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250 Ton Chiller is an effective solution to protect your industrial equipment from overheating problems.

TopChiller is the best manufacturer and supplier of good quality 250 Ton Chiller. If you want a good quality 250 Ton Chiller in any part of the world, TopChiller is there for you.

With the excellent and strong construction of our 250 Ton Chiller, it is a reliable option for your industrial needs.

The best thing about the 250 Ton Chiller is that you can use it in various industries including the chemical industries.

Ranging from premium designing to optimum efficiency, TopChiller has covered every feature of an outstanding 250 Ton Chiller.

Our 250 Ton Chiller is easy to maintain because it requires minimum pre and post-maintenance.

Moreover, TopChiller always focuses on providing safe options for the safety of the user and the environment.

If you want an easy to operate 250 Ton Chiller, TopChiller will surely meet your expectations amazingly.

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General Description of 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller

250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller designed by TopChiller comes with the following features for your application:

The high-quality performance of the screw compressor allows the 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller to provide faster cooling.

TopChiller provides Micro-Tech III controls in the 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller for excellent monitoring and controlling purposes.

The efficient cooling of our 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller is due to the presence of a highly active and efficient condenser.

The magnetic bearing technology in our 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller provides strength and better operation to it.

One great thing about using the 250 ton Water Cooled Chiller from TopChiller is that it is quiet in operation, this feature makes it friendly for the user.

The R-134a refrigerant that flows in our 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller is safe and friendly for the environment.

TopChiller provides easy to install easy-to-maintain shell and tube evaporator in 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller to provide convenience to the user.

For the safety of the user and the environment, TopChiller manufactures such a 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller that has minimal emissions either directly or indirectly; making it sustainable for the environment.

Our 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller is versatile due to the wide range of applications it can be used for and offers full optimization for ultimate cooling performance.

If you want an energy-saving option for your industrial use, TopChiller provides the most suitable 250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller that saves your investment while purchasing and maintaining it.

If you want to get the most suitable 250 Ton Chiller for your application, TopChiller is the ultimate solution.

TopChiller not only maintains the quality of the product but also focuses on the quality of customer service for the satisfaction of the client.

If you want to know about the details regarding price, features, and guarantee of our 250 Ton Chiller, refer to our 24-hour customer service any time.

250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller Technical Specifications
nominal cooling capacitykcal/h425700
Max power consumptionkw206
Full loadAmp354
power source 3PH – 380V/415V – 50HZ /60HZ

3PH -200V/220 – 50HZ /60HZ

refrigeranttype R22/R407c/134a/404A/410A
control  external balance of thermal expansion valve
compressortype Semi-hermetic screw
Start mode Y-△
Capacity control 0-25-50-75-100
condensertype     Water cooled shell and tube type heat exchanger
coolant flowm3/h206
Pressure dropkap48
inlet and outlet connection(BSP)inch5×2
evaporatortype  Dry shell and tube /Stainless steel plate evaporator
coolant flowm3/h170
Coolant resistanceKPa40
inlet and outlet connection(BSP)inch                  8
safety devicesOver load relay for compressor ,over-current protection,high and low pressure protection,over-temperature protection,traffic protection, three-phase error protection relay, coolant level switch, flow switch
Machinery weightkg3950
250 Ton Water Cooled Chiller Configuration Table
No.ItemBrandFactory LocationNote
2Shell&tube   heat exchangerExtek/ Shilinbo’erJiangsuTaiwan
3Dry filterEMERSONSuzhouUSA 
4Electric Expansion valveALCO / DanfossSuzhou/TianjinUSA
5Safe ValveCastelShanghai Italy
6High pressure sensorSensataJiangsuTaiwan
7Low pressure sensorSensataJiangsuTaiwan 
8PLC controllerPUNPGuangzhouTaiwan 
10AC contactorSchneiderSuzhouFrance 
11Three phase protectorKesiWuxiJapan 
13Water flow swtichACOLShanghaiChina
14Frame workTopChillerDezhouChina
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