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A Premier Chiller,Chiller Unit and Chiller System Manufacturer and Supplier

Established in 1999, TopChiller Specialized in making chiller and chiller system including: air chiller, water chiller, industrial chiller, oil chiller, glycol chiller, process chiller, screw chiller, mold temperature controller, cold room project for over 20 years experience. TopChiller promise offers the best chiller&chiller system solution with competitive price to clients worldwide.

  • Air Chiller
  • Water Chiller
  • Industrial Chiller
  • Process Chiller
  • Glycol Chiller
  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller
  • Water Cooled Screw Chiller
  • Oil Chiller
  • Cold Room project

Why Top 500 Choose TopChiller as Their Chiller Supplier?

with over 1000 chiller units made every year, we thrive on providing high-quality air chiller and water chiller
Years of experience
TopChiller is a famous chiller brand with a good reputation in China domestic market since 1999
We have a strong and united engineering team with rich work experience in industrial chiller filed
Chillers and chiller systems manufactured from TopChiller are installed over 58 countries worldwide

Some Typical Chiller&Water Chiller TopChiller Served

100Tr (350) Air Cooled Chiller In Kuwait
Hanbell Semi-hermetic Screw Compressor with R134a Refrigerant
15TR (53KW) Air Cooled Chiller In Kenya
Air Chiller with 2* Danfoss Scroll Compressor For MRI Medical Application
4Units 5TR (18KW) Air Cooled Chiller In Thailand
Panasonic Scroll Compressor with Stainless Steel Plate heat Exchanger
6Ton Air Cooled Chiller In Indonesia
Copeland Compressor R407c Refrigerant for Bottle Blowing Machine
2Units 150Ton Air Cooled Chiller In Saudi Arabia
Bitzer Screw Compressor with R134a Refrigerant for Central Chiller Cooling
425KW air Cooled Glycol Chiller In Turkey
2 Units Bitzer Semi-hermetic Screw Compressor with R404a Refrigerant
30TR (118KW)Air Cooled Chiller In Singepore
3 units Danfoss Hermetic Scroll Compressor with R407c Refrigerant
85TR Water Cooled Glyocl Chiller In Tajikistan
Hanbell Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor Danfoss Expansion valve
40TR (150KW) Air Cooled Hhiller In Philippines
4 units Danfoss Hermetic Scroll Compressor with Built-in Buffer Tank

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CEO Note:
TopChiller is a socially responsible chiller making company that committed to the balance between the human environment and industrial production.
Our vision is making the Top quality chiller and chiller system, create value to all clients global.
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