Best 10 Air Chiller Manufacturers and Suppliers in the World


Based in China, TopChiller is the leading manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years of experience. TopChiller produces world-class Air Chiller that meets the needs of industrial applications.

TopChiller designs various models of Air Chiller in different shapes, sizes, and capacities easy to operate, and needs little maintenance. TopChiller makes sure that their Air Chiller needs little resources and doesn’t consume excessive electricity, thus reducing your electricity bills. Their high professional team of experts can guide you to choose the best Air Chiller for your business.

EMS Chiller

EMS Chiller is a Turkey-based Chiller manufacturing company that was established in 1965. It has been more than half of a century, and they are producing the best and high-quality heating and cooling devices for a wide range of applications. They are determined to make the most efficient cooling systems with very reasonable prices all over the world.


With over 27 years of experience, Airtech is the leading Air Chiller manufacturer and supplier in India. They are determined to provide the best quality, standard material, and dimensionally accurate Chilling solutions to meet all your temperature regulation requirements. With several models, types, sizes, and capacities, Airtech is the best choice for the safety and smooth running of your equipment.

Cold Shot

Known for its eco-friendly and high-quality chilling solutions, Cold shot is an Air Chiller company that takes care of all your machinery and equipment by supplying the best chilling solutions. They have a fantastic team of experts that focus on the quality and efficiency of their products. With a wide variety of different types of chillers, Cold shot aims at maintaining good quality and high durability.

Glen Dimplex Thermal solutions

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions aim at providing reliable and updated chillers for all your heating, cooling, and HVAC applications at all scales. With over half a century of experience, they have access to the most recent technology and manufacture chillers that are easy to use and convenient to maintain.

Frost Italy

A leading Italian Air Chiller company, Frost Italy Chiller provides the most reliable chillers with reasonable running costs. With their hardworking team of expert professionals, Frost Chiller is always introducing more advanced options to fulfill your temperature regulation needs. They take care of your business by ensuring safe operation and convenient use.

Paul Mueller Company

A leading Chiller manufacturing company in the United States, Paul Mueller Company is known for making the most accommodative chilling solutions. They aim at manufacturing the most reliable and latest technology chillers to meet the cooling and heating needs of your business. They have a variety of chillers with different capacities.

Sentry Equipment Corporation

Specialize in water and air-cooled Chillers with enhanced qualities. They have a variety of chiller models that can serve the purpose of temperature regulation for several applications. Sentry Equipment Corporation has years of experience in chiller manufacturing, and they are determined to produce chillers with varying capacities and features.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Inc.

Equipped with the most recent technology, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Inc. promises the most updated and easy-to-use chiller systems for the protection of your machinery. They have a very good reputation for creating high-quality chillers to meet the needs of industries such as chemical industries, metal industries, and food and beverage industries.

Drake Refrigeration

Known for its expert engineers and affordable chilling solutions, Drake refrigeration is one of the leading Chiller manufacturers in the United States. Established in 1972, drake refrigeration deals with the wholesale of several types of chillers that are produced to deal with different heat loads depending upon their capacities.

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