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TopChiller is Your Premier Air Chiller&Water Chiller Manufacturer in China

TopChiller is a high-tech refrigeration machine manufacturer dedicated to the development, design, manufacture, sales, factory installation and technical service of air chiller,water chiller and other refrigeration equipment.

Since 1999, TopChiller has designed and manufactured a complete line of chiller units and chiller systems including: Air Cooled Chiller, Water Cooled Chiller, Glycol Chiller,Scroll Chiller,Screw Chiller classified according to products. And also Laser Chiller, MRI Chiller, Brewery Chiller, Plastic Chiller,Welding Chiller, Ice Rink Chiller classified according to the applications.

At present, TopChiller has owned a total of 20 chiller series of 40 chiller application industries more than 500 specifications and models of chillers cooling capacity ranging from 1Ton to 1500Ton, in the same industry China, we took the lead in passing the ISO9001 international quality system certification and 14000 international environmental system certification, CE certification.

TopChiller has established a modern management system with ERP management system as the carrier and ISO9001 quality management system as the theme, integrating human resources management, administrative management and performance management. Including OA,EPR,CRM,PDM and other automation systems, from chiller design, testing, installation, after-sales service to production site logistics management, are networked, modern management means to ensure the overall rapid and efficient progress.

In addition, TopChiller has set up a national air-conditioning experimental testing center, whose technical index and test range are higher than the national air-conditioning equipment test level, and the automatic testing means and accuracy have reached or even exceeded the international standards.

We believe TopChiller is your priority chiller manufacturer and supplier in China.

TopChiller Air Cooled Chiller and Water Cooled Chiller Applications Served

Effective cooling welding reaction,maintaining a steady temperature,help stabilize current flow and improve the overall efficiency of welding
Steady cooling plasma spray process or HVOF to control the temperature during thermal spay process to achieve high quality products
Reliable process cooling in hazardous environments, Operation in Hazardous (Electrically Classified) Location prevent damage to sensitive components
Keep the plating baths at the best temperatures for adhesion,best cooling equipment for Plating and Anodizing Process
Offering constant cooling water for laser machine and laser process, like:CO2 lasers, diode & fiber lasers Yag lasers
For cooling Co2 Laser Engraving Machine, Laser Engraver and protect your tube and keep your beam accurate
process cooling for medical equipment and medical applications like:MRI machine,CT scanner,Linear accelerator,Laboratory reagent,Pharmaceutical Medical cannabis and THC extraction equipment.
Cool and maintain specific temperatures for variety of components in MRI machine for medical imagingProtect Against Expensive and Life-Threatening Downtime.
Keep plastic production process cool,cooling all plastic injection molding machine,blowing molding,extrusion bath and thermoforming.
Transfer heat out of the mold temperature controller (thermolator), the hydraulic heat exchanger, and the feed throat of injection molding machines.
Regulate the temperature of a fermenter,Control fermentation temperature,eliminate off-flavors,glycol cooling jacket of fermentation chamber.
Propylene glycol and water to extract excess heat from a brewing process,Maximize Beer Production and Cool Fermentation Tanks, Brite Tanks and Wort Coolers.
Maintain the perfect water temperature for hydroponic system lower temperature with higher oxygen content and larger yields for rap,rapid and healthy growth of plants .
Remove the heat out of the ice, ensuring ice rink stays frozen despite temperatures rising well above freezing.
Highly precise and effective liquid cooling or air condition cooling for Silicon Wafer Manufacturing and Research,Control temperature in the production of semiconductor devices.
Tell Us Your Specific Chiller Requirements, TopChiller Will Give Best Chiller Solution.

TopChiller Factory Production Capabilities and Manufacturing Facilities

As the famous brand in industrial refrigeration filed, TopChiller maintains a full service tool design,manufacturing and process facility capable of producing the full range of air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers.

Our fabricating and metalworking facilities including:Bending Machine,Fin Punching,CNC Lathe,Cooper Tube Bending and Expanding Machine,Automatic Welding Machine.

We believe high quality products come from high-precision production equipment.
TopChiller reply on our strong production capacity and high precision processing machines to provide customers with high quality chillers.

Bending Machine
Fin Punching
Expanding Machine
CNC Flanging Machine
CNC Press Riveting Machine
Bending Machine
Automatic Welding Machine
Pipe Bending Machine

Look at How Your Chiller Order is Designed and Manufactured at TopChiller

TopChiller always cherish any chiller order from our customer. Once you placed the chiller purchase order,firstly our engineering department will have a discussion and confirmation about your detailed chiller requirements.

Every details are confirmed,we will arrange the order production instructions to the production department to start manufacturing.

Meanwhile,the purchasing department will also prepare the raw materials purchasing for chiller order production.

We really know good quality product account on steady quality raw materials.All chiller incoming materials are strictly inspections. These inspections including: Supplier audit, ingredient testing, quality supervision, pressure testing, and sample testing.

Totally your chiller will have 20 Top refrigeration brands support,100 incoming material inspection,96 Hours 80Bar High Pressure Test,go through 12 Gas leakage testing machines and 72 Hours Chiller Running Test before delivery.

All these quality control systems ensure your chiller order is 100% running well.
After testing, all the indicators of your chillers are suitable for our standard. We will package and arrange delivery of your ordered product to your place.

Fin Aluminum Flush
Copper Pipe Expanding
Condenser Assembiling
Condenser Welding
Copper Welding
Chiller Condenser Testing
Half Done Chiller Test
Finished Chiller Test

Why TopChiller is Trusted by Top 100 Companies in the World?

Free Design Solution

TopChiller is giving you free chiller design with chiller cooling capacity caculation to work out the correct chiller solution suitable for your specific application.

Rich Chiller Experience

We are rich experience in chiller design and manufacturing for over 20 years. No matter what your chiller application and what your kind chiller you prefer, we have the right chiller for you.

Turnkey Project

TopChiller is supplying you not only individual chiller unit, but the necessary spare parts like PHE,heat exchanger, water pump,cooling tower,water tank, This turnkey solution is for your one stop purchase.

Precise Temperature Control

High quality air cooled chiller and water cooled chiller manufactured by TopChiller will supply steady cooling source to maintenance the ideal temperature for your industrial application.

High Cooling Efficiency

Both air chiller and water chiller manufactured by TopChiller are under the most optimized design of compressor,condenser,evaporator,thermal expansion valve to achieve high cooling efficiency and performance.

Save Ownership Cost

Our chillers are manufactured based on the most optimized configuration according to your chiller detailed requirements. This will help to lower cost of ownership and save your electric cost of chiller running.

Listen to What Our Customers Have to Say About Working with TopChiller

Winson Zhang from Singapore

Singapore 5 Ton to 40 Ton Water Chiller for Semiconductor Industry

We are working with TopChiller in Singapore Malaysia market for over 8 years since 2010,TopChiller is one of the best chiller manufacturer from China.

Quality, Reliability and User Friendliness of TopChiller makes them one of the most popular chiller supplier in South East Asia Industrial Sector.

Fast response on pre-sales and after sales technical service from TopChiller makes customer able to solve their problem at the soonest.

Peter Haynes from Australia

10 Ton to 50 Ton Glycol Chiller For Brewery Application

We are buying more than 18 units glycol chillers cooling capacity ranging from 10 Ton to 50 Ton for our brewery industry.

The quality of glycol chiller designed by TopChiller dispels my doubts about made in China.

TopChiller outstanding & exceptional customer service set them apart from the rest, and almost all of our clients showed great satisfaction levels while dealing with Topchiller.

Jim Livingstone from New Zealand

5C Glycol Chiller for Food and Beverage Process

Alex was and still is very helpful and I have no hesitation in recommendation him and hid company- TopChiller

We ordered at least 5 units chiller models, and my chiller arrived well packaged and was extremely well engineered and manufactured.

Our engineer who has many years experience in this industry, thought it was the best he has seen our of any company anywhere.

My chiller has run faultlessly 3-5 days a week for 5-7 hours per day for the past 3 years without a single problem happening.

We will be buying more units in the future and will absolutely buy from Alex and TopChiller.

Victor Murillo from Spain

5 Ton Welding Chiller for Spot Welding Machine

I am in welding machine business from Spain.TopChiller is our supplier of welding chillers for the past 6 years.

With rich experience in welding chiller, Alex gave us excellent support to help me work out the correct chiller cooling capacity for my spot welding machine.

TopChiller is very reliable quality and best cooling performance. We will be happy to continue using and recommending them to our users.

Aya Hamdy from Saudi Arabia

100 Ton and 150 Ton Plastic Chiller for Injection Molding Machine

We are buying 100 Ton and 150 Ton Water cooled chiller from TopChiller for our injection molding machines in my plastic plant located in Saudi Arabia.

Till now we are happy with TopChiller quality and service. Their plastic chillers can easily cool down the water temperature and supply ideal cooling source for my plastic processing.

In addition, their fast response and quick service impressed me too much. We will continue order more chiller units from TopChiller.

Kathleen Agostinelli from USA

20 Ton and 25 Ton MRI Chiller for GE MRI Machine

TopChiller is very professional in medical chillers for MRI machines.

We are from USA dealing with GE, Philip,Siemens for a decade years.

Since 2012, we are buying more than 80 units MRI chillers cooling capacity 20 Ton and 25 Ton,for cooling all our different brand MRI machines. TopChiller MRI chiller features stainless steel water tank and stainless steel water pump,cooling effective to protect our MRI machines.

We are very happy with TopChiller after sales service and technical support. Hope see more business in the future.

8 Steps to Buy High Quality Chillers and Start Work With TopChiller

Send Your Chiller Inquiry

You may call or email us to send your detailed chiller requirements. Better write clearly about the chiller cooling capacity,your electrical power supply,inlet/outlet water temperature,water pressure and flow rate, your ambient temperature,and your applications.

Your Demand Analysis

Once received your chiller inquiry, our sales engineer will contact to have a discussion or email communication about your chiller requirements. Then we can work out the most suitable chiller solution for your application.

Chiller Design Evaluation

After have email or call discussion about your chiller requirements, we will get a clear understanding about your request then forward all detailed chiller requirements to our engineering department, waiting for the design and solution come out.

Chiller Price Quotation

After evaluating the chiller design, our engineering department will give you the right chiller solution based on your chiller inquiry. then we will offer you full chiller quotation including leading time,terms of payment,package details along with configuration and technical specifications. This will help you to evaluate the whole cost, understand the cost from China to your hand.

Chiller Offer Negotiation

Once received my quotation,You may have some questions about the price or technical details. The common questions such as: shorten the delivery time, correct the configuration, asking for a better price with discount.. then come to a deal and waiting for your purchase order.

Your Order Production

After receiving your chiller order, we will organize purchase all the necessary raw materials including: compressor,condenser,evaporator,water pump.. TopChiller always take good care of your order as much as our eyes from the beginning. Because we know the good quality materials are the base of good quality chiller.

When all raw materials are ready, your chiller order is on production. We pay much attention on each production process and care all details to make sure the quality.

Once your order is finished, we will delivery your chillers to QC departments for strictly testing before delivery to your hand.

Order Package&Delivery

During your order is on production process, we will regularly update your chiller order status.
The finished chillers you ordered will be well packaged in some strong wooden box packages. As the delivery terms we agreed, we will delivery all cargo to your place by sea or by air.

You will get all the shipping documents to claim your chiller when it arrived at your place.

Chiller Installation&operation

There will be a hard copy chiller installation guide and chiller operation manual along with your chiller. When you received our products, you can read it carefully and do installation and operation accordingly.

You can also ask for a soft copy by email.

If there is any problem during your chiller installation and operation,please contact TopChiller right now, we are available to provide technical support anytime.

Service&Repeating order

We have 24 months warranty time covered TopChiller products depend on your requirements.
During this time,we will provide free technical support and spare parts to solve your chiller problem.No fear of any trouble in the rear.

If you are satisfied with our chiller performance, and need more chillers to extend your business, please contact our sales representatives to re-order.

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