced solutions for your temperature regulation needs, Frick by Johnsons Controls works to benefit their customers by enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their Glycol Chillers. They provide maximum protection to your industrial equipment and help you to save on utility and maintenance bills.


Daikin aims to provide modern Glycol Chillers that work efficiently using minimum resources and reduced utility costs. The company has earned its reputation as the most prestigious Glycol Chiller manufacturer all around the world. With a user-friendly interface and customized features, it has succeeded in helping secure the lives and of people and industrial equipment all over the world.

Hansen Refrigeration Machinery Company, Inc. Fond du Lac

Securing the position of the most honorable Glycol Chiller Manufacturing Brand, Hansen Refrigeration Machinery Company, Inc. has an experienced and expert team of engineers that work hard to bring innovation and convenience to their designs. Suitable for all kinds of applications all around the world, the company emphasizes the low maintenance and operation costs of its chillers.


Mcquay works for the maximum performance and efficiency of Glycol Chillers, and therefore it is one of the greatest chiller manufacturing industries. The Mcquay provides a Glycol Chiller that does not harm the environment due to the conversion of toxic chemicals into environment-friendly compounds. Also, Mcquay makes sure that the Chillers utilize minimum energy and thus have low operation costs.

HEXECO, Inc. Berlin

HEXECO Inc. is bringing innovation and design your way by creating advanced technology Glycol Chillers with maximum efficiency and best pricing. They use a supreme quality eco-friendly refrigerant that is reliable and cost-friendly. They take care of their customers by producing chilling solutions following the requirements of the applications.

Halko Product Company

Halko Products Company is famous because of its world-class Glycol Chiller production. They not only construct efficient Glycol Chiller but facilitate their customers through concession in installments and instant delivery. The durability of their products is long-term without losing efficiency. Customer complaints are solved on a priority basis. Such privileges make the company distinct from the others.


Aiming at maximum precision and efficiency, OpenBlue was established more than a hundred years ago to meet the cooling and heating needs of applications all over the world. With 135 years of experience, it does not compromise the caliber of its brand with 100 percent efficiency. The safety features are also considered along with quality standards. The company helps and facilitates its customers through a large number of methods such as delivery, price, concession, etc.

50-Star Refrigeration

50-star refrigeration is one of the efficient industries that work for customers’ convenience. They look after the customer’s demands and allowances. They are known for constructing Glycol Chillers useful for temperature regulation in commercial and industrial fields. 50-Star Refrigeration promotes a high-quality refrigeration system that has a low operation cost. With little installation and maintenance cost, the company is helping people all around the world.

Fluid Chillers, Inc. Lansing

Providing the best value for money, Fluid Chillers, Inc. makes customizable and efficient cooling systems to eliminate the heat produced by industrial machinery. Fluid Chiller, Inc. represents a versatile variety of screw chillers, scroll chillers, centrifugal chillers, portable chillers, and Glycol Chillers with the most responsive and cooperative customer service.

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