Best 10 Explosion Proof Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


TopChiller entered the Explosion Proof Chiller market in 1999 with aim of providing Explosion Proof Chiller that works efficiently without damaging the ecosystem. TopChiller’s Explosion Proof Chiller is efficient, versatile, durable, energy-saving, and environment friendly.

Within a short period, TopChiller became a well-known Chinese Explosion-Proof Chiller brand across the globe. The Explosion-Proof Chiller manufactured by TopChiller is matchless. TopChiller is dedicated to making its mark in the world by revolutionizing the Explosion Proof Chiller industry.

Power Mechanical, Inc.

With aim of reducing Chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere, Power Mechanical, Inc. is continuously developing new designs of eco-friendly Chillers. Power Mechanical, Inc. originated as a boiler industry in 1985 serving in Virginia, a southeastern U.S state. Decades later, the company became a major supplier of boilers and Explosion Proof Chillers in the world. Power Mechanical, Inc. deals in new and used Explosion Proof Chillers.

Lydall, Inc.

Lydall, Inc. is one of the major Chiller manufacturers in the U.S.A. It has more than 5000 employees. With its headquarters in Manchester, Connecticut, Lydall, Inc. has been supplying Explosion Proof Chillers of standard material since 1869. Lydall utilizes the most recent technology to come up with a wide range of Explosion Proof Chiller models. Having low installation and operation costs, Lydall Explosion Proof Chillers are convenient to use having no negative effects on the environment.

Dunham-Bush, Inc.

Dunham-Bush, Inc. is a USA-based Chiller manufacturer, supplying chilling products of high quality since 1894. With a trading experience of more than 100 years, Dunham-Bush, Inc. has gained international fame in manufacturing Explosion-Proof Chillers of highly durable material that last long. It offers commercial and residential chilling equipment of high quality and versatility.

Frigosystem Crema

Frigosystem Corema provides a wide range of chilling products to meet the specific demands of both big and small industries. Established in 1970, it has gained a global reputation due to its innovative ideas to manufacture Explosion-Proof Chillers. Frigosystem Corema believes in continuous research to develop more efficient machinery to lead the market.

Smart Family of Cooling Products

As a manufacturer of Explosion-Proof Chillers and cooling equipment, Smart Family of Cooling Products started business in 1991. It is a USA-based company with headquarters in Humble, a city in Texas. It is specialized in producing Evaporative Condensed Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, Explosion -Proof Chillers, and heat exchangers of the best quality with minimum maintenance expenses.

Fluid Chillers, Inc.

Fluid Chillers, Inc. is a well-known Chiller manufacturer in the U.S.A. It has been manufacturing Explosion-Proof Chillers with capacities up to 500 tons for a long time. Fluid Chiller, Inc. is a fast-growing Chiller industry in the world due to its versatile chilling products with variable capacities that are highly efficient and durable. The quality of chilling products has made it a well-known Chiller industry.

REPACO(Refrigeration Package Corp.)

REPACO is specialized in manufacturing Heat Exchangers, Explosion-Proof Chillers, and Refrigeration equipment. It has gained customers’ confidence worldwide due to its chilling units that are easy to install and easy to handle. With the emerging diversity of customers’ needs, REPACO has remodeled its products to serve effectively across the globe.

Alpha Engineered Refrigeration

With its headquarters in Rochester, Alpha Engineered Refrigeration is a US-based Chillers manufacturer. It has been supplying Explosion Proof Chillers, Welder Chillers & Water Cooled Chillers globally for a long time. The high efficiency and eco-friendly nature of chilling products is the reason behind customer satisfaction. It aims to provide cooling equipment for temperature control at a minimum cost.

General Air Products, Inc.

It is a privately held company performing its remarkable role in the Chillers market since 1936. It is specialized in manufacturing heat-controlling products such as refrigerated air dryers, heat exchangers, and Explosion-Proof Chillers. Efforts of highly skilled engineers have made the company popular worldwide due to its Explosion-Proof Chillers at minimum cost with high efficiency increasing customers’ trust in service.

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