Best 10 Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier in the World


Since 1999, TopChiller aims to manufacture top-quality Chiller. TopChiller has Installed Chiller in almost 58 countries all around the world.

We have given 20 years of our lives to making top-quality Chillers. TopChiller also has got the best Chiller solutions about your problems along with mentioning our employee’s competitive price analysis.

TopChiller makes sure to maintain high-quality standards during the manufacturing of the Chiller to ensure the best working performance and cooling productivity. This quality maintenance also helps in improving the efficiency and durability of the Chiller. Chiller manufactured by TopChiller is always featured with the latest chiller specifications and functions.


Araner is running a creative and diverse EPC business that works for the designing, manufacturing, engineering and construction of energy systems, majorly involving heating and cooling plants. Araner aims to provide a wide variety of Chiller and solutions along with professional services for their customers regarding different types of chillers.

Thermal care

Thermal care is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of chillers, mainly water chillers. We also aim to provide process cooling equipment and units to be used all around the world. Thermal Care meets the industrial chilling and processing equipment need of more than 50 industries. We not only offer standard industrial process cooling solutions, but one can also choose to get them customized as per the usage.

GCI Refrigeration Technologies

In the year 1965, GCI Refrigeration Technologies started to manufacture industrial chillers featured with updated specifications, multi-functioning, and diverse applications. In the start, the company laid foundations as Peuchen in 1958, which aimed to meet the chiller needs of the plastic industry, but in 1981, it was combined into GC industries. Today we are known to be the parent corporation of four companies in the temperature control and HVAC industries.

EMS Chiller 1965

From 1965, EMS Chiller aims to manufacture tailor-made air-cooled and water chillers. We also offer professional services to maintain maximum chiller efficiency.EMS Chiller has got various accurate solutions that help cool water, oil, air, chemical substances, and liquid. We also offer help regarding electrical panel rooms and chemical substances.

Cold Shot Chillers

In the late 1970s, Cold Shot Chillers came into existence as Zarsky Industries Inc., which is known as the top HVAC repair company in Houston, Texas. In the next ten years, the company progressed and started chiller manufacturing for the plastic processing and renovation of used chillers. Since 1999 now the company focuses only on manufacturing chillers for serving food and beverage, plastic processing, and metal finishing industries.

Turmoil Industrial Fluid Chillers

Turmoil Industrial Fluid Chillers has years of experience in manufacturing chillers, especially oil chillers. The purpose of the creation of these chillers was to use them with machine tools. These chillers are specially designed keeping in mind the control of heat and the increase in the precision and speed of machine tools on the operation of oil chillers. Turmoil Industrial Fluid Chillers has marked its name in the market by maintaining the quality and durability of its chillers.

Ingersoll-Rand company

Ingersoll-Rand company aims to provide different electric and air power tools, fluid handling products, material handling equipment, dispensing systems, and vehicle service tools. We manufacture a wide variety of chillers to meet your industrial cooling requirements. Along with this, we offer installation, maintenance, monitoring, repair, and assembly services also.

Universal Chilling Systems

Universal Chilling Systems has a great experience of more than 75 years in the chiller industry. We manufacture chillers that include all the components that increase chiller performance and efficiency. You can also ask us for customized chillers. Let us know your exceptional requirements, and we will manufacture a piece the same.

Aref Cooling Expert

Aref Cooling Expert is well aware of the modern trends and updates rising in the chiller industry. We manufacture efficient devices that also help you save on your energy cost. Aref Cooling Expert also manages to provide efficient chillers having easy maintenance easy installation.

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