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TopChiller is Your Premier Air Cooled Chiller and Water Cooled Chiller Manufacturer

TopChiller is rich experience in chiller design and manufacturing for 20 years, having 2 factories both Shenzhen South China and DeZhou North China.

With a modern factory building of 18000 square meters and related supporting facilities, TopChiller has a large number of experienced and well-trained engineers and technical workers, as well as experienced technical experts.

We are using the most advanced manufacturing equipment and testing methods, including: automatic sheet metal flexible production line, AMADA digital bending machine, high-speed laser cutting machine, automatic refrigerant leakage testing line, a full set of cooper fin production line, Fully automatic fluorine pipeline production equipment.

These full sets of production facilities is the guarantee of our high quality products.

The main products are full range of industrial chillers including: air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers,glycol chillers, screw chillers can meet your process cooling demands in welding machine,plastic processing,laser machine,brewery glycol cooling,semiconductor industry, MRI machine and other industrial applications.

TopChiller engaged in chiller and refrigeration business for decade years, we are supplying primer quality of all types of chillers to our customers, gain high reputation from the market and our end users in return.

Let us know your detailed chiller requirements, we have confidence TopChiller is your best chiller supplier here.

Look at How Your Chiller Order is Well Arranged to Production

1. When we received your chiller order, your detailed chiller requirements will be discussed and confirmed by our engineer department. We will arrange the chiller order production instructions to the production department and meanwhile, the purchasing department will prepare the raw materials purchasing for chiller production.

2. All chiller incoming materials are strictly inspections. These inspections including: Supplier audit, ingredient testing, quality supervision, pressure testing, and sample testing. All inspections and quality control systems will make sure your chiller is at a high-quality level from the production beginning.

3. During your chiller production, we pay more attention to the whole process control. Each process is carried out according to SOP operation instructions. We have 4 inspection devices including: material inspection – Innov-X, welding workmanship inspection – using the most stringent X-ray flaw detector to detect weld seam, RT Non-destructive testing. All these quality control systems ensure your chiller order is 100% running well.

4. After testing, all the indicators of your chillers can meet our standard. It was said that all inspections are qualified and allow to release. We will package and arrange delivery of your ordered product to your place.

If you have any chiller inquiry,Please send your requirements now.

Look at Advanced Production Facilities at TopChiller Company

As the leading and professional chiller manufacturer and supplier in China, TopChiller has strong and powerful chiller manufacturing facilities.

The high-precision chiller manufacturing facilities including bending machine, fin punching machine, CNC lathe, copper tube expanding machine, CNC glancing machine, CNC pipe bending machine, CNC press riveting machine, automatic welding machine, automatic pipe bending machine, and chiller testing station.

We believe high-quality chillers are made from high-precision manufacturing machines. Depending on the above powerful facilities, TopChiller can provide our customers with reliable chiller quality.

Please have look at the chiller manufacturing facilities at TopChiller below, You will also feel confident with our chiller quality.

Look at TopChiller International Certification and Awards

TopChiller brand high quality chillers have been internationally recognized to be the reliable air chiller and water chiller manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient solutions in industrial refrigeration filed.

All chillers manufactured by TopChiller are CE,FCC.ROHS certificated and recognized by internationally renowned refrigeration institutions,we are the China well known chiller brand in the market.

Our core value is to pursue higher quality and better cost-effective water chillers to customers.

Each chiller is tested and certified according to customer requirements in cooperation with renowned institutes.

Reference standard for CE certification of TopChiller air chillers and water chillers:

EN 378-1R 2016 Refrigeration Systems and Heat pumps-Safety and Environmental requirements-part 1: basic requirements, Definitions, Classification and selection criteria

EN ISO 121002010 Mechanical Safety-General principles of Design-risk Assessment and risk reduction
EN 60204-1 mechanical safety. General requirements for electrical equipment for machinery
EN 60335-2-89:2010+A1:2016 household and similar electrical appliances safety. Part 2-89: particular requirements for commercial refrigeration equipment equipped with or remote condensers or compressors.

EN 60335-1:2012+A13:2017 household and similar electrical appliances-Safety-part 1: general requirements
Immunity Test of EN 61000-6-2Rom 2019 General Standard for electromagnetic compatibility in Industrial Environment
EN 61000-6-4:2007/A1:2011 General Standard for electromagnetic compatibility Industrial Environmental Emission Standard

Why Big Brands Always Choose TopChiller As Their Priority Chiller Supplier?

8+ Sales Representatives
TopChiller sales representatives are 7*24 online waiting to listen your chiller requirements and ready to help you work out the correct chiller solution with their rich experience.
15+ Chiller Engineers
The chiller engineers from R&D department are very helpful and they will design the most suitable chiller configuration based on your specific requirements.
20+ Years of Experience
From the year of 1999, we are rich experience of chiller manufacturing for various industrial cooling process and commercial applications.
25+ Service Team
Dont worry about the chiller installation and commission, we have a service team are ready go to your place help you do this job including stuff training and after sales services.
30+ Industries served
Till today, our chillers have been used for more than 30 industries. All chillers are playing significant roles in these industries. Our chillers will precise control the required temperature.
60+ Countries Exported
Our high quality chillers have been installed in more than 60 countries/regions worldwide. Anymore,We often attend some chillers related overseas exhibitions&fairs 3-4 time every years.
800+ Valued Customers
More than 800 customers are benefit by using our chillers. I believe you may encounter our chiller when you visit your friend’s or customer’s factory.
9000+ Annual Chiller Sales
Based on our strong production and sales capacity,normally more than 9000 chiller units (from small model to big capacity )are sold out annually.

Look At TopChiller Happy Customers Throughout World

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