Best 10 Centrifugal Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


Established in the year 1999, TopChiller aims to manufacture more than 1000 Centrifugal Chiller per year. TopChiller has become a highly reputable Chinese Centrifugal Chiller manufacturing company by providing top-quality Centrifugal Chillers for the past 20 years.

TopChiller not only professionally manufactures standard Centrifugal Chiller but is also open to custom Centrifugal Chiller designing and manufacturing. For custom manufacturing, TopChiller needs your specific requirements and design a Centrifugal Chiller that exactly meets your chilling demands.

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions was established in 1952 and has now gained years of experience in the chiller manufacturing industry. They are included in the list of ISO 9001 certified companies, which is helpful for people in trusting their products and services. The best thing about Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions is that you can ask them to make you customized that exactly meets your chilling demands.

Delta T Systems, Inc.

Delta T Systems, Inc. is well known for manufacturing safe and top-quality chiller equipment having high-efficiency features. Their product list includes different types of chillers, pump tanks, and various models of temperature control systems. The reliability and durability of their products and services are what make them globally recognizable.

Thermonics Chillers

Thermonics Chillers is a USA-based company that is certified with ISO and registered by ITA. They have a wide variety of process chillers that are perfect for meeting low temperature cooling up to -40°C and Ultra low temperature cooling up to -100°C. They also specialize in providing other types of chillers, including air chillers, water chillers, cryogenic chillers, etc.

Universal Chilling Systems

Universal Chilling Systems has more than 75 years of experience in the chiller designing and manufacturing field. Their chillers are used in different industries, including metal manufacturing, die casting, chemical processing, machine tooling, and food industries. During their designing and manufacturing process, they keep their focus on the quality, reliability, durability, and efficiency of their products.

Thermal Care, Inc.

Thermal Care, Inc. was established in 1969 and is now a leading chiller manufacturer serving people with a wide variety of portable and central chillers. The best thing about them is that they are certified by ISO 9001 and always follow high-quality standards. They serve more than 50 industries and offer both standard and customized chiller manufacturing services.

Design Comfort Co., Inc.

Design Comfort Co. Inc. is well known for engineering, designing, manufacturing, and installing top-quality chillers that suit your chilling demands. They make sure that their chillers offer high performance, low energy consumption, and increased efficiency. They always take care of their customers and provide products and services that are suitable to their customer’s budgets and requirements.

Cold Shot Chillers

Cold Shot Chillers is a globally recognized chiller designer and manufacturer. They have a diverse product list, including portable chillers, liquid chillers, stationary chillers, water chillers, industrial chillers, centrifugal chillers, and cooling systems. During the process of designing and manufacturing, they make sure that their product matches the high-quality standards and offer long product warranties for added customer satisfaction.

Advance Industrial Refrigeration, Inc.

Advanced Industrial Refrigeration, Inc. is working in the chiller industry for more than 30 years. They have gained great experience in designing and manufacturing top-quality chillers featuring low power consumption, enhanced durability, and high-efficiency properties. You can also ask them to manufacture a customized chiller that exactly meets your chilling demands.

Airdyne Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Airdyne Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are well known to manufacture a wide variety of refrigeration equipment, including walk-in freezers and coolers, outdoor and indoor condensing units, custom-designed refrigeration systems, remote condensers, custom-designed indoor and outdoor systems, glycol fluid cooling systems, and charged condensing units that are helpful in multiple industrial applications.

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