TopChiller High Quality Air Cooled Chiller and Water Cooled Chiller Cooling All Your Industrial Applications

TopChiller Providing High Quality Chillers to Support Your business

With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in chillers, TopChiller supplies more than 100K units of air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller for your industrial and commercial applications.

Our types of chillers are widely used in various applications including

laser machines-cooling of laser irradiated part, electronic microscope-temperature control of electron-beam irradiated part, food, and cosmetics- temperature control of the sample and device, shrink fitting machine-cooling of the workpieces, reagent cooling equipment-temperature control of reagent, UV curving printing painting, bonding and sealing

Our chiller can also be used cooling laser maker, linear motor, temperature control of paint material, gas cylinder cabinet, cooling cleaning tank, MRI&X-Ray medical equipment, ultrasonic wave inspection machine, sealing of film and paper package line, cooling vacuum pump, concentrating machine, chamber electrode, high-frequency induction heating, plasma welder, food and beverage process, plastic processing.

We are supplying a complete line of industrial chillers flexible capacity of 0.5 Ton to 500 Ton and temperature control ranging from -65℃.

Just contact us to custom your chillers to cool your facilities

All Types of Air Chiller and Water Chiller For Your Specific Applications

Effective cooling welding reaction, maintaining a steady temperature, help stabilize current flow and improve the overall efficiency of welding
steady cooling plasma spray process or HVOF to control the temperature during the thermal spay process to achieve high-quality products
Reliable process cooling in hazardous environments, Operation in Hazardous (Electrically Classified) Location prevent damage to sensitive components
Keep the plating baths at the best temperatures for adhesion, best cooling equipment for Plating and Anodizing Process
Offering constant cooling water for laser machine and laser process, like CO2 lasers, diode & fiber lasers Yag lasers
For cooling CO2 Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Engraver and protect your tube and keep your beam accurate
Process cooling for medical equipment and medical applications like MRI machine, CT scanner, Linear accelerator, Laboratory reagent, Pharmaceutical Medical cannabis, and THC extraction equipment
Cool and maintain specific temperatures for a variety of components in MRI machines for medical imaging project Against Expensive and Life-Threatening Downtime.
Keep plastic production process cool, cooling all plastic injection molding machines,blowing molding, extrusion bath, and thermoforming
Transfer heat out of the mold temperature controller (thermometer), the hydraulic heat exchanger, and the feed throat of injection molding machines.
Regulate the temperature of a fermenter, Control fermentation temperature, eliminate off-flavors, glycol cooling jacket of the fermentation chamber
Propylene glycol and water to extract excess heat from a brewing process, Maximize Beer Production and Cool Fermentation Tanks, Brite Tanks and Wort Coolers
Maintain the perfect water temperature for hydroponic system lower temperature with higher oxygen content and larger yields for rap, rapid and healthy growth of plants
Remove the heat out of the ice, ensuring the ice rink stays frozen despite temperatures rising well above freezing
Highly precise and effective liquid cooling or air-condition cooling for Silicon Wafer Manufacturing and Research, Control temperature in the production of semiconductor devices

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We Believe TopChiller Is Your Best Chiller Manufacturer to Cool Your Facilities

How many applications TopChiller products used in?

Generally, our chillers are widely used in more than 20 industrial categories from light industries to civil industries, no matter what industry you are in, we have the chiller solution for you.

Can TopChiller help me to compute/size the correct chiller cooling capacity?

Yes for sure, TopChiller is very professional in chillers, Just tell me your chiller requirements, our engineer will help you to work out the right chiller cooling capacity suitable for your application.

What’s the Minimum and Maximum cooling capacity of TopChiller?

TopChiller is providing a full range of chillers in models/capacities, the minimum chiller capacity can reach 0.5 Ton (1.5KW) and the Maximum cooling capacity will be up to 850 Ton (3000KW), different cooling capacity chillers using different type compressors.

Do I need have the water tank and water pump ready while using your chiller?

No need, our regular chiller has a built-in water tank and water pump. You don’t need to have any water pump and water tank at the site.

We need a high pressure water pump of the chiller, can you make it?

Yes, The Maximum pressure can reach 10 Bar, we have all models of water pumps for your choice, just let me know your water flow rate and water pressure, we can select the right water pump for your application.

My electrical power supply is 440V-480V 3Phase 60Hz, can your chiller suitable for this power?

Yes, Just tell us your exact power supply, the voltage, phases, the chiller’s compressor, condenser, water pump, and all electronics are under your power supply.

Can I ask your chiller’s enclosure, water pump and water tank use stainless steel materials?

Yes, Some special processes or industries as food processes, laser machines, semiconductors need clean water without dust, we can custom-made stainless steel chiller for your application.

Can I install your chiller on the roof top of the building outdoor?

Yes, TopChiller products are waterproof designed, and manufactured, You can outdoor install our chiller on the rooftop of the building for better ventilation.

Can your chiller make ± 0.5℃ temperature stability?

Yes, We can design and manufacture air chillers and water chillers with accurate temperature control, ± 0.5℃ temperature stability is no problem.

Does TopChiller provide chiller installation and commission service?

Yes, For the small chiller, we will give you the chiller installation and operation manuals, You can operate it by yourself. For big capacity screw chillers, we have a service team that can do installation and commission jobs for you.

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