» 30Ton air cooled water chiller installed and tested in Manila philippines   (18-01-10)

We installed 1*30Ton air cooled water chiller in Manila philippines The cooling capacity is 30Ton Air cooled water chiller 220V 3Phase 60Hz R407c refrigerant 12C/7C inlet and outle water temperture bulit in water tank and water pump...

» 180ton (-30°C) water cooled glycol water chiller with hanbell brand screw compressor   (18-01-10)

180ton (-30°C)  water cooled glycol water chiller with hanbell brand screw compressor power supply is 380V-415V 3Phase 50Hz water cooled glycol water chiller the chilled water temperature is -25°C cooling capacity is 180Ton shell and tube type heat exchanger R404A refrigerant this water chiller is for milk and yogurt process industry the cooling tower capacity is 2...

» Topchiller attend plastic and rubber machine exhibitionin SMX manila Philippines 12-15th   (18-01-10)

Topchiller is specialized in industrial water chiller, air cooled chiller machine factory supplier for over 20 years experience. We attachend Plalstic machine exhibition in Manila SMX exhbition center Philippines 13-15th October 2017. We have many visitors and old customers come to meet and discussing for more future chiller order. thanks for your coming to visit us. ...

» 12.5KW hydraulic oil cooling chiller is finished testing ready to Dubai UAE   (17-05-08)

Power supply 380V 3Phase 50Hz Oil chiller cooling capacity 12.5KW Stainless steel plate heat exchanger as the oil chiller evaporator Air cooled type condenser There is 1200Liter external oil tank in customer side This portable oil chiller is for cooling hydraulic oil station Refrigerant is ECO free type R134a Customer ambient temperature is 55C 0.75KW power oil pump ht...

» 5Ton water cooled open type water chiller export to Saudi Arabia   (17-05-08)

water cooled water chiller Sanyo Panasonic brand scroll compressor open type water chiller Power supply 380V 3Phase 60Hz Refrigerant R134a Stainless steel plate heat exchanger This chiller unit is export to Saudi Arabia for laser fiber and cutting head in lab testing ...

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