Best 10 Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


TopChiller is the most prestigious Air Cooled Chiller manufacturing and supplying company in China. With over two decades of experience in designing and composing the most efficient Air Cooled Chiller in the world, TopChiller understands the needs and demands of all sorts of Chiller applications. TopChiller aims at providing low maintenance and budget-friendly Air Cooled Chiller to obtain maximum productivity and ensure the safety of your equipment. The Air Cooled Chiller manufactured by TopChiller is not just convenient to use but also consumes less energy thus helping the consumer save up on electricity bills.

EMS Chiller

Established in 1965, EMS is determined to provide the world with the most reliable and durable Air Cooled Chillers at a very affordable price. They engineer each of their product according to the requirement of the application.  There is an option of customization and they claim to use only high-quality branded parts for their Air Cooled Chillers.

Carrier Corporation

Carrier Corporation is a well-known company in terms of all types of heating and cooling systems such as Air Cooled Chillers, water-cooled chillers, heating units, HVAC units, and screw, scroll-type chillers. They tailor the system according to the heating and cooling needs of your application to ensure maximum productivity. Their products are user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Ingersol-Rand Company

Ingersol-Rand Company deals with the designing and manufacturing of Air Cooled Chillers to meet the temperature regulation needs of small industries such as plastic, chemical, laser, food, and beverage industries. The company claims to have the best quality chillers that do not need much maintenance and can be easily handled. An Air Cooled Chiller manufactured by Ingersol-Rand Company adds to the output of an industry.


No matter how large your cooling load is, Polyscience has got your back with its efficient and updated Air Cooled Chillers capable of managing a wide range of loads. With many years of experience, Polyscience guarantees the safety of your industrial equipment with their Air Cooled Chiller. Easy maintenance and lowered energy consumption are a plus point of Polyscience Chillers.

Mueller Streamline Co.

Mueller Streamline Co. has the perfect solution for all your heating cooling needs with their advanced Air Cooled Chillers. They aim at designing the most compatible and user-friendly chiller system that can accommodate the heating load of various applications.

YORK Air Cooled Chillers

YORK Air Cooled Chillers are engineering high capacity and efficient chillers to deal with the heat produced by large industrial units. They have a huge range of different types of chillers that have unique features and specifications. Their highly professional team of experts produces the most reliable chillers.


Specially manufactured to fulfill the requirements of different applications all over the world, Air Cooled Chillers by Airtech are known for their quality and accurate engineering. Airtech utilizes premium quality components for the assembly of their chillers and therefore, they provide world standard Air-cooled Chillers all over the world. Airtech was founded in 1990 and since then, it is creating the most reliable and convenient chillers.

Airedale International

Airedale understands the role of recent technology in the growth of a business and therefore their engineers use the most unique techniques and latest technology to create the most advanced and efficient Air Cooled Chillers. The goal is to obtain temperature regulation and an HVAC system at the best possible price and lowest maintenance requirements.


Founded in 1974, Systemair is producing premium quality Air Cooled Chillers to meet the needs of all kinds of applications. They are determined to create the most innovative chillers with different features and specifications customized according to the demands of the consumer. Their products are user-friendly, easy to install, and easy to use.

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