Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled chiller

  • Cooling capacity from 1.5KW to 168KW
  • Temperature control from 7℃ to 35℃
  • Temperature stability ±0.5 ℃ to ±2 ℃
  • Built-in SS water tank and water pump
  • Shell&tube or SS PHE for optional
  • Easy installation and energy saving
  • All models and cooling capacity are available

Your Premier Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturer

Air cooled chiller is short for air chiller, sometimes also called air cooled packaged chiller or portable air chiller and air cooled water chiller.

TopChiller supplying a complete line of air-cooled chillers, this air cooled chiller has a cooling capacity of 1.5KW to 202KW and water temperature control range from 7℃ to 30℃, while the water temperature stability is +/-0.1℃ to +/-2℃.

Air cooled chiller designed and manufactured by TopChiller have 3 or 4 refrigerant circuits for air chiller models from AC-25AF to AC-60AF depending on chiller refrigeration capacity.

Each circuit can work or stop independently for chiller safety and energy saving consideration.

Air cooled chiller from TopChiller consists of a scroll compressor, air cooled condenser, built-in water pump and water tank to make a complete compressed refrigeration and water cooling system.

For scroll compressor brand, TopChiller using Copeland from the USA, Danfoss from France and Panasonic from Japan. All scroll compressors featuring excellent cooling capacity with compressor inner protection and energy saving.

For standard air cooled chiller evaporator, TopChiller using 304# stainless steel water tank with a coil, but stainless steel plate heat exchanger and closed loop shell & tube heat exchanger are also available.

It is high efficiency and durable air cooled type condenser using the finned copper tube with aluminum and big air volume cooling fan.

TopChiller is professional in air-cooled chiller manufacturing.

TopChiller has exported air-cooled chillers to the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, Italy, etc.

If you are looking for a high-quality air-cooled chiller manufacturer, please contact TopChiller sales for the best price quotation.

Air Cooled Chiller Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller

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TopChiller: Your Leading Air Cooled Chiller Supplier

Each air cooled chiller from TopChiller has a built-in water tank and water pump, some of the charged refrigerant R407c, R410a and R134a are also available for high ambient temperature.

R134a refrigerant charged air cooled chillers are specifically designed for certain areas such as Middle East countries.

As a professional air-cooled chiller supplier, TopChiller products have full safety protection features such as overcurrent protection, high and low-pressure protection, flow rate protection, phase sequence/phase missing protection and low liquid level with anti-freezing protection.

This protection makes sure all chiller units have an outstanding cooling performance and long service life.

Compared with the water-cooled chiller, the air-cooled chiller is more convenient and easy to install or maintain. Also, air cooled chillers are cost saving on this point.

Each air-cooled chiller manufactured by TopChiller is fully refrigerant charged with movable wheels, water pump, and inlet & outlet piping.

They are readily installed in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Air cooled chillers play an important role in industrial applications.

Most air cooled chillers are often used in the plastic industries, injection molding, blow molding, metalwork cutting, welding equipment, die casting, machine tooling, chemical processing, pharmaceutical formulation, food and beverage processing, paper, processing, cement processing, vacuum systems, X-ray diffraction, power generation stations, analytical equipment, semiconductors, compressed air, and gas cooling.

Air cooled chillers are also used to cool high-heat specialized items such as MRI machines and laser machines, in hospitals, hotels, big buildings, campuses, etc.

TopChiller is a leader in air cooled chiller and we provide the ultimate air cooled chiller solutions for clients all over the world.

Please contact our refrigeration engineering to customize your air cooled chillers.

Air Cooled Chiller: The Complete Buying Guide

In modern industry, Air Cooled Chiller plays a significant role. As such, you need to understand the details of Air Cooled Chiller.

Here is a buying guide that will help you to understand all chiller details.

You will be able to understand the working principles of Air Cooled Chiller as well as its design.
Not forgetting where you can apply this kind of Chillers.  Below is the major content of this article:

1. What Is Air Cooled Chiller?

Every summer, a cold drink is desirable when you are looking for something to quench your thirst. Staying in a place where central AC is in operation is even refreshing and comfortable during the hottest time of the day.

Although many people enjoy the cooling of drinks and central AC system, most of them rarely know it’s the chillers that play a key role in them.

Basically, chillers can be divided into two kinds: industrial and commercial chillers on cooling purpose. Also, chillers can be divided into air cooled chillers and water cooled chiller based on the cooling method.

Now we come to the topic of Air cooled chillers, Air-cooled chillers are the most popular compared to other types of chillers because of easy operation and low maintenance costs.

Air-cooled chillers are cooling systems that are widely utilized in various places, mainly industrial and commercial constructions, to provide consistent cooling water for their usages.

Air cooled chillers can be found in a wide variety of facilities including factories, corporate events, arenas, hotels, hospitals, warehouses and so forth.

An air cooled chiller can be packaged with a built-in water pump and water tank. It can also be portable or stationary with no pumps or tanks depending on site condition.

There is a wide range of air-cooled chillers to suit different needs and purposes, but overall, air cooled chillers are used to lower the temperature of a certain space by transferring the heat there to ambient air.

Air Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller from 0.5Ton(1.2KW)to 60Ton(211KW)

2. How Does an Air Cooled Chiller Work?

Now we all know air-cooled chillers are dispensable for various industries. Do you know how they work?

I. Basic Working Principle

Air-cooled chillers use the evaporator to take in the heat from chilled water, then the compressor takes away the vapor generated during this process and the vapor is pressurized and heated in the compressor.

Afterward, the vapor is released into the condenser. Eventually, the vapor pushes the heat out to the air.

Air Cooled Chiller working diagram

Air Cooled Chiller Working Principle

Due to pressurization and cooling, the refrigerant moves in cooled tubes where its temperature is reduced. Finally, the refrigerant goes back over the chilled tubes and assimilates more heat and this makes the whole procedure become a cycle, thus providing continuous cooling from an air-cooled chiller.

TopChiller Air Cooled Chiller Introduction

II. Key Components of Air Cooled Chillers

In the first part we have learned the basic working principle of air cooled chillers, now let’s delve deeper into some key components of these cooling machines.

An air cooled chiller mainly consists of a compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttle device, water pump, water tank, electronic controlling system, and cooling fans.

Compressor: Among all chiller components, the compressor is the most important one working as the power of an air-cooled chiller. Its function is to compress the low-temperature gas into a high-temperature gas and then exchange heat with other media in the heat exchanger.

Chiller compressor

Danfoss and Copeland Scroll Compressor

Evaporator: Frankly there are 3 types of evaporator– Stainless steel water tank with the coil, Stainless steel plate heat exchanger and Shell&tube heat exchanger.

For an air-cooled packaged chiller, it is generally a water tank coil evaporator.

SS water tank

#304 Stainless Steel Water Tank

Some air cooled chiller end-users also choose a plate-exchange or closed loop shell and tube type evaporator according to their needs.

industrial chiller temperature controller

Its function is to use liquid low-temperature refrigerant to evaporate at low pressure, convert the refrigerant or cooling gas into steam and absorb the heat of the cooling medium to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

SS Plate exchanger

#304 Stainless Steel or Food Grade Plate Heat Exchanger

What’s the function of evaporator? The evaporator performs under continued certain pressure and makes all the liquid evaporate.

The evaporator creates a low-pressure space where the refrigerant is evaporated and absorbs all the heat during the process.

 Shell and tube

Close-loop Shell and Tube Evaporator

Condenser: Its function is to cool the refrigerant steam discharged from the compressor into a liquid or gas-liquid mixture.  Let’s know something about air cooled condenser as below:

Air Cooled Condenser Introduction

The heat released by the refrigerant in the condenser is carried away by air. This is a space where the refrigerant exchanges the heat and finishes the transfer.

Air Cooled Chiller Condenser

Air Cooled Condenser

Throttling Devices: In general, the throttling devices are thermal expansion valves.

Let’s have a general idea of how thermal expansion valve working:

How Thermal Expansion Valve Works

When the refrigerant or cooling gas from the condenser passes through the throttling device-thermal expansion valve, its pressure and decreases greatly and as a result, the temperature of the refrigerant drops down as well.

The throttling devices- the thermal expansion valves mainly function as a method to reduce the pressure of the refrigerant: The refrigerant is at high pressure after it leaves the compressor.

We need to lower the pressure of the refrigerant so that it can vaporize at the desired temperature in the evaporator.

The orifice in the throttling valve lowers the pressure of the refrigerant to the point where the vaporization can take place.

Thermal expansion valve

Thermal Expansion Valve

Water Pump: For standard chiller models, there should be with a built-in water pump.

There are the vertical type and horizontal type water pumps, both types are centrifugal water pumps.

The water pump is designed to increase the pressure and the flow of the chilled water in a closed loop system. The water pump must be configured properly to achieve the desired outcome.

Stainless Steel water pump

Vertical Type Centrifugal Water Pump

Insufficient pressure and flow will not produce enough cooling and even worse, more heat will be generated due to the high cooling load.

However, if there is no control of speed, excess pressure and flow will make the electrical system be under a heavy burden, and as a result, the electricity is wasted due to excess pumping.

Anymore, all pumps of air-cooled chillers should be under insulated to keep a good cooling efficiency.

Stainless Steel water pump

horizontal type centrifugal water pump

Water storage tank: Water tank is also called a buffer tank, which is used to increase the system’s capacity and stabilize water temperatures within the chiller.

It’s usually made of stainless steel and a buffer tank is needed when storage is required to ensure water volume is sufficient and the temperature is under control, thus better ensuring the day-to-day operation of the system.

The outer of this water tank also should be covered with heavy insulation.

Water tank with Coils

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Electronic control system: The role of a control panel for an air cooled chiller is to control the values and other devices in the system as well as monitor the operation status during the procedure.

Schneider contractor

Schneider Electronics

Chiller Temperature controller

Temperature Controller and Electrical Control Box

Exhaust fan: Exhaust fan is a device equipped with one or more blades to propel the air flow.

Fans help to force out the extra hot fumes and make room for clean air to create a more comfortable working environment for the equipment.

Good quality air cooled chiller fans can greatly improve the thermal efficiency.
Air Cooling Fan

Exhaust Fan

3. Industrial Applications of Air Cooled Chillers

Air Cooled Chillers are very important auxiliary machines or devices for model industries.

In industrial applications, air cooled chillers are commonly used in the production process or laboratory equipment.

Air cooled chillers are used in all kinds of industries for controlling product quality or cooling machines. Air cooled chillers are applied for anodizing, beverage, blow molding, cement cooling, chemical process, HVAC, hydraulics, injection molding, laboratory, office buildings, lasers, molding, plastics, pharmaceutical, printing, semiconductor, thermoforming, vacuum forming, welding, etc.

Air cooled chillers can be custom-made to meet different needs in industrial applications. Each type has its advantages. Here are some detailed examples for industrial applications of air cooled chillers.

Air Cooled Chiller Applications

Air Cooled Chiller Industrial Applications

I. Plastics

Plastic and rubber field is the most popular industry for air-cooled chiller application. In the plastics industry.

A chilling system can also cool down the hot plastic and the molding equipment, which can create big savings on energy consumption and on the maintenance of the machines that are used to produce plastic products, this is the plastic chiller working process.

Air cooled chillers can greatly improve the surface of plastic products, eliminate the surface marks and relieve internal stress of plastic products.

By doing so, the plastic products do not shrink or deform easily, which facilitates their moldings. As a result, the production efficiency of molding machines is significantly upgraded by air-cooled chillers.

The cooling capacity required is direct proportion to the injection volume of the molding machine.

Chiller for plastics

Air Cooled Chiller for Plastic Machine

II. Anodizing

There will be a huge amount of heat generated in the process of anodizing, which makes cooling become a necessary part, especially for hard coating.

Air Cooled Chiller for Anodizing

Air cooled chillers will Remove the heat in the process usually requires an air cooled chiller that is installed outside the workshop.

Air cooled chillers are able to stabilize the metal ions and non-metal ions, and then the metal ions quickly attach themselves onto electro part, oxidated part, and electrophores part.

This process can increase the density and smoothness of the products. In addition, if the temperature of the anodizing liquid is higher than the standard required in the procedure, the finished product will inevitably be affected in terms of firmness, uniformity, flatness, and appearance.

Therefore, air cooled chillers are what should be taken into consideration if the producers desire to sharpen their electroplating techniques.

Anodizing Process

Air Cooled Chiller for Anodizing

III. Laser

In the laser cutting industry, a chilling system is mainly used in laser machines, such as laser marking and engraving machines, laser welding machines, laser printers, laser cutting machines.

Laser chiller can precisely control the temperature required by laser equipment, thus ensuring the constant normal operation of laser equipment.

Laser machine

Air Cooled Chiller for Laser Machine

IV. Pasta and food

The pasta and food need be cooled down rapidly when processing at high temperatures.

However, the temperature of cooling water cannot be too high; otherwise, the tempering quality will be affected.

The chilled water provided by air cooled chillers are used to cool down the water, and the water temperature will be immune to the temperature around, so as to ensure the quality of pasta and food products.

Chiller for Pasta and food

Air Cooled Chiller for Pasta and food

V. Beverage

During the production of confectionery, beverages, beer, milk, yogurt, and other foods, the quality of the beverage and food mixture will be influenced if the heat is massively generated during the production process.

Therefore, it is necessary to cool the food with an air cooled chiller.

Beverage and milk process c

Air Cooled Chiller for Beverage

As it’s impossible for us to elaborate on all industries that air cooled chillers can serve, we’re just taking a few typical examples here to illustrate how powerful and widely used air cooled chillers are. As a matter of fact, air cooled chillers are beneficial for many more industries.

If you have no idea whether chillers can help your business, please contact us and TopChiller experts will give you a solution as soon as possible.

Chiller types and Chiller applications:

4. The Difference Between Water Cooled Chillers and Air Cooled Chillers

When we’re discussing air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers are a topic we can’t avoid mentioning.

Industrial businesses use either air-cooled or water-cooled chillers to realize the cooling effect. So what’s the difference between the two?

We can go to have a look at this video to get a rough idea about this topic.

The Difference Between Water Cooled Chillers and Air Cooled Chillers

Both kinds of chillers are composed of a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and an expansion value.

As water has a higher capacity, using water cooled chillers to remove heat is traditionally more efficient than using air cooled chillers.

In addition, water-cooled chillers tend to endure longer than air-cooled. However, air cooled chillers can be installed outside, which means there is no need for physical space for air cooled chillers. This makes air cooled chillers a great solution for stationary cooling. Air Cooled Chiller and Water Cooled Chiller

Both of the chillers have their own benefits. Air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers both perform under similar principles to transfer heat and create a cooler environment.

But they use different components to cool the different condensers. The difference is that the water-cooled chillers use water consumption while the air-cooled chillers need the aid of air flow.

Let’s take a closer look at the air cooled chillers based on the following points.

I. What Are the Benefits of Air Cooled Chillers

If we take environmental conditions and water consumption into consideration, air-cooled chiller is the better solution for our future.

Generally, air-cooled chillers work in a closed loop system, which can provide instantaneous cooling and save water at the same time. This is essential particularly in regions where water is in shortage.

Air cooled chillers are easier for operation as they spare the trouble of cooling towers. The closed-loop system enables users to reduce maintenance costs compared to water-cooled units.

In summary, here are the advantages of using air-cooled chillers instead of water-cooled chillers:

  • No need to install a cooling tower
  • Better environmental protection and greater environmental sustainability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easier for installation and operation
  • Easier to handle and control
  • No extra interior space needed

You can find Air Cooled Chiller advantages over Water Cooled Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller Advantages

II. Types of Air Cooled Chillers

Air cooled chillers can generally be divided into two types: stationary chillers and portable chillers.

Stationary Chiller: stationary air cooled chillers are installed outdoors and have a better cooling capacity.

Stationary Chiller

 Stationary chiller

Portable Chiller: portable air cooled chillers are easier to install and remove. They are ideal for temporary applications because there are moving wheels on the bottom of the chiller.

Portable Chiller

Portable Chiller:

5. What You Should Consider When Buying an Air Cooled Chiller?

There are all kinds of air cooled chillers in the marketplace. When buying an air cooled chiller, we always need to look at the following points.

I. Efficiency

An excellent air-cooled chiller should be able to deliver the optimum performance at its either part-load or full-load status, which will help cut the operating costs to the lowest level.

There are some basic aspects that need to assess before we judge whether the unit is efficient or not.
We can check if the sound of the fans. If the air cooled chiller operates and produces too much noise, the unit cannot be defined as efficient.

high efficiency

However, if the propeller fans can perform at the low sound level, then that chiller deserves our attention.

The exhaust fans in TopChiller® air cooled chillers are low in sound level and they operate smoothly with little vibration and this makes the air chillers suitable for sound-sensitive workplaces.

II. Performance

Performance is the factors we always need to take into account when we are purchasing mobile phones, tablets, or household goods. Chillers are no exception.

Across a wide range of chillers, all kinds of chillers are designed to operate under certain temperatures, from the lowest temperature to the highest temperature.

In addition, the cooling capacity is also a factor that reflects the performance of a chiller. It usually ranges from dozens to hundreds (tons).high performance

TopChiller® has designed a series of air cooled chillers whose cooling capacities range from 0.2 Ton to 550 Ton. TopChiller® is capable of producing chillers in other ranges based on customers’ needs.

III. Affordability

If your company has a budget on chillers, there is a key factor that you cannot avoid paying attention to affordability.

The sales prices of products or service in the marketplace are mainly affected by building rent, labor costs, and operating costs.

Therefore, never say a product or service is better because it is more expensive. We have to look at the products or services themselves.

If you are selecting a chiller, here is a tip. Don’t choose based on price. Choose based on its seller and performance. If you compare the performance between the two sellers, you will know which one is better.

TopChiller® air cooled chillers not only excel in terms of performance but are at low prices as well, this is the reason why TopChiller® has maintained a foothold in the industry over nearly two decades.

IV. Durability

The durability of a chiller is mostly decided by its key components.

Top quality components can guarantee durability and ensure a long product life. If the equipment is in poor condition and requires constant maintenance, it will heavily affect the industrial operation and increase the business costs.sustainability

TopChiller® has long term partnerships with several world-class brands for key chiller components. We source compressors from Danfoss, Copeland, Panasonic, and so forth. We don’t just offer one brand; instead, our chillers are made from the biggest and best brands.

V. Quality and Warranty

Since the chillers are used in industrial operation, it’s vital to ensure the equipment is highly functional.

If the Chiller turned disordered for one minute or one day, it could bring a huge loss to the business.

Besides the quality, we also need to look at the warranty period the seller can offer.

At TopChiller®, we have served customers from over 58 countries and regions. All of our products come with an 18-months warranty and lifetime technical support.

TopChiller technical support

Below is the Presales and After-sales terms providing by TopChiller:

Pre-sale services

  1. TopChiller can provide Professional and technical consultation and communication before the client placing orders.
  2. Air cooled chiller selection and cooling capacity calculation after negotiation with customers
  3. Proper air cooled chiller application solutions recommendations
  4. Professional Engineering solutions and free quotation.

Service during warranty period

  1. After the purchase of our air-cooled chiller, Topchiller provides timely installation guidance.
  2. 12 months guarantee is our standard warranty time for all air-cooled chillers.
  3. Within warranty time, any problem caused by the defects of the air-cooled chiller itself,  TopChiller will offer its service until the problem solved.

Service outside the warranty period

  1. Lifetime tracking maintenance of all air cooled chiller models
  2. Provide each model air cooled chiller spare parts with the cost price.
  3. Air cooled chiller maintenance activity by cost only.
  4. All air cooled chiller model spare parts, special reserves to support.
  5. Customer information is permanently archived, regular track and re-tracking services.

TopChiller service team

Some advice on air cooled chiller regular maintenance

The air-cooled chiller was originally designed with multiple protection devices, which have played a significant role in the use.

However, however, how many heavy protection devices are designed, and as the air cooled chiller equipment is used for a longer period of time, the service life of various components of the air chiller equipment, this air-cooled chiller equipment will have various problems.

In order to ensure high cooling efficiency and long service life of your air-cooled chiller, we need daily maintenance and regular maintenance of all air-cooled chillers.

1. Regular cleaning all cooling and water system
When the air-cooled chiller is running for 6 months, the whole system should be cleaned, such as pipes, filters, condensers, fans, etc., especially the fan.

Like air cooled chiller using exhaust fans, it is covered with dust and affects heat dissipation. Therefore, cooling efficiency will be a direct reduction.

2. Check if the refrigerant is reduced.
This can be judged based on the high and low pressure gauge values ​​on the front of the air-cooled chiller.

When the air cooled chiller is in normal operation, the high pressure is 11-17kg, and the low pressure is 3-5kg. In the shutdown state, the high pressure and low pressure are all around 0.6kg.

3. Regularly troubleshoot air cooled chiller to avoid sudden problems happen

Make sure to drain out the tank water if air cooled chiller no use for a long while when your factory closed or on holiday time.


6. Why TopChiller Is A Reliable Air Cooled Chiller Manufacturer

It is always a wise choice to look at the manufacturer’s qualifications before you start the business relationship with the air cooled chiller supplier.

It’s in particular in industrial chillers, the equipment that will bring direct influence to your business.

A reliable manufacturer of high-quality air cooled chillers can save you a lot of time, money and energy. After all, no one wants a new chiller unit that purchased which will break down after a few weeks or months.

If you have no idea how to find a desirable air cooled chiller manufacturer, you may search for air-cooled chiller on Google.

There is a large selection of air cooled chillers on the Internet; you will definitely locate the chiller that suits your needs for your company.

Whether you are looking for a water-cooled chiller or an air-cooled chiller, there are always sellers awaiting your selection and cooperation.

best air cooled chiller supplier

One of the benefits that you can find if you are looking for chillers online is that there are no salesmen who breathe down your neck. You are free to negotiate with the seller and finish the deal. Product categories are also very clear and serve as a helpful tool to locate the product type you desire.

If you can’t find something you need on the website, you may reach out to the seller and ask for more details about the product you’re seeking. If the seller is capable of producing customized products, then maybe this is the chance you discover the manufacturer you wanted.

This also means that the air cooled chiller manufacturer must provide customer service channels for all visitors on the website so the potential customers can contact and ask for help.

air cooled chiller

Quick response is a key factor, especially for customers who have no much time due to business operation. If a company can provide quick response to buyers’ inquiries, it’s a good sign as it reflects that the company is active and in normal operation.

However, selecting a suitable manufacturer online is not easy. You may fall in traps and bear substantial financial losses if you are not careful. Before making online orders, always learn about the legal address of the company, contact number, and certificates.

technical support

If you want to inspect a product in person to make sure you purchase it from the right seller, you may visit physical stores, chiller exhibitions and trade shows where various chiller manufacturers will come and offer samples for potential clients to test the machines.

You can ask the salesperson in the exhibition stand to help you find what you need, and inspect the equipment before making orders. If you enjoy face to face communication, this is the better way.

In case you’re just looking for air cooled chillers, you may check our product categories.

If you are in need of a specific air cooled chiller that is not shown on our website, please contact us right away for further assistance.  Or you can also leave an inquiry message to TopChiller sales.

There are some factors you must refer in your Air Cooled Chiller inquiry content:

  1. What’s your power supply?-V-Hz-Phase?
  2.  The required air cooled chiller Cooling capacity/Refrigeration capacity? Like KW, Ton, Btu/Kcal or HP
  3. What’s the required chiller inlet and outlet water temperature?
  4. The chilled out water flow rate and water pressure? How many L/S, Gal/M or H, m³/H?
  5. Whether need a self-contained system for the water circuit, I mean the chiller need with built-in water tank and water pump?
  6. Which industry the required chiller be used in?  because some special industry needs special treatment, like food or beverage, we must use food grade stainless steel material.
  7. Your ambient temperature or chiller installation ventilation.
  8.  The required cooling gas/refrigerant. air-cooled chiller

TopChiller will give you full chiller solution and refrigeration design once we have collected all your answers for the above questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact a professional air cooled chiller supplier.

Portable Air-Cooled Chiller

7. FAQ of Air Cooled Chiller

1. What’s your payment terms:
TopChiller insists T/T – 30% deposit before production once quotation confirmed, and 70% balance before delivery, also can accept 100% irrevocable letter of credit.

2. Delivery time:
About 15-25 workdays after received down payment. But for some regular chiller models, we have stocks in our warehouse.

3. Package terms:
All air cooled chillers are well packaged before delivery. The package is the International Standard Wooden Case for Export only.

4. What’s the warranty time from TopChiller:

TopChiller providing 12 months warranty time for each air-cooled chiller, you can also ask for extend warranty time up to 24 months.

5. Does TopChiller provide any on-site installation and commission service?

Yes, We have a professional engineering team with rich experience can do on-site installation and commission. Please contact TopChiller sales for more information.


There is a variety of air cooled chillers in the market with different cooling capacities and sizes.

For long term business development, air-cooled chillers are a better choice compared to water-cooled chillers as air cooled chillers are more conducive to the environment and they cost less regarding their maintenance.

If buyers are looking for a chiller supplier for long term business partnership, it’s advisable to build a business relationship with manufacturers who are able to offer air cooled chillers that are long-enduring, affordable, efficient and quality-assured.

TopChiller® a professional manufacturer who is proud of top quality air-cooled chillers.

TopChiller® owns various top-of-the-line chillers and is able to produce specific air cooled chillers according to customers’ different needs and demands, which means any unit ordered from TopChiller® can be customized to meet your exact specifications.

With environmentally friendly materials, superior durability and efficiency, easy installation, our air cooled chillers are ideal for all kinds of industries.

If you are looking for a good reputation air cooled chiller supplier, you are coming to the right place. To learn more about chiller selection and or to determine which type and size of chillers will best fit your needs, please send your inquiry about chillers and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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