Russian TVER Rubplastic Manufacturer

Sri Lanka Taraf Office Building

Shanghai injection moulding factory


Egypt die casting plant project

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DuBai Project (2)

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Argentina Plating Plant


Australia milk cooling plant glycol chiller

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Hongkong Racecourse Project

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South Africa Food Cold Center

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Iran Tehran Bazaar


Canada Lab testing chiller

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Kenya Nairobi

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Angola Luanda POLO Industrial Park

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China Guangzhou Drinking Plant

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Indonesia Jakarta Project


Indonesia plastic extruder plant


Brazil Sao Polo Anodic Oxidation Plant

TOPCHILLER Established in Hongkong 1999, is one of the most professional manufacturers of Air cooled water chiller, water cooled water chiller, Stainless steel chiller, screw chiller from 0.5KW(0.2Ton)to 1500KW(500Ton), oil chiller, Mold temperature controller units, cooling tower, shell and tube heat exchanger and all refrigeration spare parts. With the faith of “TOPCHILLER---TO BE BELLWETHER IN INDUSTRIAL CHILLERS”, TOPCHILLER is devoted all to producing the best quality chiller products with most reasonable price. The main factory and office are both located in Shenzhen, China. where is 1 hour away from Guangzhou and Hongkong for driving. Introduction of latest chiller technology from the Kingdom of Refrigeration --Italy, TOPCHILLER are much more advanced than similar products on chiller capacity, lifetime and quality stability. To assure products quality, all Topchiller products are design and made in dust-free workshop under ISO9001 quality system by our R&D department and passed CE & CSA test allowing to export European countries and USA,Canada market.